Retired elderly funded poor students Li Ping Rural Commercial Bank for the elderly "escort"

Retired elderly funded poor students Li Ping Rural Commercial Bank for the elderly "escort"

At the Ximen Branch of Lipping Rural Commercial Bank, I will usher in an old man in the year of 20 per month. He is the "frequent visit" of the Ximen Branch of the Lapipong Commercial Bank. Every time there is always a turning, tremblingΡΡ, holding a cash in one hand, holding a small note. This old man surnamed Stone, a retired multi-year old teacher, and a Chinese Communist Party member with many years ago.

With the patient’s patient’s staffing staff, the old man filld the cash remittance certificate, and his use has not changed – taught. Every time Shi is coming to the poor students, the staff is enthusiastic to say hello to him: "Your old comment", Shi Laoshui will modestly say: "Yes, I am old, but also trouble you." Teach me to fill the bill. "Since retired, Shi Lao has funded multiple poor students, from the beginning of 80 yuan, then 100 yuan, 150 yuan, 200 yuan … Since the years, the old funds After changing a batch, some by the help students graduated from college, and some were still in elementary school.

Shi Lao is always humblely said that he donated much. He hopes that Ximen Branch can conserve him "secret", don’t put his identity, he said that this is a small thing that can be made as an old party member can do. One of the persistence and stick, don’t want to be "disturbed".

The Ximen Branch of Liping Rural Commercial Bank specializes in Shi Lao, "Green Channel", which is prioritized to apply for remittance business in Shi Lao, with professional and responsible for the good value of Shi old! " (Correspondent Jiang Xianxin) (Editor: Pan Jiaqian (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.