The first test site in Shenzhen prison, 90 criminals participated in the self-study exam.

The first test site in Shenzhen prison, 90 criminals participated in the self-study exam.

Original title: The first test site in Shenzhen Prison On October 16th, Shenzhen prison was set in the examination room in the prison, and 90 servants participated in the second half of 2021, the national higher education self-study exam, from business management, e-commerce, 10 self-study majors such as logistics management.

  Shenzhen prisons learned about the strong desire to participate in self-study exam in the survey of prisoners. They have improved cultural levels through self-study, and they are a performance of positive transformation. If you can participate in self-study exams in prisons, get academic certificates, which can undoubtedly improve their positive transformation, learning cultural knowledge.

Therefore, Shenzhen prison actively communicated self-study examination test site in Shenzhen prison, and the Shenzhen Enrollment Exam Office, Provincial Prison Administration Education Office. After many efforts, the final Guangdong Provincial Education Examination Institute agreed to Shenzhen Prison as a self-study examination test point on December 2, 2019, and the self-study exam included in the premium English (1). suject.

The person in charge of the self-study examination of Shenzhen prison said that prisons continue to close the duty due to the epidemic, leading to the conditions of the Shenzhen prison without organizing self-study exam.

As the epidemic situation improved, under the guidance of the Shenzhen Admissions Exam Office, Pingshan District Education Bureau and other units, Shenzhen prison was seriously prepared for the self-study examination.

  In order to ensure the smooth progress of the self-study exam, before the examination, Shenzhen prison organized the preparatory meeting of the examination work, and the comprehensive and meticulous arrangements and deployment of the exam; convene the "candidates" mobilization meeting, emphasizing serious examination discipline, encouraging them Active examination. On the day of the exam, the staff strictly examined the health code of the examination person, the trip code, nucleic acid test report, etc.

  In addition, the exam has been a strong assistance of Pingshan Senior High School, guiding the examination work of prison test sites, ensuring strict examination of exams; Shenzhen prison has completed other related work such as examination, maintenance order as required. The test papers received issuance, recycling, invigilation, monitoring and other processes are strictly enforced in accordance with the relevant provisions of the self-study exam.

(Reporter Yizhan Huang Correspondent Huang Guanyu) (Editor: Zhang Chenmuse, Chen Yuzhu) Share let more people see.

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The old Gulou Street is "dressing" in Mingchun, the overall unveiled 60 points of architectural style

The old Gulou Street is "dressing" in Mingchun, the overall unveiled 60 points of architectural style

Original title: The old Gulou Street is "dressing", and the overall unveiled of the old drums of the renovation, and it has revealed the strong Beijing rhyme.

Our reporter said the reporter Zhang Wei, the reporter Zhang Wei, branched the North Extension of the West Street and the central axis, undertakes the portal of the traditional central axis and the modern extension line, and the important node of Beijing Old Town Protection and Organic Update, this is The famous old drumstream street in Beijing. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the two sessions of Xicheng District that the environmental quality improvement project of the old Gulou Street is basically completed. There are also a lot of old streets that have eased the historical and cultural vast street. Strolling on the old drums of the old drums just appeared, looks up, you can see the architecture of the sea-horn style, ice drib, and other models, showing the style of Beijing traditional residential buildings. The restore style is focused on the details, and the insertion in a ice fan.

Liu Weiyan, executive deputy director of Shichahai Blush Street Construction Command, said that 93% of the 60 points of architectural style of the whole street were completed through "micro-repair, micro-improvement, micro-update". The old Gulou Street is located in Shichahai-Nanluogu Lane Culture Essence, and the traditional cultural atmosphere is rich. Before the transformation, the historical and cultural form here was overwhelmed, gathered a batch of agents that did not meet the core area of ??the capital. At the beginning of this year, Xicheng District launched the environmental quality improvement project of the old Gulou Street, including the improvement of facial facade, the public space order reconstruction, and the transportation order improvement, etc. have been first achieved.

  Such an transformation is just a starting point, how to help the old Gulou Street to find a historical charm into a new topic of Shichahai Shujing Street Construction Command. Liang Jian, who is responsible for street planning, said that the old Gulou Street is based on the commercial atmosphere of the groundwide street. In order to better show the diversity of the traditional Chinese people’s architectural style, the wall is placed, the screen is used, and the three effects are reasonably used. It uses the whole brick to the top, the sea-shei pool, Fang Pool, five out five In the case of three sets of five rich walls.

  Architectural details, sea flavor style, ice fan combination, mountain tip style, door tower style, hanging board style, chain railing style, doorman "combination of the door and window, so that the old Gulou Street is far away Connotation. At the same time in the streets and residential buildings, the old Gulou Street closed the green space also opened "embrace" and created a garden. From the garden trails, there is a combination of neighborhoods, commercial interactions, landscape parallel and street view echoes, forming a building in front of the building and the street view of street views that are symbiors shared. The whole street is designed by the North to the south. 6 landscape nodes: Miao Yuanhui, the boory, the flowers, the bamboo shadow, the vines, the heavy building, Jiamu into the painting. Among them, the "heavy building" nodes are located in the north side of the big black tiger Hutong, set the casual square under the status quo, form the best landscape parallel, can be much smashed by the Bell Tower; "Jiamu Painting" node is located in Plum Li The north side of the hotel, combined with the status quo, add a small square, forming the ornamental drum tower and the clock tower under the mask of ancient. With a small amount of light, bring your old street warmth, keep the original ancient capital historical style. As part of the "lighting middle axis" of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the old Gulou Street landscape is not only limited to daytime scenes. During the transformation process, the overall lighting of the night scene uses a low brightness and weak contrast. It mainly uses warm light, static light, highlighting the entrance of the home and the good business building, and the weakening of medium and high-rise modern buildings, two floors do not have lighting .

  During the promotion of the public space in this neighborhood, the green area is more than 1,000 square meters, and the new leisure venue is about 300 square meters, add more than 40 new stools, 3 maintenance status gallery frames, the opening of the spring, the gallery Planting vine plants and flowers. At the same time, the residents are encouraged to accomplish green plants, mobilize the participation of enthusiasm, and achieve co-construction sharing. At present, the green landscape enhancement project of the old Gulou Street is tightening, and it is expected to be unveiled in the spring next spring. At that time, the completely unveiled old drum building street will become a key to the beam and drum tower, the drums, the groundwater, and the Wanning Bridge, Nanluogu Lane, Shichahai, forming a co-ended, gathering, and a piece of Shichahai culture visiting road. , Help the middle axis application. (Editor: Mensus, Bao Congying) Share more people to see.

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The Party Committee of the Sacred Group conveyed the spirit of learning the 11th Party Congress of Anhui Province

The Party Committee of the Sacred Group conveyed the spirit of learning the 11th Party Congress of Anhui Province

  On the morning of November 3, the Party Committee of the Sacred Group held a party committee to convey the spirit of studying the 11th Party Congress of the province and studying and deploying efforts. Wang Cheng, secretary of the group, chairs, presided over the meeting and speaking, the group party committee members and the relevant departments of the relevant departments attended the meeting.

  The meeting believes that the 11th Party Congress of the Provincial Party Congress is a very important meeting held at the historical intersection of the "two-year hundred years" struggle. The provincial party discipline report adheres to Xi Jinping’s new era of socialist thinking. In order to guide, the blueprint of the development of a new chapter in modern beauty and Anhui construction is depicted.

The group should be deployed in accordance with the superiors, and rapidly set off the promotion and implementation of the whole group. Confidence, strengthen responsibility. The meeting requests, we must close the struggle of the struggle identified by the Provincial Party Candelion, with an important opportunity of the new high-rise, reform and opening up new highland and comprehensive green transitions, and accelerate the implementation of "歼 30" Innovative Development Action Plan, speed up the "9 + 2" innovative research and development system, promote the digitalization, high-end, green development of industries.

To actively practice national enterprises, give full play to funds, technical and scale advantages, doing long-wide industrial chain, vigorously develop new energy and new materials such as new energy, new materials, and further stronger to do strongly .

It is necessary to implement the spirit of the 11th Party Congress in the province to complete the "14th Five-Year Plan". The meeting pointed out that to put strengthening political construction in the first place, the emancipation of the idea, the unified thinking is implemented, and the spirit of the provincial party congress and the promotion of the "14th Five-Year Plan" development of the group company, preparing a good group party, Seeing a deep work, firmly implementing, firmly implementing, resolutely implementing, striving to create a world-class enterprise, contributing to the construction of modern and beautiful Anhui contributes. (Tang Jing) (Editor: Huang Yan, Jin Lexin) Sharing let more people see.

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Versnel de bouw van China’s Puyi Pension Service System

Versnel de bouw van China’s Puyi Pension Service System

Het personeel voert 90% uit van de Yong’an Street Community Home Pension Service Center, Shuangqiao Street, Chengde, Shuangqiao District, Chengde City, en de bestellingen van de oude man zijn voornamelijk gebaseerd op huisgemeenschap en bouwen families op als de kern, op de gemeenschap gebaseerde gemeenschap. Het pensioenstelsel is in overeenstemming met de Chinese nationale omstandigheden, en de toekomst van ouderen zal bij ouderen zijn. "Global" Magazine Reporter / Liu Hongcan Huiliu Zhang Swin Liu Yannan Shao Li Li Xiaoyu Yang Hai, vanaf 2020, China heeft 10.000 pensioeninstellingen, een jaar-op-jaargroei, 10.000 pension-bedden, jaar-op-jaargroei%.

Met de vergrijzing van de bevolking wordt verwacht dat PUYI Pension Services een hoge groei-industrie worden. Tekenen op verwante ervaring in ontwikkelde landen, het is raadzaam om de bouw van drie aspecten te versterken. Verdere bevordering van de beleidsinvoer "bijdragende combinatie". Meer dan 90% van de oude mensen in China, op basis van thuisgemeenschap, het opbouwen van gezinnen als de kern, op gemeenschap gebaseerd communautair pensioenstelsel, in overeenstemming met de nationale omstandigheden van China, en naleving van het pensioen van ouderen.

Volgens het ministerie van Burgerlijke Zaken, tijdens het "13e vijf-jarige plan" -periode, heeft China 5 miljard yuan ge?nvesteerd in 203 miljard Yuan om de pilot van thuis- en gemeenschapsdiensthervorming uit te voeren. Ou Zhu Rong, voorzitter van de Raad van Bestuur van Zhengrirk Group Co, Ltd, zei: "Medische combinatie" "combinatie" is de inherente vereiste van communautaire ontwikkeling van hoge kwaliteit, het wordt aanbevolen om actief de "Conservation Combination" te promoten Beleid, voortdurend verbeteren van de ouderdom, gehandicapten en andere ouderen Het menselijke subsidiesysteem heeft een uitgebreide samenvatting van ervaringsmethoden in het pilotwerk van langdurige verpleegverzekering en breidt het pilootbereik geleidelijk uit. Een nauwkeurige, gepersonaliseerde pensioendienstcapaciteit cre?ren. Zhang Wei, een onderzoeker van de afdeling Industri?le planning van China International Economic Exchange Center, zei dat het Community Station en Community Care Centers de hoofdkracht van pensioendiensten zijn, en we moeten het volledige spel geven aan de rol van alle lagen van het leven in de OUDE LEEFTIJD, DIE HET HOOFD VAN DE OUDE-ELEMENTE SERVICE, EN DE VERHAAL VAN VERPLEEGERSDIENSTEN. Precision Community Pension Service Model, begeleidingsinstelling betreedt de Gemeenschap via kettingbewerking, enz. Gepersonaliseerde Home Pension Service Provider Verenigde Staten Beschermingsmiddelen Home Pension Corporation International Business Chief Operation Officer MikeBoyer is van mening dat de bouw van de pensioenecologie van China groot is in de bouw van ouderdom van de Gemeenschap, communautair Pensioenservicesysteem nodig heeft een evenwicht tussen en gepersonaliseerde , Technologie en diensten om aan de behoeften van sommige ouderen te voldoen. Implementeer de gunstige interactie tussen overheid en pensioen.

  Het is duidelijk dat de gemiddelde bezettingsgraad van de meeste pensioeninstellingen slechts ongeveer 50% is, verlen minder dan 80% tot 90% van de ontwikkelde landen zoals Japan of UK.

Het verpleeghuis is hoog en de persoon is klein en de oude man die ge?nteresseerd is in blijven is nog steeds. Duitse experts zijn van mening dat het traditionele bedrijfsmodel van de verpleeghuizen van China economische voordelen mist, meestal beschouwd als pensioenverblijf, ver van de Duitse pensioendienst, moeten de softwareconstructie versterken. Wang Dynasty, Executive President, Singapore, Executive President, zei dat de Singapore-regering persoonlijke pensioentoeslag biedt en ook de supporters van het verpleeghuis verzoeken. China is de vrijheid van markt, en de overheid zal zich subsidi?ren tijdens projectconstructie, maar het verpleeghuis is verantwoordelijk voor de werking.

Wie woont in het verpleeghuis, hoe lang het duurt, hoeveel nodig is, en er is een betere interactie tussen de overheid en het bedrijf om de operationele effici?ntie te verbeteren. Zhang Wei zei dat de regering als de kern en de leiding van de pensioendienst, er meer is dan de verbetering van institutioneel ontwerp, optimalisatie van fiscale ondersteuning, het versterken van het algehele toezicht, enz., Het wordt aanbevolen om de ontwikkeling van wederzijdse hulp aan te moedigen en te ondersteunen , "knuffel", nieuwe pensioenindustrie, etc.

Bron: "Global" -magazine Gepubliceerd op 17 november 2021, "Global" magazine is geautoriseerd, andere media moeten herdrukken, neem dan contact op met dit probleem meer artikelen, let op "Global" Magazine Weibo, WeChat Client: "Global Journal" .

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Sanjiangyuan’s major ecological protection and repair project

Sanjiangyuan’s major ecological protection and repair project

Original title: Sanjiangyuan’s major ecological protection and repair project in-depth promotion (necessity) Sanjiangyuan is located in the hinterland of the Qinghai-Tibet Plate, is the birthplace of the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, and the "China Water Tower", in the national ecological civilization construction. It has an important role.

General Secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly made important instructions on the ecological protection and construction of Sanjiangyuan, requiring three Jiangyuan to protect the top priority of Qinghai ecological civilization construction, undertake the maintenance of ecological security, protect Sanjiangyuan, protect the "China Water Tower" .

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the major ecological protection and repair projects of Sanjiangyuan have been in depth to maintain and promote my country’s ecological security and the sustainable development of the Chinese nation. Ecological protection is constantly increasing the Sanjiangyuan area, and maintains the original, large-area alpine ecosystem. It is known as the "high-altrative biological germplasm", which is also the sensitive area of ??Asia, the Northern Hemisphere and the global climate change. Ecosystem service Function, natural landscape, biodiversity has the protection value of the country and even global significance.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the ecological protection of Sanjiangyuan continues to increase, ecological system protection and repair and development, ecological environmental protection results gradually appeared.

Sanjiangyuan area is more difficult, ecological protection management is difficult. In the past one, the Sanjiangyuan Ecological Environment Protection has a block segmentation and a problem of multi-door political and multi-door. In response to the problem of cross overlapping and multi-level protection area, multi-head management, Sanjiangyuan area steadily promoted the reform of national park institutional mechanisms, adopting the most stringent ecological protection policies, implement the most stringent ecological protection standards, and implemented the most stringent Ecological protection measures, promoting ecological environmental protection to achieve significant results.

In December 2015, General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over the 19th meeting of the central government to deepen the reform leading group, and the meeting reviewed the "China Sanjiangyuan National Park System Pilot Program".

In January 2018, the National Development and Reform Commission officially announced the "Sanjiangyuan National Park Master Plan".

After unremitting efforts, attribution, clear, law enforcement, regulatory effective ecological protection management new system, longitudinal vertical cooperation integrated law enforcement system continues to strengthen.

At present, the average surface of the grassland in the Sanjiangyuan area has increased by 11%, more than 10 years ago, 30%.

It can be tested by sand-bearing land governance by 45% to 47%. The lake area has expanded, with an average of more than 70 square kilometers per year, and the plateau lake in the source of the Yellow River will reproduce the wave light. Swipeling capacity is stable and improved as an important replenishment of freshwater resources in my country. The average of Sanjiangyuan convetes more than 600 billion cubic meters of the source of 600 billion cubic meters, 25% of the Yangtze River, 49% of the total water volume of the Yellow River and 15% of the total water From Sanjiangyuan.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Sanjiangyuan Water Source Cultural Areas have focused on promoting a series of major ecological protection repair and construction projects, ecosystem quality and stability continue to improve.

In recent years, the ecosystem of Sanjiangyuan is gradually improved, the area of ??lake and wetland is significantly expanded, and forest grass is rapidly increased, and the water source cultural capacity is stable. The amount of water resources continues to increase.

According to the survey data, in 1956-2000, the total amount of water resources in Sanjiangyuan area was about 42.8 billion cubic meters; in 2005-2012, through the implementation of Sanjiangyuan Ecological Protection and Construction Project, Sanjiangyuan area average average water resources The total amount is approximately 51.2 billion cubic meters; after 2013-2020, after the implementation of the second phase of the Sanjiangyuan Ecological Protection and Construction, the total amount of average water resources in Sanjiangyuan area increased to about 52.3 billion cubic meters, average than 1956-2000 years. The amount of water has increased by about 9.5 billion cubic meters. In 2020, Qinghai Province’s internal surface water departure water reached 100 million cubic meters, increasing hundreds of cubic meters in 2016; in the past five years, an average annual increase of more than 9.2 billion cubic meters.

The value realization mechanism of ecological products is gradually improved General Secretary Xi Jinping, pointed out: "Sanjiangyuan, Qilian Mountain, etc. Ecological function, mainly protecting ecology, cultivating water sources, creating more ecological products.

"Create more ecological products, need to establish and improve the value of ecological product value, walking ecological priority, green development new road.

Sanjiangyuan area continues to promote the construction of water ecological products value implementation mechanism, providing powerful guarantees to coordinate ecological protection and economic and social development. In order to further protect the ecological environment while further protecting and improving the people’s livelihood in the three Jiangyuan area, my country increases the policy support for the ecological compensation of the Sanjiangyuan area, fully implementing the ecological public welfare forest compensation, grassland ecological protection subsidies, ecological immigration subsidies and other ecological compensation Policy, further improve the ecological compensation mechanism of Sanjiangyuan area. In major policies and institutional mechanisms, the Sanjiangyuan area tried to try first.

On the one hand, the dynamic changes of the ecosystem status of the three rivers source and the value of the ecosystem service value are investigated, accountable, evaluated, and natural resources such as water resources are converted and evaluated, assessing the national ecological products and services. Lay a solid foundation with the value of service.

On the other hand, there are three Jiangyuan national natural resources asset management system pilots. All natural ecological spaces in the pilot zone of Sanjiangyuan National Park are carried out, clarifying all natural resource assets of the national natural resource assets from laws and regulations, and establishing a clear and right Confirmation, strict protection, smooth flow, and regulate effective natural resource asset property rights system. This series of important initiatives have effectively promoted the ecological protection of Sanjiangyuan and the improvement of people’s livelihood, and constantly build a national ecological barrier.

(The author is director of the Water Resources Development Research Center) (Editor: Zhou Yuting, Jiao Long) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

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Root curration of winter special action starts launch workers to maintain rights

Root curration of winter special action starts launch workers to maintain rights

Wage remuneration is the most direct equity of the majority of workers.

Maintain the worker’s salary remuneration rights, to protect and improve people’s livelihood, and promote the social harmony and stability significance. The year is approaching, the problem of arrears enters the volatility period, and the laborer has encountered a wages to maintain its own rights and become the focus of social attention.

Recently, the national level is intensive to introduce multiple notices, concentrated on the contract, and organized a special action in the country throughout the country. It is understood that since November this year, the special actions of the radical wage in the winter have been opened nationwide, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangdong, Henan, Qinghai and other 17 provinces and other provinces have taken the contract, and the survivor is required in the 2022 Spring Festival. Clear before. Multi-sectoral, regional arrears "combined punches" to solve the problem of banks, and the people’s vital interests are related to the people.

Recently, the Office of the State Council Reluted the Leading Group Office of the Sanage Work Wage Work Work Leading Group issued the "Notice on the Special Action of Root Causes" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), decided to build project construction from November 1st to 2022, 2022 The field and other profitable manufacturers have focused on the implementation of a concentrated special governance in the national scope.

For the survival of the survivor, you should check all before the Spring Festival 2022.

"Notice", strengthen the inspection of the implementation of various salary payment systems in the construction of the project, ordered to rectify illegal acts within a time limit, urged the company to perform legal obligations, overdue, and seriously punished according to law. For the provisions, the relevant unit financial accounts and related parties are inquiry according to the law, and the vehicle situation is inquiry, and the judicial organs will be transferred to the judicial organs in accordance with the law. Be held criminally responsible. In addition, the Ministry of Human and Social Security is based on the "Safeguarding the Wages Payment Ordinance", and has issued the "Interim Measures for the Management of the List of Migrant Workers’ Salary Union Joint Punishment", which is implemented from January 1, 2022.

"Administrative Measures" for the scope of application, division of responsibilities, conditions of conditions, and disciplinary measures, credit repair and work procedures.

"Management Measures" clearly, the employer is buckled, and the salary of migrant workers in no reason to reject the number of crimes of labor remuneration, or cause a serious bad social impact due to arrears of migrant workers’ salary violations, extreme incidents cause serious adverse social impact, and human resources The social security administrative department shall order payment within a time limit for payment within a time limit. The human resources and social security administrative department shall include the personnel and its legal representatives such as the relevant responsible personnel in the uninterested joint discipline according to the procedures stipulated in the Administrative Measures. , Disclose and share the same level credit information sharing platform in accordance with the specified regulations. The relevant departments in accordance with relevant regulations such as "Guaranteed Wages Payment Regulations" within their respective responsibilities, in terms of government fund support, government procurement, bidding, financing loans, market access, tax concessions, evaluation evaluation, traffic travel Restroving according to law. According to the relevant person in charge of the People’s Social Development, the unin-disciplinary disciplinary measures are "tooth" of the Administrative Measures, which is critical to the disciplinary education and loss of migrant workers, and improve the effectiveness of labor security supervision.

Once the list is listed, the human society will transfer the list of relevant employers to the credit information sharing platform, and the relevant departments in government fund support, government procurement, bidding, financing loans, market access, tax concessions, evaluation According to the provision of traffic, the traffic travel shall be jointly disciplinary, the longest period can reach 3 years, so that the illegal uninpair is difficult, but also to the warning of all kinds of employers, further enhance the awareness and level of fair fairness and fairness Used in the market.

At the same time, according to incomplete statistics, as of November 29, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangdong, Henan, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Shanxi, Shandong, Liaoning, Ningxia, Sichuan, Hunan, Hubei, Zhejiang 17 provinces in full swing Remediation of special action, investigation, punishment, and impose the issuance of salary to implement. Content Source: People’s Social Ministry, Local People’s Social Security Bureau, Xinhua News Agency, etc. The laborers have encountered a variety of complaints reporting channels to maintain payment of salary is the most basic labor rights of laborers. What should I do if I encounter? Beijing Jingshi Law Firm Partner, Lawyer Wang Zhengyu told reporters that laborers were arreled by a variety of channels to maintain their legitimate rights and interests.

First, call a unified complaint report and policy advisory phone 12333. If the laborer encounters the problem of payment, I can first call 12333 consult relevant policies. The second is to directly complain to the labor security monitoring department of the employee.

The third is to apply for mediation arbitration to the labor personnel dispute mediation arbitration institution. If there is a dispute in the amount of money and the amount of money and the employer, the workers can apply to the company, the streets, parks, parks or industry labor personnel dispute mediation organizations, mediation, or unwilling to mediate, The arbitration institutions to the labor contract or the arbitration institution registered with the employer shall apply for arbitration; if the arbitral decisions are dissatisfied, the workers can file a lawsuit according to law. Fourth, it can be applied to the people’s court, and the reporter learned from the Ministry of Human Resources Social Security, migrant workers who are owed by the residue can also reflect the platform, reflect the trail of the problem, and maintain labor remuneration rights.

The scan code is online reflects the wages. Source: The official of the human society is worthy of concern that workers in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei can complain from differently.

The reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Human Resources Social Security Bureau, the laborer of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei household registration, if the construction site is also in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area, once the residue occurs, it can be based on the convenience, choose the place of work or the household registration. Labor security monitoring agencies above county levels mentioned off-site complaints. For example, a laborer is in Hebei, but he works in Beijing for a long time, then once a money problem occurs, he can complain to Beijing, and the rights is more convenient.

(People’s Network Reporter Ren Hao) Editor: Zhang Jingwen.

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Russian "Labor News" deputy editor Horiv: China’s change "Turnly"

Russian "Labor News" deputy editor Horiv: China’s change "Turnly"

The Russian "Labor" deputy editing Wasi Horiv People’s Network Beijing September 27 (Xu Xiangli) "China left me the deepest impression, is the friendly in the Chinese people.

"On the occasion of the" 2018 Russian Media Beautiful China "activity, the Russian" Labor News "deputy editor of Vasily Hewev told reporters.

"If you recommend a China’s attractions to Russia, I will recommend Wenzhou’s Yandang Mountain." Huro said.

The Lingyan flying there, the stream, green onion, made his body and mind a rare relaxation. 2018 is China’s national tourist year.

To cooperate with this theme, the Russian people have promoted China’s rich tourism resources, September 16-24, from the Russian "Labor News", Tascur, Russian News News, Bashkir Satellite TV, BRC TV Station 13 reporters, in Hangzhou, Shaoxing, Hengdian, Ningbo, Wenzhou, etc. in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

Smoky and rain, Jiangnan, style. Whether it is a light makeup of the West Lake won, or the Shenxiang intoxicated Shaoxing daughter red; whether it is Hengdian Film and Television City, a magnificent Qin Wang Palace, or a long rainy rain in Ningbo Nantang … Deeply attracting many Russian reporters who came to China for the first time.

"In Moscow and St. Petersburg, I can often see the team of Chinese tourists, and the tour guide holds the flag, and a group of people said very happy to smile.

At that time, I thought that China didn’t have so many beautiful scenery, and tourists like to go abroad.

Now I know that China’s beauty is now appreciated! "Huro said to joke." This is my second time to come to China, last time I was in 1999. "Horiv said that in 20 years, China’s changes can be described in" flooding ".

He recalls that in 1999, he went out from the hotel, he saw the huge bicycle team in Chang’an Street to flock to Tiananmen Square. Now, even the streets of the small city, it is also the most intuitive Variety.

Of course, in many development results, high-speed rails can be most embodied in China. At the Yandang Mountain High-speed Railway Station, the waiting gap, a high-speed rail is open, and it is flying in the rain. The Russian reporter team broke out a shouted voice: "Wow, it’s too shocking!" – "We are amatening its speed, especially in the rain, so beautiful." – "Yes, like bullets. "-" No, like a rocket! "Russian Bashkir satellite TV station president Gu Zhu Li is a lively girl, she can’t help but praise the reporter.

Incation, China’s economic development since the reform and opening up, Hewarov said, very envious of China’s reform and opening up.

For Russia, China’s success mode is not replicated, but it can be drawn.

He said that the relationship between China and Russia has a good foundation for cooperation and winning, will be better and better. Communication between the two countries will also further promote friendly relations and cooperation in two countries. (Editor: Liu Jing (intern), Xu Xiangli) Share let more people see.

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Shanghai Awards 10 "Mooiste wetenschappelijke arbeiders", wie ze zijn?

Shanghai Awards 10 "Mooiste wetenschappelijke arbeiders", wie ze zijn?

Gisteravond wordt het gazonconcert in het thema van de "Republiek" gehouden in Shanghai Science Hall. Het concert werd georganiseerd door de afdeling Municipal Party Committeorganisatie, de Municipal Science and Technology Work Party Committee, de Shanghai-tak van de Chinese Academie van Wetenschappen, gezamenlijk gesponsord, uitgenodigd uitstekende groepen en kunstenaars om bewegende melodie?n, condoleances tot hoogwaardige talenten te gebruiken zoals academicus van de twee ziekenhuizen, Shanghai uitstekende wetenschappelijke en technologische werknemers.

Vóór het concert gaf het Permanent Comité van het Municipate Party Committee en de minister van Organisatie, de minister van de Organisatie Department, 10 in 2021, "de mooiste wetenschaps- en technologische werknemers" Awards in Ding Wenjiang, die de meerderheid van de wetenschappelijke aanraking roept en technologische werknemers om de Geest van wetenschappers te leren, erven en door te voeren. Shanghai versnelt de constructie van technologie-innovatiecentra met wereldwijde invloed maken nieuwe en hogere bijdragen.

Dit concert werd gehouden door de Symphony Orchestra van de Commander Jiang Xiaopeng, de beroemde componist Chen-bende, de zanger Han Peng, hij Xiaonong leidt de prestaties en serveert "Hongqi" "Hongyan" "Hongqi Flutter" "My Motherland" "Liang Zhu" In het HOPE-veld "en andere originele tracks en klassieke nummers, zijn de rode nummers en symfonie perfect ge?ntegreerd.

Het concert kwam uiteindelijk in de "No Communist Party zonder een nieuw China".

Er wordt gemeld dat het gazonconcert van wetenschap en hal 15 keer met succes heeft gehouden en een wetenschappelijk en cultureel merkproject werd voor hoogniveau-talenten in Shanghai, en is diep geliefd bij de meerderheid van de wetenschappelijke en technologische werknemers. 2021 Shanghai "Lijst (gesorteerd op Achternaam ‘Secretary of the Party Committee (president van de Academie voor Wetenschappen, de Partijcommissie van het Instituut voor Wetenschap, Vice President," Onderzoeker Yang Shibin Male Shanghai Jiaulin Jie Textile Co., Ltd. President, Senior Engineer Wu Zhiqiang Mannelijke Chinese Academie van Engineering, Tongji University Professor Hu Keyi Monolesale Groep Chief Expert, Jiangnan Shipbuilding Group Science and Technology Commission, Onderzoeker-niveau Senior Engineer Hu Yonghong Mannelijke Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden Executive Gardener, Professor Advanced Engineer Liuhong Girl De Chinese Academie van Pharmacy Research Institute, Projectleider, Nieuwe Drug Research State Key Laboratory De directeur van de Partijcommissie van het Shanghai Optics Institute of Optics, China Academy of Optics, Director of the Aerospace Laser Engineering Department, Jianlin , Chinese Academie van Wetenschappen, Chinese Academie van Sciences, Shanghai Silicate Research Institute, Chinese Academie van Sciences (Editor: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Delen Meer mensen aankomen.

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Sichuan opens new crown vaccine to strengthen the whole process for 3 months after immunization

Sichuan opens new crown vaccine to strengthen the whole process for 3 months after immunization

Original title: Sichuan opened new crown vaccine to strengthen the needle on October 14, Sichuan Province officially launched new crown vaccine to strengthen the inoculation of inoculation.

What is the reinforcement needle for the public, who is going to fight, how to hit the problem, yesterday, the Provincial Health Jianjian Committee conducted an authority answer.

  ■ What is new crown vaccine reinforced needle? Strengthening the needle, also known to enhance the immunity, the immune prevention effects produced after various vaccines have a certain period of time, after completing the basic immunity, have gradually weakened, in order to continue the body to continue to maintain a strong immunity It is necessary to perform in time according to the immunization characteristics of different vaccines, which is to enhance immunity.

  ■ Enhance the implementation principles for needle vaccination? According to the prevention and control needs of the epidemic, inocation of the Chinese medicine born Beijing company (including Chengdu, Lanzhou), Beijing Kangxing Company, Chinese medicine born Wuhan company’s inactivated vaccine and the adenoprotoxic vectivity of the Tianjin Kangshio company The 18-year-old population was enhanced immunization. ■ Who can inoculate? At this stage, the strengthening of immunization is prioritized in a key position personnel infected with high risk groups and ensuring the basic operation of society.

It mainly includes port, customs, immigration, international transportation, medical and health, regulators and regulators, regulators, and high-risk people, public security, fire, emergency, transportation, logistics, postal express, communication, pension, Mental health welfare, sanitation, funeral, rescue management, market supervision, education, news media, community workers and institutions, directly provide service providers, etc., water, water, electricity, warm, coal, gas, etc. Basic living materials Supply guarantees key positions, service industry and labor-intensive industrial practitioners and other diseases are relatively risky.

  ■ What kind of seedlings are enhanced? At this stage, it is recommended to use the vaccination of vaccinated immunity. Among them, the use of the same production enterprise inactivated vaccine, in principle, in principle, 1 dose of immunization of the inactivated vaccine of the original production enterprise; the use of different production enterprises to complete the two doses of vaccination In principle, it is preferable to use the same vaccine of the second agent inactivated vaccine to produce 1 dose to enhance the immunity. If the same vaccine in which the second agent cannot continue to supply, the same vaccine as the first agent inactivated vaccine can be used. 1 dose to enhance immunity; the population of vaccination using adenoviral carrier vaccination is used to enhance immunity. ■ Can the enhancement needle? New crown virus vaccine enhances immunization to vaccinate free vaccination, and individuals do not assume inoculation.

  ■ How to play the needle, where is it? In principle, the key positions of key positions and the basic operation of social basic operations are enhanced by all relevant units unified; others can make an appointment in the inoculation unit designated by the jurisdiction. List of inochemical units each place is published by local uniform parsing, specifically see the official information released by the local health health department or the CDC.

  ■ When does the needle start playing? Sichuan Province will start the new crown vaccine from October 14 to strengthen the inoculation.

After the public is immunized, the enhanced needle can be inoculated at least 6 months.

That is, after completing the national medicine born Beijing company (including Chengdu, Lanzhou), Beijing Kangxing Company, the second agent of Wuhan Company in Wuhan, inoculation, or completed the adenotoxic vessel vaccination of Tianjin Kangshino. At least 6 months can be required to enhance immunity. (Reporter Wang Jingyu) (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Luo Wei) Sharing let more people see.

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Ten departments: By 2023, 5G users exceed 560 million penetration rates of more than 40% 

Ten departments: By 2023, 5G users exceed 560 million penetration rates of more than 40% 

People’s Network Beijing July 13 (Zhao Chao) Recently, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Central Network Safety and Information Commission Office, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Culture and Tourism Ministry, the National Health and Health Committee, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the State Energy Administration, etc., and issued the "5G application" Sail "action plan (2021-2023)" (hereinafter referred to as "Action Plan").

The "Action Plan" clearly proposed that by 2023, 5G personal users had more than 40%, and the number of users exceeded 100 million.

5G network access traffic accounts for more than 50%, 5G network use efficiency is significantly improved. 5G IoT end users have average annual growth rate of more than 200%.

5G fusion application is an important engine that promotes digital, networked, and intelligent transformation of economic and social. The "Action Plan" pointed out that vigorously promoting 5G comprehensive synergy, and in-depth promotion of 5G empowering thousands of business, promoting the high-level development model, driving production method, lifestyle and governance method upgraded, Cultivate the development of economic and social development, the main economic main battlefield, the domestic digital transformation needs, coordinating development and safety, follow the 5G application development law, focusing on the 5G application innovation chain, industrial chain, supply chain, collaborative promotion technology integration, Industrial integration, data integration, standard fusion, build 5G integration applications new products, new formats, new models, provide solid support for digital transformation, intelligent upgrade, intelligent upgrades, intelligent upgrades in various fields of economy and society.

In the basic principle, the "Action Plan" proposed to "four persists": insist on demand traction. Give full play to the decisive role in the market in resource allocation, strengthen the company’s main status in the development of 5G applications, further release the potential of 5G applications in the consumer market, vertical industry, social people’s livelihood, and inspire 5G application innovation.

Adhere to innovation drivers. Applied individualized needs around the 5G industry, increase technological innovation, strengthen key technologies and product development, and lay the technology and industry foundation for 5G application development. Follow the objective law of 5G technology, standards, industries, networks and applications, tightly the international standard rhythm, and focus on the development of 5G applications.

Adhere to the key breakthrough. Focus on 5G development key links, focus on solving the critical commonality of the agreement of interoperability, application ecological construction, industrial basis, etc..

The focus of supporting the foundation, clear mode, and broad prospects have taken the lead in breakthrough, and the demonstration leads to 5G applications.

Adhere to synergistic linkage. Strengthen communication between all parties, smooth cross-sectoral, cross-industry, and cross-domain. Play the enthusiasm of the industry, local, introduce and implement policies initiatives support 5G application development.

Play the traction of leading corporate enterprises, promote the depth of upstream enterprises, and cooperate to form a "group match" mode. At the overall goal, the "Action Plan" pointed out that by 2023, my country’s 5G application development level was significantly improved, and the comprehensive strength continued to increase. Create IT (Information Technology), CT (Communication Technology), OT (Operation Technology) depth integration new ecology, realize 5G applications in key areas, and build technology industry and standard system dual pillars, network, platform, safety, etc. The ability is further improved, and the 5G application "sail voyage" is gradually formed.

5G application key indicators have greatly improved. The 5G personal user has a penetration rate of more than 40%, and the number of users exceeds 100 million. 5G network access traffic accounts for more than 50%, 5G network use efficiency is significantly improved. 5G IoT end users have average annual growth rate of more than 200%. The 5G application results in the focus are high.

Personal consumption fields, a number of new business, new models, new technologies, and users who have achieved a batch of "5G +" new consumption. Vertical industry, 5G application of large industrial enterprises exceeding 35%, 5G applications in the field of electricity, mining, etc.

Social people’s livelihood, build a batch of 5G + smart education, 5G + smart medical, 5G + cultural tourism model project, 5G + smart city construction level further improved.

Each key industry creates more than 100 5G application benchmarks.

5G application ecological environment continues to improve.

The mechanism of cross-sectoral, cross-industry, cross-field collaborative linkage is preliminarily constructed, forming the guidance of government departments, leading the leading enterprises, and the 5G application fusion innovation model of SMEs. Cultivate a batch of 5G application solution suppliers with extensive influence to form more than 100 5G application solutions. Complete the 5G application standard system framework for basic communities and key industries, and develop more than 30 key industry standards. The key basic support capacity is significantly enhanced. The 5G network coverage is continuously improved, and each 10,000 people have more than 18 of the 5G base stations, and more than 3,000 5G industrial virtual brings are built. Building a batch of 5G integration application innovation centers, the ability to apply innovation public service platform capabilities is further enhanced.

5G application security capacity is further improved, build 10-20 5G application security innovation demonstration centers, establish 3-5 regional demonstration benchmarks, and is basically formed by the safety guarantee system adapted to 5G application development. Breaking through the 5G application key link, the "Action Plan" pointed out that the 5G application standard system was constructed. Accelerate the development of basic common standards such as chip / module, network, platform, security architecture, application needs, terminology definition. 5G determined networks, enhanced uplift, high-precision positioning, anti-electromagnetic interference, etc. Accelerate the development of key industries, promote the development of industry fusion terminals and network construction standards. Promote 5G application standards in key industries, choose key areas such as medical, industrial, and media, and take the lead in driving the 5G application standards. Improve 5G application standard public service capabilities.

Carry out industry 5G application standard test assessment certification, and promote innovative technological achievements to standard transformation. By the end of 2023, the 5G application standard system of the basic community and key industries was formed, and the key criteria for more than 30 key industries were completed.

The "Action Plan" proposed that the 5G application key field and promoted new information consumption upgrade actions. In the field of 5G + converged media, the use of 5G backpacks, ultra HD cameras, 5G converters, etc., using 5G technology to speed up intelligent upgrade such as traditional media production, interview, editing, broadcast.

Promote high-tech video services, promote 5G new vacation (NR) radio and television landing applications, providing radio and television and emergency broadcasting services. Carry out 5G + 8K live broadcast, 5G + panoramic interactive video and audio services, cultivate 360-degree game experience, combined with major activities such as 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics, promote the popularity of 5G in large event activities. The "Action Plan" is clear and promoted 5G industry fusion application deepening action. In 5G + industrial Internet, 5G + car network, 5G + smart logistics, 5G + smart port, 5G + smart mining, 5G + smart electric power, 5G + smart agriculture, etc. to create a series of benchmark projects.

The "Action Plan" proposed to improve the 5G network coverage level for the public. Accelerate 5G independent network construction, expand 5G network urban and rural coverage, continue to build 5G high-quality network, promote "double Gigabit" network synergy development.

New 5G network fully supports IPv6, focusing on 5G network IPv6 traffic.

Strengthen the indoor scene, underground space, key transportation hub and dry line 5G network coverage, promote 5G public online high-speed rail to enhance the quality of typical scene network services.

Promotion and use of medium and low frequency bands to expand rural and remote areas 5G network coverage.

In the 5G product of the industry, it is necessary to enhance the 50G base station industry adaptation capabilities.

For high temperatures, high humidity, explosion-proof and other special scenes, special 5G base stations that are adapted to various industries are developed.

Increase the formation of the big upstream, enriched the industry-oriented terminal product form, truly realize the 5G industry terminal to the scene, to the production line, to the park.

Accelerate the development and iterative evolution of various industrial terminals based on HD camera, industrial-grade router / gateway, car networked equipment, automatic guide (AGV) based on 5G module. Promoting the industry high-end equipment speeds up 5G capabilities and open interfaces in R & D and production.

By the end of 2023, the 5G base station that meets the needs of the industry, the module supply capacity is significantly enhanced, and the 5G industry terminal products, high-end equipment is gradually mature.

"Action Plan" emphasizes to strengthen 5G application security risk assessment. Building 5G application full life cycle security management mechanism, guiding enterprises to include 5G application security assessment mechanism into 5G application R & D promotion workflow, synchronous planning and construction operation safety management and technical measures, and implement synchronization with 5G applications.

Do 5G applications and key information infrastructure supervision and inspection, and improve 5G application safety levels.

(Editor: Zhao Chao, Lu Wei) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

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