Singing the network civilization "good voice"

Singing the network civilization "good voice"

Original title: Singing network civilization "good voice" network social environmental governance is the common topic that is currently facing worldwide.

Network civilization is accompanied by the development of the Internet. It is an important indicator of modern social civilization progress. The important role in the construction of socialist spiritual civilization and the construction of network strong country is increasingly high. Statistics show that as of June this year, my country’s netizens Daily and Internet penetration rates were%. More than 1 billion users access the Internet to form the largest digital society in the world.

As netizens are growing, the network space is increasing, and the difficulty of network space control continues to increase, and the stubborn disease needs to be resolved.

The majority of netizens are deeply sorry about the network. Adhere to the construction of network civilization, is an inevitable requirement of the trend of information in the information age, improve the degree of social civilization, is an urgent need to adhere to the people-oriented, meeting hundreds of millions of netizens for a good life, is to accelerate the construction of a strong country, comprehensively build socialism The important task of modern countries. It is necessary to constantly adapt to the new situation of the new situation of the Internet, and promote the continuous improvement of network civilization.

Strengthen the construction of network civilization, pay attention to the cultivation of network space.

It is necessary to lead the network culture construction, widely condense news websites, commercial platforms, etc. to spread socialist core values ??to the majority of netizens. It is necessary to inspire China’s excellent traditional cultural vitality and create a special brand activity and original boutique that the majority of netizens.

It is necessary to enrich quality network cultural products supply, guide websites, public accounts, clients and other platforms and major network people to create a new network culture product, and organize colorful network cultural activities. Strengthen network civilization construction, to strengthen network space ecological governance. Governing the network chaos, we must be determined by iron, iron wrist, iron style, perseverance. To further standardize online content production, information publishing, and communication processes, and promote the public account classification management.

In-depth promotion of the "Qinglan" "Net Network" series special action, deepen the crime of combating network violations, and carry out false information governance in the Internet. It also improves the network and uncivilized phenomenon of complaints, and mobilize the majority of netizens to actively participate in supervision and promote network space. The behavior of the lost devils is "crossing the mouse" in the network space, and there is no ground cone.

Strengthen the construction of network civilization, to adhere to the people ‘s centered development thinking.

Satisfied with the inspection criteria of the people as the online ecological governance, focusing on solving the network ecological project of the people concerned, and meets the yearning of hundreds of millions of netizens to the good life. To take measures to promote the civilized network, civilized network, civilized internet, civilized network, in order to accelerate the construction of a strong country, comprehensively build socialist modern countries to provide strong ideological assurance, strong spiritual motivation, powerful public opinion support and good cultural conditions, In the network environment of Tianlang, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. (Editor: Yang Yupo, even the creation) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.