The "small action" of the organizational department of the whole state is shake the "big performance" at the end of the year.

The "small action" of the organizational department of the whole state is shake the "big performance" at the end of the year.

Since this year, the organization department of the Qianzhou County Committee has worked around the county party government center, according to the special assessment requirements of the upper party’s construction, the system construction, the difference assessment and the application of the results are vigorously promoted, and the performance reached the standard upgrade of the year.

"System Construction" strong foundation, compacted performance appraisal responsibility. "No rules, no standards.

"Strengthening the construction of the system is the fundamental of ensuring the normal work of performance management.

Waiting around the work, with internal performance as a starting, combining the trunk and innovation, formulating the "Management Measures for the Management of the All-China Work Performance of the All-China Council Organization", "The Office of the Organization Department of the International Committee" and other methods, clear the chamber More than 10 aspects such as monthly working objectives, work environment security, and operational capacity improvement, combined with the main points of the early development, clearing the leaders of the administration of the department are the first responsible person, the head of the unit is the specific person, the monthly work implementation " "Reminder, prompting cadres and workers to have a number in the hearts of performance, do a good job, and ensure that the annual performance goals can be successfully completed. "Differential Assessment" grasps the ability, and the work is steadily improved. Combined with the main division of labor, the Organization Department of the County Party Committee adheres to the scientific identity of the performance assessment.

Give full play to the target orientation, adopt the contractual leadership of the contract, direct assessment of the leadership, and the establishment of the parcels, the combination of the deposit of the parcels, and build a performance evaluation, build "everyone wants exams, everyone different volumes" Evaluation situation. The person in charge of the parcellaneous office reports to the work of this unit of work and completion in the work of the work, and the unfinished work tasks shall be implemented in accordance with the progress of the integration and do the cumulative end of the year.

Self-division of self-division of self-divisions within the rest of the unit, the heads of the stocks are responsible for the secondary assignment of their own parcels. The monthly members of the unit will report the progress of the business work on hand and the head office of the office. The implementation of the implementation of levels, combines, and continuously improves the scientific nature of performance evaluation, mobilize the enthusiasm of cadres and workers to participate in the enthusiasm of performance assessment. "Results" guide the direction, and incentive cadres are active as. Adhere to the purpose-oriented, continuous improvement, the assessment of the assessment and personal performance, the personal performance and position promotion, the evaluation of the priority, the civil servant annual assessment, performance bonus secondary distribution, promotion and learning recommended objects, etc. Hook, further reflect "Dry don’t do less, dry and dry, don’t do it, dry, slowly don’t have the same", give full play to the performance assessment in capturing the team, promoting work, etc. The role, driving performance assessment is fully implemented, and creates a good atmosphere you catch up.

(Jiang Yonghong) (Editor: Chen Lulu, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

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Ruisi, Zhejiang: What is the secret of persistent growth in Zhejiang manufacturing enterprises?

Ruisi, Zhejiang: What is the secret of persistent growth in Zhejiang manufacturing enterprises?

  As we all know, the manufacturing industry is the basic disk of China’s economic development.

The Chinese economy should achieve high quality development, and there must be high quality manufacturing as a support. The United Nations data shows that China is a world-class manufacturing big country, and manufacturing accounts for nearly 30% of China’s economic output.

  Looking into the country, who is this "first"? Recently, Zhejiang manufacturing has passed good news. According to Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economic and Information Technology, 2020 Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Competitions organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, there are 20 clusters in the country to select winners, and Zhejiang has 5 seats, quantity. Located in the country, it causes public opinion attention.

  According to reports, the five advanced manufacturing clusters selected in Zhejiang are the Hangzhou digital security industrial clusters, Ningbo new material industrial clusters, Wenzhou Yueqing electrical industry cluster, Shaoxing modern textile industry cluster and Jinhua modern hardware industry cluster.

According to Xinhua Rui Sales Data Analysis "It is praised by this model of Zhejiang", and after the result, he has sent "congratulatory" from all over the country.

Many netizens believe that industrial agglomeration and block economy are the most significant characteristics of Zhejiang manufacturing. In addition to the local important industrial label, these 5 clusters also represent the leading level of Zhejiang characteristics, I hope to make persistent efforts. There are also netizens said, "Building an advanced manufacturing base, Zhejiang, early, and early action." This is not fake. In 2003, Zhejiang held the first provincial industry conference since the reform and opening up, clearly proposed "Advanced Manufacturing Base".

In March of this year, Zhejiang placed the world, and established a "small target": the new path to the construction of the world’s advanced manufacturing base was opened. By the completion of domestic leading, there is a strong manufacturing of international influence, and is basically completed by 2035. Global Advanced Manufacturing Base.

  Under the premise of cultivating the core competitiveness, how does Zhejiang manufacturing break through the bottleneck to speed up the construction of the world’s advanced manufacturing base? In fact, the construction of the world’s advanced manufacturing base is a long-term development strategy. In the park, we must break through the new thinking, new path, only this can achieve new leaps.

"Relevant experts said. There is also an analysis that technology has injected strong kinetic energy for the development of traditional manufacturing and new manufacturing industries.

Artificial intelligence, block chain, cloud computing, big data, network security is the key to technology optimization in the current manufacturing industry. The high quality development of "Zhejiang Manufacturing" is also inseparable from policy assistance.

Recently, the Zhejiang Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau, Zhejiang Development and Reform Commission, and the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Economic Development, "Notice on Printing and Distributing the High Quality Development Action Plan of Finance Support", focusing manufacturing technology transformation loans, industrial close-type mergers and acquisition loans, small micro Enterprise loans, medium-sized enterprise loans, medium-term liquidity fund loans, etc. In addition, from 2020 to 2022, the provincial finance will arrange 1.8 billion yuan per year, and the 18 industrial counties will explore the "one county and one experience" model to create a high quality development model of manufacturing.

  In the first half of this year, Zhejiang Province has grown by year-on-year growth, and the gradual rebound of major economic indicators is closely related to the production supply of manufacturing enterprises.

Under the influence of the epidemic, Zhejiang manufacturing showed super toughness.

Next, how is the Zhejiang industrial cluster better to make a group to consolidate the foundation, do a "spine" in the development of the national economy, play a greater influence? Let us wait and see. Planning: Liao Xiaohua Monitor: Xu Le Jing Luo Siyu Design: Cheng Huan Hang "Ruisi Light" (Zhejiang) is jointly produced by Xinhuanet Client, Xinhuanet University Data Center, Xinhuanet Zhejiang Channel, reproduced please indicate the source.

Editor: Dianyi Festival: Ma Jiang second trial: Liu Zhiyuan three trials: Xu Lejing.

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Struggling a hundred years of road to set sail new journey · Number of romance characters, Wang Ji, Wang Shihua: The island is the country

Struggling a hundred years of road to set sail new journey · Number of romance characters, Wang Ji, Wang Shihua: The island is the country

  Xinhua News Agency, June 21, June 21: Wang Ji Cai, Wang Shihua Couple: The Islands is the Guo Bingqing reporter Qiu Bingqing recently, the film "The Islander" is released nationwide.

The film is based on the advanced deeds of "the people’s model" Wang Ji Ni, who is in love with Wang Ji, Wang Shihua couple 32 years, such as a day guarding the real story of Kaishan Island, expressing husband and wife, father and son, comrades, three-dimensional presence, "The Island is the country" Home country feelings.

Wang Ji Cai (1960-2018), Wang Shihua Couple (information photo). Xinhua News Agency issued Wang Jiji is a director of the Militian Departure of Jiyun County, Jiyun County, Jiangsu Province. On July 14, 1986, Wang Ji, who had a military complex, took Wang Shihua, took a "bitter thing" who went to Kaishan Island. One to the night, the wind hit the island, and the face was faced.

Before the Island, there were more than 10 militia, and the longest was only for 13 days.

  On August 30th, Wang Shihua took the hill island, search for her "missing" husband. As a result, only a beard pulled, full of "wild people". "Others don’t guard, we don’t keep!" Wang Shihua said to her husband.

  Kaishan Island has 12 oceans from the land and is the sea east gate of the motherland.

There are only two football stadiums in the islands. It is the war family that must fight for the Yellow Sea. The strategy must be rushed.

"To go, I decided to leave!" Wang Ji met his wife. In less than a month, Wang Shi Hua went to the teacher’s work and entrusted her daughter to her mother-in-law, wrapped in the island. Since then, he is holding the island, she keeps him until the last interest in Wang Jiye lives.

32 years, a water cellar, three puppies, four navigation lights, dozens of blewing bitter trees, more than 200 rushed old flags, constitute their criminal island. Wang Jiying’s first thing to do every day is to rise on the island.

  No one let them rise the flag, Wang Ji Cai determined that the flag is more important than what the flag is on this island: "It is to tell the world, this is China’s land, no one wants to bully!" Once, Typhoon hit In order to protect the national flag, Wang Jicai stepped on the horned grade 17 steps, the ribs broke two, but he also held the flag tightly.

He said: "The Island has so many years, Kaishan Island is my home. If you really have an accident, I will bury me on the island, let me accompany the flag!" Kaishan Island is a stone mountain, there is no water, no water, no water Electric, no food, only a few bursts.

The locals say that it is difficult to live in the top, let alone.

The couple did not retreat. No water, they drink rainwater in the water; no electricity, they have a candle at night; they don’t have food, they are in the island, fishing, let the big daughter are "replenish the captain" on the shore, buy some Dongxi fishermen from time to time.捎 捎 … The home on the island is reluctant, and the home on the shore is also supporting. Couples of Wang Jiyu on the island, three children can only stay on the shore.

A summer night, mosquito fractions are mosquito nets, and three children are almost burned. Knowing the news, Wang Ji talent is like a knife, but he bite his teeth, still do not go to the island. For them: The Island is the country, the island is also a homes.

  No one ordered the couple two people to keep it, but they did not leave.

In the past 30 years, there have been many temptations and opportunities. The smugglers have to be divided with Wang Jicai, the snake head is forced by him, and the punch is kicked. He didn’t shake it; The island, from "Time-limited tasks" become "life mission".

  On July 27, 2018, the old militia who concentrated on the disease, fell in the steps of the open island. Wang Ji was awarded the title of "National Excellent Communist Party", and 2019 was awarded the national honorary title of "People’s Model". Wang Ji Ci, Wang Shihua couple won the title of "the most beautiful struggle" "Times model" "National Patriotic Military Model".

  Where he falls, his wife Wang Shihua and the new militia are still sticking.

  42-year-old Yan Bing is one of the third batch of the militia militia. "Wang Jiji island Wei Guo’s touching things in our local influence, so that I am deeply touched, so I enrolled the Island.

Yan Bing said that in the island, I realized the loneliness and loneliness of Wang Jiyai’s life on the island. It is their inner responsibility, insisted that it has completed it for more than 30 years. Since November 2nd, 2020, everywhere rises Yan Bing deeply feeling that "the island is the" Guide "The meaning:" To take the footprints of Wang Ji Talent, learn that he loves the party patriotism, willing to dedication, and keep the Island.


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Van januari tot oktober heeft het Industrial Park Guangdong een toegevoegde waarde van 2,47 miljard yuan.

Van januari tot oktober heeft het Industrial Park Guangdong een toegevoegde waarde van 2,47 miljard yuan.

Originele titel: De industrietuin heeft een industri?le toenemende industrie in de industri?le tuinen van 247,7 miljard yuan op 8 december. In 2021 zal de hoogwaardige ontwikkelingswerk in de provincie Guangdong in Jiangmen worden gehouden. Een groep van gegevens werd gepubliceerd: de provinciale afdeling Industrial Park heeft positieve resultaten behaald sinds het officieel in december 2005 is gelanceerd. Vanaf nu heeft het provinciale industrieterrein 94 bereikt en de belangrijkste economische indicatoren opgroeien en het gemiddelde niveau; dit Jaar 1- 1- in oktober heeft het industri?le park van de provincie een vermindering van de industri?le toegevoegde waarde van 247,7 miljard yuan, een jaar-op-jaargroeipressie, vergeleken met dezelfde periode (11%) hoog. Bevordering van de ontwikkeling van de strategische industri?le clusterconstructie, de constructie van platformdragers is de basis. In overeenstemming met het "werkplan voor de organisatie van de organisatie], heeft de provincie gepleitneerd op hoog niveau parkontwikkelingsplatform.

Organiseer het speciaal industrieel park, Guangzhou Huadu Economic Development Zone (Automobile), Shenzhen (Heyuan) Industrie Transfer Industrial Park (Mobile Intelligent Terminal), Jiangmen Pengjiang Industrial Transfer Industrial Park (gezonde voeding) en andere 19 industri?le parken werden toegekend aan de eerste batch " Guangdong Specialty Industrial Park ". Tegelijkertijd introduceerde de provincie Guangdong actief een aantal van meer dan 10 miljard yuan van grote projecten om industri?le parken te vestigen. Bijvoorbeeld, Guangzhou’s Huaxing T9-project, Shenzhen Sikin International 12-inch Chip-project, Zhuhai’s Gree Electric Gao Lee Industrial Park Project , Het RUIQING-tijdperk van Zhaoqing (Ningde Times Zhaoqing-project), Zhanjiang’s BASF-integratieproject, met toonaangevende ondernemingen, grote projecten in de industrie Agglomeratie-ontwikkeling.

Daarnaast bevordert de provincie Guangdong de upgrade en het upgraden van de "Garden of China", en de provinciale regeringen kwamen ermee in om "Guangdong Province, Yanggang Industrial Park" op te zetten.

  Gegevens tonen aan dat van januari tot oktober dit jaar, het industri?le park van de provincie de vaste activa-investering van industri?le projecten 141,5 miljard yuan, 981 nieuwe landindustri?le projecten, een stijging van 21% op jaarbasis, 659 nieuwe productie-industri?le projecten, a jaar-op-jaar stijging van 42%.

Onder hen zijn de industri?le projecten van 100 miljoen yuan respectievelijk 420, 146.

De industri?le tuinen van de provincie hebben een deel van de industri?le additieven in Guangdong, Guangdong, Guangdong, Guangdong en toegenomen 4 procentpunten uit dezelfde periode van vorig jaar (%).

  De specifieke situatie van hoogwaardige ontwikkeling in het provinciale industri?le park wordt aangekondigd. Van januari tot oktober dit jaar overtroffen 26 provinciale industri?le parken miljard yuan.

Onder hen, Zhanjiang Industrial Park, Zhuhai (Yangjiang) industri?le parkuitgangswaarde overschreed 100 miljard yuan; Shantou Industrial Park, Zhongshan (Chaozhou) Industrial Park, Jiangmen Pengjiang Industrial Park, Zhuhai (Yangjiang) Industrial Park, Guangzhou Huadu (Fresh) Industrial Park , Zhanjiang Industrial Park, Jiangmen Heshan Industrial Park, enz., De toename van de industri?le toegevoegde waarde is sneller, hoger dan het algemene niveau van het provinciale park (%); Zhaoqing Dawang Industrial Park voltooide de industri?le vaste activa-investering van meer dan 10 Miljoen Yuan, industri?le investering is actief. Op dezelfde dag was de bouw van 4 industri?le parken in de provincie ge?nteresseerd in het delen van ervaren. Jiangmen City promoot het project "Park Reminisce" en "Industrial Revitalization", het totale planningsgebied van het agglomeratiegebied bereikte 1395 vierkante kilometer; Zhanjiang City is de hoofdmotor, Baosteel Zhanjiang Steel, Zhongke Raffinage, Baosteel Zhanjiang Steel, China Universiteit van Zhanjiang City BASF en andere drie investeringen overschreden 100 miljard yuan project uitgebreide snelheid; Zhaoqing Dawang Industry Transfer Industrial Park verdiept het administratief onderzoek en goedkeuringssysteem, trekt toonaangevende ondernemingen zoals Xiaopeng, Ningde Times, enz. De Shunde (Longjiang) Eindapparatuur Industry Base is geregeld in 16, met een totale investering van ongeveer 16,6 miljard yuan. (Reporter / Peng Lin Li Ying Correspondent / Yuexing) (Editor: Zhang Chenmuse, Chen Yuzhu) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

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Shanxi Youth Talent Station nesting

Shanxi Youth Talent Station nesting

  Original title: Young talent station nesting phoenix provides 12 kinds of intimate services, including entrepreneurship, life and integration, etc. At the end of May, in the beginning of May, the Changfeng Business Circle Station of Shanxi Youth Talents Station, and the Tongchuang Station will unveiled. Come to Jinqi Youth Talents can receive 12 intimate services including entrepreneurship, life integration and other 5. With this as a sign, our provincial group organizes the arrangement of "four excellent" projects in accordance with the provincial party committee to implement the arrangement of "four excellent" projects in the province, and promote the introduction of young talents who are characterized by "flexible talents". Fall point. The joint relevant institutions launched an important part of the establishment of a young person, which is an important part of the introduction of young talents of the group provincial party committee. The way to provide a full range of services to Jin Jin Youth Talents through the online platform and the line entity, helping youth talents in the transition, the project first try, the reform is first, and the innovation is first.

  Entering the station, entrepreneurial manual, community map, functional department office process, reduction and exemption policy … Provided intimate service is warm.

Service content includes living security, employment help, entrepreneurship, urban integration, tracking and training, etc. The full-time doctor under the age of 40, the master’s degree, 35 years old, in line with Shanxi transition funding, the various types of undergraduate graduates and the party committees of the party committee, the party committee of the municipal party committee, can receive multi-dimensional security support . "The establishment of the station will effectively solve the worries of the field of the field to promote the entrepreneurship in the field of Jin Qingnian." Ren Yuri is a graduate student at the Zhejiang University School of Economics, and the Taiyuan Municipal Party Committee Zhejiang University Student Workstation Station, he has been in contact with some intentions Outstanding foreign affordable young people, these youths or less concerns are there.

"The policy has not been in the process of incubation and guidance of project incubation and guidance? If the project will have agencies?" Ren Yurui said, "There is a series of service measures provided by the station, their concerns have Solution. I am confident that they say that there is a problem, I can find organizations, find a station.

"Casting the way of implementing the land is an important part of the effective talent.

Li Wei, the staff of the Administrative Approval Service Administration Bureau of Taiyuan City, and the young people talented, fully realized the meaning of the station: "The service of the station is very refined, each initiative can make younger talent to dock the specific window and Institutions, timely enjoy the corresponding policy. "The Youth Talents Station established the day, the group provincial party committee, Tongji University Youth League Committee and the responsible comrades of 10 university group committees in the province jointly issued" gathering youth Yingji, success " "Invitation, and talk to the youth talent representatives to the station, understand their ideas and needs to better targeting services.

  "Organization mobilized to serve youth talents to the main battlefield, which is an important entry point for the provincial government to work around the provincial party committee and serve the province’s working overall situation.

"The person in charge of the Group Committee said that it will follow up the operation of the youth talent station, targeted the content of the services, interacting this youth talent interactive, innovative entrepreneurship, growth development, help more young people know Shanxi In Shanxi, Shanxi, the consciousness of the organization, in the development of a new road, in the development of the company.

(Reporter Li Refining).

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The "One Second and Three Three" Work Methice of the Coats Committee of Zhangzhou City, Zhejiang Province

The "One Second and Three Three" Work Methice of the Coats Committee of Zhangzhou City, Zhejiang Province

  The Cocheng District Committee of Cangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, in-depth implementation of the upper-level preparation of the requirements for institutional verification work, combined with laws and regulations such as "China Communist Organization’s Preparation Ordinance", "Mechanism Preparation Supervision and Inspection Measures", and formulate a program, Improve the two mechanisms and do three measures to ensure that the institutional preparation verification work is efficient and orderly.

  Develop a solution to clarify the verification of checking.

According to the actual situation of central, provincial, municipal requirements, combined with the situation, formulating the "Notice on the Carrying Checking Version". The first is to clarify the overall requirements.

Requires all units to verify the authenticity, accuracy, integrity and normativeness of the organization, and the actual configuration of the number, structure, distribution of the agency, structure, distribution, etc., completing the system to prepare a violation of violations.

The second is to clarify the content of the verification scope.

Including institutional approval and actual settings, preparing verification and personal cases, leadership positions and equipment, compilation and number of service control, and real-name system data, institutional system data, violations of violations, etc. The third is to identify the implementation steps.

This verification is advanced according to the 6 links of the unit self-examination, data comparison, field verification, publicity supervision, rectification and renewal, summary, and all units completed the relevant matters in time in accordance with the time nodes. Improve the two mechanisms and strengthen the investigation and cooperation.

First, improve the internal collaborative mechanism. Inside the district committee, this verification shall be led by the supervision and inspection department, the institutional design department and the dendrite cooperate with the identification information and institutional units to prepare information and institutions.

Strengthen communication linkage to ensure that problems will be negotiated in time, and solve it in time. The second is to improve the mechanism of departmental collaboration.

The District Committee has compared the organization of the organization, the regional committee, the District Finance Bureau, and the District Human Social Security Bureau to compare the institutional data and the relevant cadres, the unit budget, and the information and other information, study the problem encountered in the verification. .

  Do three initiatives, strengthen the effectiveness of verification.

First, do business training guidance.

Line underline organizations carry out unified explanations for the development of all regional institutions to verify business, implementation, implementation steps, and how to verify. At the same time, the key departments of education, Weijian, and human society are invited to perform operational drills.

Online use Zhezheng nail real name system business work group, online answer questions, clear policy calibers, and follow up in real time. The second is to do a self-examination. All unit verification commissioners have prepared approval documents, cadre personnel files, salary issuers, and insured information and other materials, verification institutions and statistics and real-name data are true and accurate, standardized and intact. The third is to do real verification. The District Committee’s Composition will organize the field verification with the relevant functional departments or on-site inspection. Key verification institutions and approval cases, institutional information, personnel information and actual situation, and 14 provincial party committees The institutions of special inspection discovery have completed the completion of violations of violations. The problem of timely feedback on the problem of problems is completed, and "the agency clear, prepared, the leadership position is clear".

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Russian Anti-Length: Russian army is monitoring the US warship in the black sea

Russian Anti-Length: Russian army is monitoring the US warship in the black sea

Original title: Russian anti-length: Russian army is monitoring the US warship in the Black Sea Trend, the Russian Ministry of Defense, Sherk Gezi, said on the 7th, the Russian military is closely monitoring the trend of the US warship into the Black Sea, and the Russian party will never allow them. provocative.

In an interview with Russia’s first channel TV, Saui is called that when equipped with a long-range high-precision weapon, the warships of the region have entered the Black Sea. "It is of course not to travel for a walk, we will monitor it all the way, we will clearly provocation It will happen at any time, as soon as the British warship is "," We will not allow such things. " In June this year, the British Navy "Defenseer" destroyer crossed the Russian border, the Russian warship fire warner, and the Russian warboard was thrown into the British ship sailing. The British ship will follow the relevant sea area.

According to Russian media reports, the "Whitney Mountain" commander of the US Navy’s sixth fleet, "Porter" missile destroyer has entered the Black Sea area, plans to hold a joint exercise in Georgia, Ukraine. Saui is pointed out that this is another attempt to try to test the preparation of the Russian side in the Black Sea and even the southern part of the Russian region, and the US military activities on the Russian side have a lot.

The United States and NATO have recently strengthened military activities in the Black Sea.

The United States often dispatches up military machines in the Black Sea to near Russian border reconnaissance.

From June 28th to July 10th this year, the United States and Ukraine were led by the Black Sea in the Black Sea.

Russian media said that this is the largest number once in the year. In this regard, the Russian military patch is relatively strengthened with military drills.

At the beginning of November, the official website of the Russian Defense Department released the news that the Black Sea Fleet Base Surva Missile Artillery Formation held a exercise, and the simulation should enter the black sea waters in the air. In October, the Russian military held military exercises in the Black Sea area, participated in some military units and black sea fleets in the southern part of the Russian military, and the drill project included in the Dihai Fleet, including anti-destruction defense, landing, etc. At the beginning of November, Russian President Putin pointed out when attending the Russian Ministry of National Defense and the National Defense Industry Complex Enterprise Conference, NATO’s flight near the Russian border is getting more and more frequent, in the Baltic Sea, Black Sea has appeared NATO Missile Ship.

The US warship enters the Black Sea, which also has a plan for deploying a mid-range missile in Europe, which also has a great threat to Russia. He stressed that in order to address external threats, Russia will continue to strengthen the construction of aerial defense and the modernization of naval equipment.

(Zhongxin Service Reporter Tian Bing) (Editor: Luo Wei, Zhanghua Wei) Share more people to see.

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The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the State Council held a national public festival ceremony of Nanjing Massacre in Nanjing in Nanjing

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the State Council held a national public festival ceremony of Nanjing Massacre in Nanjing in Nanjing

  Xinhua News Agency, Nanjing, on December 13, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, held a national public festival ceremony of Nanjing Massacre in Nanjing on the morning of the 13th. Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council attended and speaking.

  National Bank of public sacrifice, 我 殇. The public festival ceremony was held in the victims of the Japanese Memorial, the Nanjing Massacre, and the scene is solemn, and the flag is solemn.

The representatives of all walks of life wearing white flowers in about 3,000 chest are quiet.

At 10 o’clock, the ceremony began, and the "National Song of the People’s Republic of China" was sang.

The national anthem singing, the whole audience silently silently, Nanjing City pulled the air defense alarm, the car stopped the flute, the pedestrians silently. Silent, in the melodies of the "National Public Squate Dian Lu" played by the People’s Orders of the People’s Liberation Army, 16 of the PLA lifted 8 wreaths and dedicated to the public festival.

  After that, Sun Chunlan made a speech.

She said that today we have held the national public festival ceremony of the Nanjing Massacre, deeply remembering the death of the Nanjing Massacre, remembering all the deaths that were killed by Japanese aggressors, and cherished the revolutionary martyrs and nations of the Chinese people’s anti-Japanese war victory. Heroes, declare that the Chinese people have used the history of the future, and the future solemn stand, express the lofty wishes of the peaceful development path. Sun Chunlan pointed out that this year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party.

For more than 100 years, the Communist Party of China will lead the Chinese people to continue to struggle. In schedule, the first hundred years of struggle for building a well-off society, open a new journey of building socialist modernization, and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has entered the historical process of irreversible. The new meteorological new meteorology is shown in the new era, which is the biggest sustid of the sacrificed martyrs and dead compatriots during the Nanjing Massacre and all the war. History is in great trend, and the national revival prospects are bright.

We will be more closely united around the party’s central party in the core of Xi Jinping, and then cherish the party’s 100-year struggle and historical experience, and profoundly understand the "two established" decisive significance, open the new journey, show new as the realization The second hundred years of struggle, realizing the new and greater contribution of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. After Sun Chunlan, 84 Nanjing Youth representatives read the "Peace Declaration", and six communities representatives slammed the "peace big clock".

With the three deep bells, 3000 Peaceful pigeons are flying, pining the deep grief of the victims and the firm yearning of world peace. Ding Zhongli, deputy chairman of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, presided over the public festival ceremony, the Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Miaohua, member of He Weihe Central Military Commission, director of the Political Work Department of the Military Commission.

  Participated in the old warrior of the Anti-Japanese War, the relevant departments of the central party and the party and the easternat, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing, the center of the Democratic Party, the head of the National Industry and Commerce and the non-party personnel, Nanjing Massacre survived People and compatriots representatives, domestic related topics commemorative (museum)

  On February 27, 2014, the seventh meeting of the 12th National People’s Congress Standing Committee passed the decision, in the legislative form, it was established as the Nanjing Massacre National Folk Day.

(Editor: Yang Guangyu, Hu Yongqiu) Sharing let more people see.

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Verhoog de inspanningen om de voortgang te vergroten om voortdurende innovatie te verkennen

Verhoog de inspanningen om de voortgang te vergroten om voortdurende innovatie te verkennen

Originele titel: verhoogde inspanningen om de voortgang van de exploratie door te gaan doorgaan innovatie 24 februari, de provinciale partij Secretaris Liu Guizhong naar Xi’an City en Xixian New District om Qin Chuanggencino Drive Platform Construction te onderzoeken en een symposium te organiseren.

De afbeelding laat zien wanneer het Cool Wow Intelligent Technology Company het bedrijf begrijpt op het gebied van Smart Driving-applicaties. Onze Reporter Zhang Chen nam deze krant op 24 februari, Liu Guizhong, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, naar Xi’an en Xixian New District, onderzocht in Qin Chuanggencino-Drive platformconstructie en organiseerde een symposium.

Hij benadrukte dat diepgaande studie van de belangrijke instructies van algemene secretaresse Xi Jinping naar Shaan Shaanxi om de belangrijke instructies te zien, zich te houden aan het onderwerp van het bedrijf, talent, marktleiderschap, de belangrijkste duw, het systeem van institutionele mechanismen versnellen die van invloed zijn op Qin Chuangyuan , en doe goed werk in marketingactiviteiten bij de promotie van meer creatieve projecten, Komantui-ondernemingen zien grotere resultaten.

Xi’an Si Moyi Xin Material Co., Ltd. is de eerste high-tech onderneming in Qin Chuangyuan. Liu Guozhong luisterde naar R & D, productiesituatie en moedigde ondernemingen aan om de markt te versterken om de onafhankelijke innovatie te versterken, de transformatie van te versterken Wetenschappelijke en technologische prestaties, en maken voortdurend bedrijven sterke, verbeterde industrieclaims. In de Qing-dynastie is het Xiken Indian Accetriction Center duidelijk, Liu Guozhong begrijpt de ontwikkeling van incubatiebedrijven en hoopt een goede marketingmethode te gebruiken om uitgebreide empowerment te vertalen.

SHAANXI High-end Machine Tool Innovation Research Institute Co, Ltd, opgericht door professor Xi’an Jiaotong University, Liu Guozhong begrijpt de bedieningsmodus van ondernemingen en vereist onderzoekers om deeltijdkanalen in de wetenschap en technologie te werken, Wees gerust om ondernemerschap te innoveren. In het Cool Wow Intelligent Technology Company moedigde Liu Guizhong ondernemingen aan om het veld van Smart Driving-applicaties uit te breiden en meer marktconcurrentievoordeel te bouwen. Liu Guozhong ook onderzocht aan China Airlines Industry Xi’an Flight Self-Control, in de hoop het voordeel van centrale ondernemingen te spelen, afhankelijk te zijn van Qin Chuanghara om de samenwerking met onze provincie in innovatief R & D-platform, wetenschappelijke en technologische prestaties transformatie en elektronische informatie te versterken industrieontwikkeling.

Liu Guozhong organiseerde een symposium, luisterde naar de afdeling, hogescholen, onderzoeksinstituten, ondernemingen, financi?le instellingen en andere deelname aan de bouwwerkzaamheden van Qin Chuanghara. Liu Guizhong wees erop dat, onder dezelfde inspanningen vorig jaar, Qin Chuanghara’s constructie ging verder, en benadrukte de sterke punten van wetenschappelijke en technologische innovatie in onze provincie, versnellen de transformatie van wetenschappelijke en technologische prestaties en bevorderde de innovatie van technologieonderzoek en -ontwikkeling , het bevorderen van de innovatie van talentmechanismen en gerealiseerde financiering. Modus-innovatie, die een groep cocibo-projecten en ondernemingen sterk heeft aangedreven, die belangrijke ondersteuning biedt voor hoogwaardige ontwikkeling in de provincie.

Het is noodzakelijk om Qin Chuanghara, dapper, dapper te versnellen, en een "incubator" "-versneller" "Promotor" -rol te spelen, de wetenschappelijke en technologische innovatie en fysieke economische diepte-integratie te bevorderen en meer creatieve projecten, effecten, meer ondernemingen te bereiken Doe uitstekend, vermeld en bevorder innovatieve aandrijfontwikkeling. Liu Guizhong eist, om de platformfunctie verder te verbeteren, het huidige project gaat momenteel de rol van de overheid spelen, speelt een goede platform bedrijfsrol, optimaliseer het beleid, verbetering van de service en verbetert continu de aggregatiekracht en stralingskracht van het platform.

Om beter bescherming te maken, te mobiliseren, te stimuleren hogescholen, onderzoeksinstituten, ondernemingen, financi?le instellingen en verschillende talenten om deel te nemen aan het enthousiasme van Qin Chuanghara, versterken dan het gezamenlijke platform om te koppelen tussen provincies en provincies.

Het is noodzakelijk om de combinatie van platform- en industri?le keten te bevorderen, het incubatiesysteem te verbeteren en de keten van dunne ketens te markeren, op basis van het snel transformerende technische resultatenplan, focus op de langetermijngerichte grens en toekomstgerichte technologie om te grijpen Het lay-outproject, vormt een uitkomsttransformatie en een voordelige circulatie van projecten.

Het is noodzakelijk om deel te nemen aan de industrieontwikkeling, persoonlijke groei, onderzoek om een ??gericht talentbeleid te implementeren, die meer talenten aantrekken naar Qin Chuanggen-innovatie en het cre?ren van ondernemerschap. Provinciale Partijcommissie Permanent Comité, Xi’an Municipate Party Committee Secretary Hongwei, Vice-gouverneur Li Mingyuan, Secretary of the Party Comité van Xi’an Jiaotong University Zhang Wei, Zhang Wei, Party Committee van Noordwestelijke Universiteit van Technologie, Li Xingwang, Party Secretary , Noordwest-landbouw, Partij, deelgenomen aan het onderzoek of het symposium.

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Russische jagers werken samen in white-collar air patrouille taken

Russische jagers werken samen in white-collar air patrouille taken

  Xinhua News Agency Minsk 10 november (Reporter Luking) Wit-Russisch Ministerie van Defensie Website vrijgegeven dat de Russische strategische bommenwerper op dezelfde dag was en de Belarusluchtmacht patrouillemissie heeft uitgevoerd.

  Het nieuws zei dat de Russische partij twee kaarten -22m3 strategische bommenwerpers heeft gestuurd om deel te nemen aan de patrouillemissie aan de Chinese wereld. De twee partijen dreef de werkelijke samenwerking van de jagers in de lucht en co?rdineerden met het grondopdracht. De acties van dezelfde dag waren consistente beslissingen genomen na raadpleging tussen de twee nationale defensieafdelingen, gericht op de co?rdinatie van luchtverdedigingskrachten in het verenigde luchtverdedigingssysteem. Het rapport zegt dat de Russische jager is teruggekeerd naar de Russische militaire basis in overeenstemming met de opgegeven tijd na het voltooien van de patrouillemissie. De Russische jager zal regelmatig vliegmissies uitvoeren in de Wit-Rusland om ervoor te zorgen dat de juiste reactie op de situatie in de lucht en de grond wordt genomen. Volgens de Russische media wordt de Rusland gemeld en de Russische figuur-22m3 strategische bommenwerper voltooide patrouillemissies op de Wit-Rusland, en vervolgens veilig terug naar het Russische grondgebied. Deze actie is een inspectie van alliantie nationale uniforme luchtverdedigingssystemen, die wordt uitgevoerd onder het bevel van de SUNDESS-luchtmacht en de strijdkrachten luchtverdediging. Russische Bai International ondertekende de oprichting van het Nationaal Verdrag van de Russische Federatie in december 1999, ondertekende een overeenkomst over het vaststellen van een uniforme luchtverdedigingssysteem in 2009.

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