"Chinese must make your own aircraft" – Chen Youth Memory in Northeast

"Chinese must make your own aircraft" – Chen Youth Memory in Northeast

  Xinhua News Agency, Shenyang, November 5 (Reporter Wang Wei, Yu Child) "Imitation and not self-design, it is equal to life roots in people’s hands. Chinese must make their own aircraft!" Gu Yuen once said.

  As a new Chinese aircraft design master, aircraft aerodynamic design laid, 91-year-old Gu Yufen Academician won the 2020 Supreme Science and Technology Award, won the heavy medals in the Great Hall of Beijing on November 3.

  After more than 90 years, he mounted the highest honorary hall of the Chinese science and technology community; look back, he wrote in the northeast.

In July 1952, Gu Yuen came to 112 Factory (now Shenfei).

He recalled that at that time, the impression of this "is really not, because the country’s main models are repaired here." His youth will take root in Shenfei, rooted in the northeast.

  In 1956, my country’s first aircraft design room was established in 112 (now Shenfei), and 26 years old, as the first batch of core members, as heads of aerodynamic groups.

He spent the time of life in Shenyang.

  "I can stay in Beijing at the time."

However, I want to engage in aircraft design, so I report to the leadership and ask Shenyang to engage in aircraft design. "… I came to Northeast that era, not only a person who was a batch of enthusiasm for the dream of the country. Struggling is the brightest look of youth. In the memories of Guffeen, their youth is ideally Passionate. Gu Yuen recalls, "1958 Spring Festival is not a holiday because of engaging 1 airplane. At that time, Shenyang was very cold, and the big snow piled up door couldn’t open … 3 months of drawings. Then, the factory organizes the commando, and it is desperately dry for 24 hours … Hard to make aircraft.

"From 1956 to 1986, Gu Yuen worked in Shenfei for 30 years.

He dedicated youth to the aircraft design career of the Republic.