Strive to make financial better service rural resolution

Strive to make financial better service rural resolution

  General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Our party’s hundred years of history is a history of practicing the official mission of the party, is a history of the party and the people, the same breathing, and a total of life.

"Since its inception, China Agricultural Bank has not forgotten, remembering the mission, and resolutely implement the party’s central government’s policy and decision-making deployment of the" three rural "work, earnestly practice the responsibilities of the" three rural ", and promoting agricultural rural developmentIt has contributed an important force in the great practice of historic achievements.

In the new journey of building a socialist modern country, China Agricultural Bank will continue to adhere to the initial mission, and strive to play a greater role in the revitalization of financial services rural, and make unremitting struggles for the second hundred years of struggle. Strengthen "three farmers" and continue to deliver "financial live water" for agricultural rural development.

Finance is the blood of the entity economy, and is financial for the financial services.

The development of agricultural rural areas is inseparable from finance. The China Agricultural Bank is close to the era of the times, focusing on the main line and key points of "three rural" work in different development phases, and continues to increase financial support, and strive to contribute to the development of agricultural rural development. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Comrade Xi Jinping has won the poverty of poverty, and implemented a rural revitalization strategy for a series of major decision-making deployments.

The Agricultural Bank of China has went to support the ability to win the poverty and implement a rural resolution, and continuously increase the services and support for key areas such as national food security, modern agriculture, rural infrastructure construction, new urbanization construction and farmers. . As of the end of May 2021, China Agricultural Bank’s county loan balance trillion yuan, the balance of farmers and loans, 832 lending stock balances trillion yuan, accurate poverty alleviation loan balance 495.9 billion yuan, farmers loan balance trillion yuan, Deversion of poverty and agricultural rural development is continuously transported to "financial live water".

  Practice the purpose of practice, focus on expanding the breadth and depth of rural exquisite finance. Building a Puhui Financial System, strengthening financial services to small and micro enterprises, "three rural" and remote areas, is an important decision-making deployment made by the Party Central Committee.

In order to better serve "three farmers", China Agricultural Bank will combine traditional outlets and new electronic channels, Internet finance, and focus on building a full range, three-dimensional service channels, and smooth rural Pully financial services "last kilometers". Actively optimize the layout of the county, maintain the universal region, high altitude, border area, and promote the outlets to the urban and rural integration, key township migration, and constantly improve the financial network service coverage. Implement the "Golden Yongongong" project, establish a "Hui Nong Tong" service point in rural stores, health rooms, agricultural materials, etc., put electronic equipment, providing convenient inquiry, transfer, consumption, and cash withdrawal for the majority of peasant masses Serve.

Vigorously promote the digital transformation of rural financial services, implement mobile banking "Township" project, carry out farmers information and documentation and credit villages, credit households, and increase the online financing of farmers, "Hui Nong E-loan" promotion, innovation Launched the rural collective "three-capital" management platform, build smart rural integrated service platform, actively develop intelligence agriculture, county smart education, county smart medical care, etc. Adhere to innovation drivers, provide precision financial services for county rural areas. The difference in rural development in my country is high, and the financial demand multi-level diversity characteristics are highlighted.

China Agricultural Bank focused on the "three rural" development, establishing a head office overall, branch-based product innovation mechanism, research and development of peasant security loans, beautiful rural loans, Pu’er loans, oil tea loan, etc., explore farmers E loans, small Micro-e-loan, industrial E loan equipline, launching the land contractual management rights, collective management land use rights, poultry living materials, etc., the total amount of "three rural" financial products reached 230.

Constructing the "Three Rural" credit policy system of "Annual Credit Policy Guidelines + Industry Credit Policy + Region Credit Policy", introduced nearly 40 people-related industrial regional credit policies of liquor, sugar, pesticide, apple, and food.

Give full play to the comprehensive advantages of the Group, introduce financial instruments such as modern agricultural industrial funds, financing leases, asset securitization. Strengthening multi-party cooperation, we have explored a large number of service models such as government improving, silver-based cooperation, and agricultural industry chain, providing accurate financial services for rural development.

  Continuously deepen the reform, strengthen the service "three rural" system guarantees. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that "reform is the key to liberation and developing social productivity, which is the fundamental power of promoting national development.

"Resolve the various contradictions and problems faced by" three rural "development, which is basically deepening reform.

China Agricultural Bank adheres to the reform as a power and strives to build an effective institutional mechanism that adapts to the "three rural" needs, forming a cross-growing business characteristics and pattern. Implementing Party Central Policy Requirements, follow the law of financial development, establishing the "San Ran" Financial Division, and strives to achieve organic unity of fulfilling social responsibilities and business operations.

Relying on the framework of the "Three Rural" Financial Division, there is a rural resonance financial department in the total branch, including 2102 counties branch in the "Sanurg" Financial Division. Powerful system guarantee.

  Coordinate development and safety, focus on exploring the road of rural finance high quality development.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Prevent systematic financial risk is the eternal theme of financial work." China Agricultural Bank continues to deepen the development of rural financial regulations, and better serve the "three rural" development, adhere to the bottom line thinking, take the initiative Prevent resolution systematic financial risks in a more important location. According to the "three rural" business characteristics, in the unified risk management framework, improve the full-life cycle risk management mechanism, improve the full business, the whole institution, and the whole process service "three rural" risk prevention system.

Strengthen the basic construction of the risk management of branch banks to ensure that risk prevention and control is matched with business development.

Actively use technological methods such as large data, artificial intelligence, strengthen the intelligent identification and warning of risk, ensuring that the "three rural" credit assets is generally stable, and strive to serve the service, risk control, and development sustainable.

  (The authors are the party secretary and chairman of the Chinese Agricultural Bank of China.