The first test site in Shenzhen prison, 90 criminals participated in the self-study exam.

The first test site in Shenzhen prison, 90 criminals participated in the self-study exam.

Original title: The first test site in Shenzhen Prison On October 16th, Shenzhen prison was set in the examination room in the prison, and 90 servants participated in the second half of 2021, the national higher education self-study exam, from business management, e-commerce, 10 self-study majors such as logistics management.

  Shenzhen prisons learned about the strong desire to participate in self-study exam in the survey of prisoners. They have improved cultural levels through self-study, and they are a performance of positive transformation. If you can participate in self-study exams in prisons, get academic certificates, which can undoubtedly improve their positive transformation, learning cultural knowledge.

Therefore, Shenzhen prison actively communicated self-study examination test site in Shenzhen prison, and the Shenzhen Enrollment Exam Office, Provincial Prison Administration Education Office. After many efforts, the final Guangdong Provincial Education Examination Institute agreed to Shenzhen Prison as a self-study examination test point on December 2, 2019, and the self-study exam included in the premium English (1). suject.

The person in charge of the self-study examination of Shenzhen prison said that prisons continue to close the duty due to the epidemic, leading to the conditions of the Shenzhen prison without organizing self-study exam.

As the epidemic situation improved, under the guidance of the Shenzhen Admissions Exam Office, Pingshan District Education Bureau and other units, Shenzhen prison was seriously prepared for the self-study examination.

  In order to ensure the smooth progress of the self-study exam, before the examination, Shenzhen prison organized the preparatory meeting of the examination work, and the comprehensive and meticulous arrangements and deployment of the exam; convene the "candidates" mobilization meeting, emphasizing serious examination discipline, encouraging them Active examination. On the day of the exam, the staff strictly examined the health code of the examination person, the trip code, nucleic acid test report, etc.

  In addition, the exam has been a strong assistance of Pingshan Senior High School, guiding the examination work of prison test sites, ensuring strict examination of exams; Shenzhen prison has completed other related work such as examination, maintenance order as required. The test papers received issuance, recycling, invigilation, monitoring and other processes are strictly enforced in accordance with the relevant provisions of the self-study exam.

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