The core product iteration upgrade the eighth generation classic Wuliang liquid officially debut

The core product iteration upgrade the eighth generation classic Wuliang liquid officially debut

On March 18th, at the Wuliang brand dealer marketing work meeting, Wuliangye Group officially issued the eighth generation classic five grain products, and announced the implementation of a series of brand enhancements and marketing reform strategies.

Li Shuguang, Party Secretary and Chairman of the Wuliang Group Company, said that Wuliangye will only benefit the major reform measures that are both conducive to the current, and the company, and constantly improve the brand value and achieve new leaping development. Iterative upgrade, the core "big single product" new installation in 2019 is the third year of the new journey "Second Entrepreneurship" in Wuliangye, in the process of promoting brand strategy innovation, Wuliangye is constantly rich, upgrading its high-end products.

The core "big single product" classic Wuliang liquid is upgraded from the seventh generation to the eighth generation, and it is one of the specific initiatives of the Implementation of the "1 + 3" product strategy of Wuliangye.

The picture shows the eighth generation classic Wuliang Liquid in the whole, while maintaining the seventh generation classic design style, the eighth generation classic Wuliangye adheres to the spirit of "excellence" craftsman, and three upgrades to quality, packaging and anti-counterfeiting.

In terms of quality, don’t hesitate to control raw materials, do not hesitate to adhere to traditional processes, highlight the unique style of Wuliangye.

"In order to control the product quality, Wuliangye’s 500,000 tons of food purchased in 2018, the deposit and transportation of the whole process control, increased cost billion yuan.

"Vice Chairman of the Wuliang Group Company, Zou Tao, executive deputy general manager of the company, said.

In the packaging, the details are more optimized, the bottle is permeable, atmospheric, and more texture, open and convenient. In terms of anti-counterfeiting, the bottle cap, box, and box multi-code association constitute a smart code management system, realizing the entire process of product production, logistics, warehousing, and sales of all aspects of all sections, more comprehensive and systematic. In 1909, the first generation of classic products in Wuliangyu was born in 1909. Since then in 110 years, Wuliangluo has launched a 7-generation product. At present, the seventh generation classic five grain liquids in the market have been introduced in 2003, and have passed 16 years.

In May 2019, the seventh generation of five grain will stop launch and become an out of print.

It is understood that the overall quota of the classic Wuliang liquid in 2019 is 15,000 tons. Up to now, the seventh generation classic Wuliang liquid has completed 56% of the overall quota, and the collectible version only accounts for 9% of the overall quota.

The latest eighth-generation classic Wuliang liquid is only 5,250 tons in the second half of 2019, less than 35% of the overall quota. For the price of the market concerned, Zou Tao said that the factory price of the eighth generation classic Wuliangye will be 20 yuan to 30 yuan higher than the seventh generation collected version.

At the same time, under the expectation of a bottle of a bottle of market, the price of the seventh generation of the out of print is also ongoing. Value depression, brand upgrade potential unlimited from Wuliangye to release a series of high-end products and brand upgrades, it is not difficult to see that Wuliangye is re-shaping high-end brand image and enhances brand value. This is closely related to the current consumption upgrade and the big trend of economic steady.

The picture shows the party secretary of the Wuliangye Group, and Li Shuguang, chairman, delivered a speech, Li Shuguang said in the meeting, overall, the prospect of economic operation is in line with the basic judgment of the strategic opportunity, and there is no change in the long-term trend of the economy. From the white wine industry, we also believe that it is still in a new round of growth in structural prosperity.

Wuliangye should strengthen confidence and expectations to reform as a breakthrough, firmly grasp the initiative of development.

Product strength, branding is the biggest advantage of Wuliangye, and it is necessary to continue to strengthen the value of five grain brands.

However, enhanced brand value is a system engineering, product upgrade and release ultra-high-end products are only part of it.

Li Shuguang said that in addition to the classic Wuliang upgrade project, the ultra-high-end Wood 501 build project, etc. For major product projects, the 2019 Wuliangye must fully grasp the large-scale infrastructure 350,000 tons of Taoist storage project, great strategic cultural construction cooperation project, ancient Branding projects such as archaeological excavation of the pool.

For example, 350,000 tons of Taoist storage project should be completed in the end of 2019, it can increase the storage capacity of Wuliangye wine to about 800,000 tons to ensure that the wine storage period reached 3 years. This means that the eighth generation of five grain raw liquors will be more than two years later than the seventh generation, and then packaged, and the time value of the five grain liquid can be more fully released. At the same time, the eighth generation slowed on the market further improved the scarce and market price of the seventh generation Wuliang collection version on the market.

In addition, Wuliangye will also focus on the value of the ancient pool of the Ming Dynasty, and further do a good job in archaeological and value development of the Wujin Liquid.

In cultural communication, Wuliangye is deepening with the cooperation with the Forbidden Palace Museum, deeply digs the cultural heritage of Wuliangye, and interprets the inheritance and innovation of the five-grain octopic brewing skills in 651.