The Global Times Dalai is the "International Wang Lin" Tibet, the "International Wang Lin", who is went.

The Global Times Dalai is the "International Wang Lin" Tibet, the "International Wang Lin", who is went.

  This year is the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Tibet Autonomous Region, and the people of all ethnic groups are rejoicing, celebrating Daqing, with Tibet’s topics are also hot in the world, and many don’t know much about Tibet, will add a few mouthfuls at this time. There have been two Tibets in these years, one is Tibet that is real, and one is the imagination of the outside world, and the Tibet jointly brought by the Daries Group and Western public opinion. The latter Tibet consists of two screens. One is what should Tibet it look like, one is what Tibet is "toss" by the Communist Party.

  Although Tibet in the imagination does not exist, it has been created by the Western media through the year of the year, and there is Dalai’s spokesperson, which is a false influence in the international public opinion court. This is probably the long time in the modern world, and the power of public opinion is involved in the most lie.

  This lie even formed morality and politics in the Western world, such "correctness" pressed Westerners to understand the courage and enthusiasm of truthful Tibet.

Many people believe that stamping the lie around Tibet is no means to understand the problem, only the changes in the Chinese and Western power patterns and political relations may push it.

  Today, in the great matter of Tibet, the West is indeed "called the sleepers". The fourteen Darelands is held by Western public opinion as "saints", and his public image is always built, full of wisdom.

But just lick his past, he ruled that the records of Niji will definitely let Western public causing. The Dalai Lama is never mentioning the past. The political exile is later pushed into the Western power jointly to harvest the Nobel Peace Award, and several times have become the guest of the Western leaders, which can be described as unlimited.

However, once the Western public opinion stands out to reveal him, he is an oversized "Wang Lin" in the world. What should Tibet should be? Western public opinion has fully mobilized the romantic imagination around this issue.

It is not only naturally an original ecology, but the society should also be in the original, and the original taste of the time stopped.

Under this almost perverted psychological action, Tibet is just their consumption objects that are tired of modern civilization, any progress and modernization, are "destroyed". This is an inequality, and unreasonable attitude. Evaluating the coordinates of Tibet Social achievements must first be determined by Tibet, all the Chinese people. We know what we need in Tibet. We are more realistic about Tibet. The concern is more real than any external force. We do what we do for this reason. The outside world is impossible.

  Tibet has achieved the political progress across the times and also achieves unprecedented modern infrastructure construction. And all of this is in the case of maintaining the basic form of Tibetan cultural, also fully protects the Tibet ecological environment. Compare the American Indians "more like Indians", or Tibetan Tibetans "more like Tibetan people", we will be at a glance. Sitting on a Qinghai-Tibet Railway, everyone will protect vertical thumb along the ecosystem along the way.

  Western booth lies and spread, and ultimately the cloud smoke.

Real Tibet stands on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. With the continuous movement of China to the World Center, people will meet with Tibet’s real information.

The false screens pushed by Western public opinion will face challenges, Tibet will become more and more flash points of China, not a negative value.

The Dalai Group, which has been helping external forces to develop messages to Tibet, is destined to be the LOSER of this era.

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Taian City, Shandong Province, based on the list of duties of the town street, to create a "four most" town street performance system

Taian City, Shandong Province, based on the list of duties of the town street, to create a "four most" town street performance system

  In order to further clarify the task of township (street) duties, reducing the grassroots burden, enhance the level of grassroots governance and service, Shandong Tai’an City announced the list of 176 townships (street) duties, surrounding the implementation of responsibilities Listing, fully build "the best service, the most simple process, the shortest time, the highest efficiency", and performs the fine management system system. I. Establish a list of issues to achieve "optimal service".

Implementing the requirements of party history learning education activities, the requirements of the people, surrounding the problems of educational, health, pension, and rescue in the field of education, health, pension, rescue, etc., giving 14 issues that can be issued by the village-level agent, and announced various village-level In the telephone, we will continue to have access to the village. For example, 37 village-level agencies announced in the Xincheng Street in Feicheng City, all of which were members of the village two counters, and actively carry out the service of the agent and other services, and the original "massive errand" is "home service", which is convenient for the masses. Further improve the service awareness and prestige of the Village, which enhance the combat power of the team, the cohesiveness of members and the people’s mind. Second, refine the internal work division of labor and implement the "simpler process".

For the list item, research decomposition, determine the contractual institution, responsible person, contact telephone, etc., refine work measures, optimize the workflow, layers, and implement people, further enhance the practicality and operability of "list".

Determining the contractor, based on township (street) administrative system reform programs, fully considering the differences between the county-level departments and counties (cities, districts), in principle, a specific thing is organized by an institution, for each office, center Single duties provide a basis to avoid pushing.

The 88 townships (streets) of the city clearly clarified 15488 times, 37244 responsible people, 18568 times, ensuring that there are people, and the parts are implemented. Third, the pressure reduction is handling the time limit, and "the shortest time" is achieved.

Focusing on the problem of time limit to the mass life, ensuring the list of money. In addition to the long-term adherence and laws and regulations clearly handling the time limit, the event can do, the time limit can be short, and the time limit is minimized.

The list of items that completely handled the top 15 issues and 9 items completed. For example, on the basis of serious investigation, listening to the town street opinion, consider the workload, optimization process and other factors, and apply the "Village Autonomous Regulations, Village Regulations, the Residents’ Convention", compressed by the original 10 working days To 5 working days.

  Fourth, strengthen the integration of working systems, and achieve "maximum efficiency".

Adhere to the interaction and efficient principles, strengthen cooperation with the standard "Territory management", "12345" convenience service hotline, gridized service management, etc. The list of service management list "three single linkage", enabling various work organically integrated, "chemical response", and transforming the system advantage into grassroots governance effectiveness.

Improve "Grid discovery, community call, grading response, collaborative" work mechanism, promote the problem of echoing linkage mechanism, grid investigation discovery, and work by the community (village), megadownload party organization; The community (village) can’t solve the problem, timely reporting the platform, flowing toward township (street), county (city, district) step by step, trust, strive to resolve contradictions in the grassroots level, disputes in the grassroots level, the appeal is solved in the grassroots level, do it "Small things do not leave villages, do not come out".

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Six plate: Sinking first line supervision to relieve difficulties

Six plate: Sinking first line supervision to relieve difficulties

"Please actively exercise social supervision rights, and encounter problems and difficulties in the development of administrative examination and approval, law enforcement supervision, and government affairs services in the development of enterprises." " At the meeting, the Six-Puppet Shui Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee was mobilized by the head of the supervision team of the business environment.

Recently, in order to implement the decision-making deployment of the "discharge service" reform and optimize the business environment in the central and provincial and municipalities, find out the "Chinese Stem" problem in the process of the business, and effectively solve the "blocking" in the production and operation of enterprises. "" Pain point "" difficult ", the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission has established six adjustment supervision and inspection of the city’s business environment. Investigation supervision adheres to the integrity of the company to be difficult to solve, closely focuse with the functional departments in administrative examination and approval, law enforcement supervision, government service, etc. Typical problems, such as before the pre-service service is not in place, the sectors are pushing, not acting, and chaos.

At the same time, it will be incorporated into the important content of the investigation supervision of the company. In the investigation supervision, the investigation and supervision team fully utilize the first-line supervision law, through centralized discussions, questionnaire surveys, individual interviews, field view, etc., straight into the project site, go straight to the corporate line, focus from enterprise line to understand the situation, discover question.

Up to now, 125 companies have participated in centralized discussions, and individual interviews have more than 81 enterprises, and 47 enterprises in the field are found, and 160 problems are found.

In order to promote the system rectification, comprehensive rectification, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission will promptly feedback to each city (SAR, region), and various economic development zones.

At the same time, the processes, typical problems, and strengthen industry supervision, system governance.

The city and county discipline inspection organs will also find the problem rectification situation into account management, as a key to the daily supervision, supervising comprehensive rectification, thorough rectification, and focus on building "supervision – discovery – rectification – improve" closed loop.

"We will continue to find a ‘sick root’ ‘lesion’ affecting the optimization of the business environment, severely punish the violation of the business environment, and promote the construction of the pro, and have the degree, the clear new government relationship, and resolutely focus on ‘ Four new ‘main attack’ fourization ‘, a thought to grasp high quality development to provide strong discipline protection. "The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission said. (Six-Puppet Water Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission) Source: (Editor: Li Yongxin (Internship), Chen Kangqing) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

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The 13th "West Lake · Sun Moon Lake" two lakes forum successfully held

The 13th "West Lake · Sun Moon Lake" two lakes forum successfully held

  Xinhua News Agency, September 24 (Reporter Liu Huan, Duan Jingjing) The 13th "West Lake · Sun Moon Lake" two lake forums on the top theme of "Shanshui Phase I’ve been in the Two Lakes" The 12th Video Connection Method in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China Synchronize. Forum surrounding rural environmental governance, moving towards high-quality professional early childhood education, trade digital cross-border new blue sea, etc. In the speech, the mayor of Hangzhou said in the speech. Since 2009, on the basis of adhering to the "Nine-two Consensus" politics, Hangzhou and Nantou will hold a forum every year, carry out multi-field, deep, normalized exchanges and cooperation , Create a model of cross-strait city exchange.

At present, Hangzhou is striving to become a city example of the common prosperity of Zhejiang high-quality development. We will use this forum as an opportunity to interact together, and the people call me, strive to make the people of the two places more rich through exchanges. The spirit is more self-confidence, the environment is more responsive, and the society is more harmonious and harmonious, and then "two lakes" win-win new bureau.

Next year, Hangzhou will hold the nineteenth Asian Games, invites Nantou new and old friends to Hang Guan Mo to event, share the event.

  In the speech, Nantou County County, said in the speech. Since the first two lake forums in 2009, we have been adhering to the foundation of "Jiuyi Concentures". In principle, in principle, the mutual benefit, mutual benefit, has achieved fruitful results. It is hoped that Nanbanian County and Hangzhou exchanges have been deepened by the continued host of the two lakes.

The two lakes forums are the model of cross-strait cities. I hope that in the existing basis, everyone will continue to work hard, further enhance the friendship, create more niki, realize the "two sides of the strait, Nanban Hangzhou pro."

I wish the Hangzhou Asian Games a complete success. This session is held in a wire-offline combination method.

After the opening ceremony of the forum, held the "Country Environmental Governance" main forum, as well as the "cross-border e-commerce" forum for "childhood education".

Experts, community workers, educators, farmer fishermen, e-commerce companies, representatives, Taiwan younger representatives, and Taiwan’s list of 150 participants.

The Forum also organized the most beautiful villages in Hangzhou Nantou, "Moonco two lakes, Fu Man Mid-Autumn Festival" concert, Hangzhou Nantou Youth "New Times Fuchun Mountain Residence Map" Theme Painting Surveillance Equivalent. Editor in charge: Liu Zhiyuan.

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Two-Straat New Media Development Forum hield een goede toekomst in Xiamen

Two-Straat New Media Development Forum hield een goede toekomst in Xiamen

De evenementensite.

(China Taiwan Net Yin Sai Nan Foto) China Taiwan Network 12 december Xiamen Nieuws (Reporter Yin Sai Nan) op 11 december, het 13e Straat Forum · Nieuw Media Ontwikkelingsforum in Xiamen.

Het forum is het thema van "Tongxin Dream en Naar New Tour". Tegelijkertijd is het evenement tegelijkertijd, de "Two-Strand Treasure Hunt", en de gasten gezamenlijk de nieuwe richting van de uitwisseling van uitwisselingen en promoten gezamenlijk de prachtige toekomst van het nieuwe media-tijdperk ". De vice-voorzitter van de Fujian-provinciale politieke raadpleging, Qi Shizhen woonde het forum bij en leverde een toespraak.

Hij zei dat de Chinese cultuur een moeilijk verband is geworden tussen de mensen van de twee kanten van de mensen. Promoot Cross-Strait-landgenoten om de promotie van de uitstekende traditionele cultuur van China uit te voeren en is ook de waarde en de verantwoordelijkheid van de nieuwe media. Focus op de toekomst, moeten meer nieuwe media-innovatiepraktijken worden aangemoedigd en gepromoot om de vreedzame bijdrage van beide zijden van de Straat te bevorderen. De president van de nieuwe partij van Taiwan was de leiding over het forum en leverde een toespraak.

(China Taiwan Net Yin Sai Nan Foto) Forum, Taiwan New Party President Yunming expressed zijn mening over het verreikende belang van twee kanten van de jeugd. Hij gelooft dat de twee kanten van de jeugdcommunicatie zich moeten concentreren "het verleden begrijpen, het heden begrijpen en de toekomst openen" drie richtingen.

Praten over individuen met de moeder van 20 jaar vanaf de twee plaatsen, zei Yu Mingming dat we een rechtvaardige Chinezen moeten doen, "staat China op, rijk, sterk, het realiseren van de grote opwekking van de Chinese droom!" Taiwan Senior Media Huang Zhixian deelde zijn nieuwe media-sentiment. (China Taiwan Net Yin Sai Nan Foto) Taiwan Senior Media Huang Zhixian deelde zijn eigen gevoelens aan beide zijden van de nieuwe media. Ze zei dat de nieuwe media de "nieuwe blauwe zee" takken van de takken zijn, en ze kunnen de nieuwe wereld zien door hun ervaring op het vasteland te delen.

Huang Zhixian’s stomp, een true en gebroken, het echte vasteland heeft echte kracht, "Ik hoop dat de nationale taimin an, de twee kanten van de bank verenigd zijn, de mensen zijn gelukkig." (Einde) [Editor: Yin Shannan].

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Removing the important start of Shanghai strategic space layout

Removing the important start of Shanghai strategic space layout

Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Gong Zheng yesterday in the Jinshan District in Jinshan District.

Gong Zheng pointed out that the north-south transformation is an important starter of the Shanghai Strategic Space Layer, which is a key initiative to convert new development kinetic energy.

As an important pole of Northern and South transformation, Jinshan should delve into the implementation of General Secretary General Secretary for Popular Secrets to Shanghai’s important instructions. According to the decision-making deployment of the municipal party committee, the municipal government, resolutely implement the new development concept, keeping around the national strategy and its own positioning, accelerating industrial transformation Optimize the space layout, enhance the level of governance, and build a new development pattern for the implementation of the strategic requirements of North and South transformation.

Adjacent to Hangzhou Bay, Jinshan District will build a large carrier for promoting regional transformation.

In the morning, Gong Zheng went to the scene of the Binhai International Cultural Tourism Resort, in detail the overall regional planning, and listened to the future development concept of the resort. According to reports, Jinshan District is actively cooperating with well-known enterprises to create a world-class tourist holiday destination.

Subsequently, the city leader boarded the Dashan Island and found the situation of marine ecological nature reserves. Gong Zheng pointed out that Jinshan wants to re-emphasize the image of green ecological reunion, with the development of cultural industries, with uniqueness to enhance attractive, high standards to create a new resort in the long triangle area.

The Educational Advantage Industry The Hypervisory Industry is related to the high quality development of regional economies. Jinshan District cooperates with Shanghai Petrochemical, Shanghai Electric, Donghua University and other units, and establishes Shanghai Carbon Fiber Composite Innovation Research Institute to develop technology.

City leaders entered the research institute to see the industrial project center, and listen to the transformation and development of Jinshan Second Industrial Zone. Gong Zheng pointed out that it is necessary to focus on enhance the high-end industry leading function, let the chemical industry glow new vitality and create a hundred billion high-end green chemical industry.

When interview with Jinshan District, Gong Zheng pointed out that at present, Shanghai is working hard to build a new pattern of space development, which is a new development of Jinshan transformation, and shaped new images to ushered in new opportunities. We must focus on promoting industrial upgrading, promoting manufacturing to "strategic" upgrades, promoting service industry upgrades to "specialization", accelerating new Jinshan with innovation leads and strong power. To focus on optimizing the space layout, fully integrated into the Yangtze River Delta integrated development, create high-end concentration key transformation vectors, promote the transformation and upgrading of the park, accelerate resource agglomeration, and configure efficient New Jinshan.

We must focus on improving urban governance, perseverance to promote Huimin students, and unswervingly optimize the ecological environment, and push the digital empowerment, accelerate the new Jinshan, which is ignorant, ecological, beautiful.

Wu Qing attended the investigation by the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and deputy mayor. (Editor: Massa Peng, Han Qing) Share let more people see.

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The ecological carbon exchange capacity of Hebei Province continues to improve

The ecological carbon exchange capacity of Hebei Province continues to improve

  Effectively play the forest, grassland, wetland, marine solid carbon action, the province’s ecological carbon discharge capacity continued to increase the "Tangshan Huahai" at the junction of the main city and Kaiping District, Tangshan City, and the green grass is like a flowery, showing the beauty of ecology. .

In the past, due to the unordered mine in the open-air mine and the illegal operation of "scattered" enterprises, this is once a full "city scar".

  The ecological giant change like "Tangshan Huahai" has happened in many places in our province.

From the Provincial Natural Resources Office, the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the solid mine in our province decreased by 37%, and 75 mines were included in the National Green Mining Directory.

In the country, the minimal repair was first carried out, and 3705 were completed, and the 10,000-acres of responsible subjects were resolved to repair the mine. Excess 66% was completed "135" target tasks. Actively promote the Bohai Comprehensive Treatment to attack, as of the end of 2020, a total of 1243 hectares of coastlines and coastal wetlands have promoted the improvement of marine ecological environment and marine carbon discharge capacity.

  Forest is an important economic asset and environmental asset. As a forestry product can produce economic value, carbon dioxide can be fixed as a biological.

The development of forest carbon removal is important for achieving "carbon peaks, carbon neutral" goals. During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the province has completed the construction of 39.54 million mu, the forest coverage increased from 31% to 35%, and the amount of forest accumulation was increased from 100 million cubic meters.

Completion of grassland ecology repairs 2.72 million mu, the province’s grassland comprehensive vegetation cover reached 73%, and the province’s wetland was 14.13 million mu.

Forest, grassland, and wetland carbon exchange capacity are improved. Introduced, "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the provincial natural resource office, the province will focus on improving the carbon discharge capacity of ecosystems, do a good job in land spatial planning, afforestation, ecological repair, etc. Actively promote carbon peak, carbon neutralization.

  Constructing the New Pattern of Landspace Development Protection of High Quality Development. The ecological protection red line, the permanent basic farmland and the urban development border are used as the adjustment of economic structure, planning industrial development, and promote urbanization cannot be more insurmountable. Implement the main functional area strategy, clarify the development requirements of urbanization areas, the main production area of ??agricultural products and the ecological functional district, and optimize the natural resource utilization structure of the province.

Support green low-carbon industry development and clean energy replacement, scientific layout hydrogen energy, solar energy, wind energy and other cleaning energy bases.

Strengthening the management of land spatial planning and use control, focusing on natural protection and ecological protection red lines, strictly protecting all kinds of important ecosystems, effectively extinguing the carbon library of existing forests, grassland, wetlands, cultivated land, oceans and other carbon depots.

  Vigorously enhance the forest carbon discharge capacity.

With the "two mountains" "two wings" "three rings" as the main attack direction, vigorously implement the Taihang Mountain Yanshan Green, Baoyuan Zhuyuan, Beijing-Tianjin Shanyuan Governance, Sanbei Protective Forest, Xiongan New District Millennium Xiulin and Baiyangdian The key projects such as the upper reaches of forest farm, expand the forest ecological space, effectively increase the forest carbon discharge capacity.

Improve the comprehensive protection of natural forests, strictly restrict natural forest harvesting, the secondary forest, degradation forests in the natural forest, optimize the structure of tree species, strengthen forest fire prevention and harmful biological prevention, and increasing forest accumulation.

By 2025, the province has completed 15 million mu of afforestation, and the forest was rampted by 15 million mu. The forest coverage reached%, and the forest accumulation reached 100 million cubic meters, which completed the forest of 6 million mu of building forest this year.

  Coordinate the Return of Domestic Space Ecological Protection.

Continuously promote rational development of mineral resources, carry out mining comprehensive management, implement mine closure, integrate restructuring, regulating management "four a batch", strictly control increment, decrease the number, all 625 remaining this year, 10,000 mu Responsible subjects to repair the governance task.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the degraded grassland will be completed 800,000 mu, consolidate the ecological recovery results of degraded grasslands, and the grassland integrated vegetation cover is stable in more than 73%.

Strengthen marine ecological restoration, continue to promote "Blue Bay" rectification action and coastal protection, strengthen the remediation of river mouth remediation, implement damaged shoreline repair and ecological construction, and continuously excavate marine carbon fills.

(Reporter Hao Dongwei Correspondent Jiang Huiyu).

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The neighboring water is fully renovated to the old community to actively build a happy home

The neighboring water is fully renovated to the old community to actively build a happy home

  Recently, the old community of the old community of the family of Tulu, the Dingping Town, the Yanshui Town, Yanshui County, and the worker master is grabbing the weather, renovating the outer wall of the community, and upgrading the sewage pipe network. "The community is built in the 1990s, very old, the residential environment will have great improvement after the upgrade of the upgrade.

"Ms. Gan, who lives in the Pantry Monitor, is very satisfied with the renovation of this old community.

It is understood that many of the communities in the county have been built before 2000. As the number of years of use is increasing, there is a lack of public facilities, the lack of infrastructure, the internal road damage is serious, the pipe network system is messy, the supporting facilities are not uniform, parking Insufficient problems, let the people live in the happiness of the happiness.

  The county launched the first phase of the old community renovation project in August last year, the county has enhanced all-round transformation of water, electricity, road, gas, greening, toilet, lighting, etc. of the old community.

  According to reports, the county adheres to "demolition, change, stay" organic combination, so that all old communities have not only "face", but more "里子", constantly realize the people’s bank, the United States, the people, Huimin students, civilized, comprehensive Enhance the masses to get feelings, happiness, and safe sense. Up to now, 21 cell water supply facilities have been completed, 2076 air supply facilities, 267 sets of smart cell management platforms, face recognition machine, vehicle automatic identification system, and facade transformation completed 14 buildings. The old town pipe network project completed 50%, and the pavement was 50%, which was expected to be fully completed before October 1 this year.

(Yixian County Rong Media Center) (Editor: Qin Jie, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

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Ruisi, Zhejiang, Zhejiang: "Developer Alliance" will bring help from the integration of the long triangle?

Ruisi, Zhejiang, Zhejiang: "Developer Alliance" will bring help from the integration of the long triangle?

  Recently, the Yangtze River Triangulation has a "big action" in the process of travel. At the Long Triangle Ecological Green Integrated Development Demonstration Zone Developer Conference, held on August 26, as the developer’s various market mains, Zhiku agencies, etc., the first time to the front desk, triggering attention.

  Xinhua Ruixi system word cloud analysis found that the external focus of the "Long Triangular Integrated Demonstration Zone" is mainly concentrated in the "Alliance, Executive Committee, Water Tree Living Room, Development, Demonstration Zone Construction". Weibo Topic #Gears Triangle Integrated Development Demonstration Zone Developer Conference # attracts 10 million readings. Internet users have given a high-integrated development of the Yangtze River Triangulation, and they have refueling "playing Call", expressing "economic development, ecological should be maintained, I wish the long triangle ecological green integration is getting better and better"; Technical industrial park project implementation planning and related policy dividends.

  An important point of view at this conference is that the Three Gorges Group, Alibaba, Huawei, Xinhua News Agency, Yangtze River Delta, … Herch’s No. 12 expert avatar "Developer Alliance" went to the center of the stage. Counting 12 foundings, it is not difficult to find, "diversified, wide coverage" has become a major feature. From a mechanism type, gather a variety of different types of market subjects, as well as financial institutions, media, research institutions and important wiskins; from geographical distribution, 5 companies, Hudu, Zhejiang, Zhejiang, there are 1, and 2 Home is from the region outside the Yangtze River, and the founding members are also facing the whole country and even the world; from the industry attribute, the founding members are distributed in digital economy, smart cities, scientific and technological innovation, park construction, financial development, etc. Become an important intellectual partner in the demonstration area.

  There is also a view that the establishment of the "Developer Alliance" has become "new power" of the management structure of the Long Triangle Demonstration Zone. Among the Assembly, various types of developers stand in the center of the stage, singing the protagonist, and the government departments are mainly preferred to "store small two". Ma Chunlei, director of the Executive Committee of the Long Triangulation Executive Demonstration Zone, believes that the drama of the market main body in the Yangtze River Triangulation will become more and more heavy, the next reform focus of the demonstration zone will gradually be gradually implemented in the "point-to-point" of the implementation of major projects. "Integration, steering into the three-way joint action program, identify common behavior standards. Another concern of this conference is "green."

At the opening ceremony of the conference, the "Water Tree Living Room" expected to unveil the veil and collected the design plan to the world.

Demonstration Zone Executive Committee Ecology and Planning Construction Group, the first gold says that the long run is a great potential ‘world-class material’, with spring and autumn water, Tang Dynasty town, Ming and Qing’s architecture, modern people.

In the future, in this piece of land in the junction of Shanghai, Zhejiang, it will become the "facade" of the integrated demonstration zone: there are both the most Jiangnan water towns, and there is also a business development that matches it.

Like Switzerland Geneva, not smooth lakeside scenery, and a large number of world 500 companies around the side.

  "Integrated Demonstration Zone is a hot soil that creates a new miracle. It is also the best place to show new miracles. To achieve the construction goals, the key must have a popularity of the grandeur, and have a group of developers who dare to be people." Shanghai Municipal Committee Li Qiang, secretary. Next, the Demonstration Zone Developer Alliance will build a new platform between the market and the government to build a dialogue to the demonstration zone, and share a total of co-growth with the Demonstration Zone. Planning: Liao Xiaohua Monitor: Xu Le Jing Design: Cheng Huan Hang "Ruisi First" (Zhejiang) is jointly produced by Xinhuanet Client, Xinhuanet University Data Center, Xinhuanet Zhejiang Channel, please indicate the source.

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Sunshine followers 丨 Youth inspirational hand drawn video · No graduation, the graduation season: Better you just started

Sunshine followers 丨 Youth inspirational hand drawn video · No graduation, the graduation season: Better you just started

Guidance unit: CCMS Office Network Comments Network Commentary Organizer: China Internet Development Foundation Cloud Graduation Ceremony PS graduation photo different unusual graduation season will become a special memory university time far better You just started … this year Wu Da Holding a cloud graduation ceremony, Wuhan, who has experienced the new crown pneumonia, let Wu Da graduates Cui Lei really feel the close contact with the personal future and personal future, the mission is in the shoulder fight, I’m trying to talk to the Chinese story in the news communication field. Chinese Sound Dalian Maritime University graduates Li Chenxu semi-military management accompanied by his college time graduated, Li Chenxu will go to the western tutor as a national flag guard captain with youth guards, he will bring the national flag Guardian to the distant incentive more children Beijing excellent graduation Zhao Xin, a graduate student of China Communication University, did not even have the opportunity to take the story of the retrograde, deeply influenced her firm ideal belief to hammered hard, the star is not negative, Zhao Xin will bloom in the news road, Shengda, China Academy of Sciences The Master of the Physics Shuo’s successive appearance allowed him to feel the powerful strength of technology, Sheng Dadai will be committed to the new functional materials to work hard to make the real material of the big decree. The moment of the new era is inspired. The pace of graduates from the pace of the motherland to the most needed place to build a successful establishment, the future, the future, the future, the Guangming network supervision特 支持 支持 画

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