The old Gulou Street is "dressing" in Mingchun, the overall unveiled 60 points of architectural style

The old Gulou Street is "dressing" in Mingchun, the overall unveiled 60 points of architectural style

Original title: The old Gulou Street is "dressing", and the overall unveiled of the old drums of the renovation, and it has revealed the strong Beijing rhyme.

Our reporter said the reporter Zhang Wei, the reporter Zhang Wei, branched the North Extension of the West Street and the central axis, undertakes the portal of the traditional central axis and the modern extension line, and the important node of Beijing Old Town Protection and Organic Update, this is The famous old drumstream street in Beijing. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the two sessions of Xicheng District that the environmental quality improvement project of the old Gulou Street is basically completed. There are also a lot of old streets that have eased the historical and cultural vast street. Strolling on the old drums of the old drums just appeared, looks up, you can see the architecture of the sea-horn style, ice drib, and other models, showing the style of Beijing traditional residential buildings. The restore style is focused on the details, and the insertion in a ice fan.

Liu Weiyan, executive deputy director of Shichahai Blush Street Construction Command, said that 93% of the 60 points of architectural style of the whole street were completed through "micro-repair, micro-improvement, micro-update". The old Gulou Street is located in Shichahai-Nanluogu Lane Culture Essence, and the traditional cultural atmosphere is rich. Before the transformation, the historical and cultural form here was overwhelmed, gathered a batch of agents that did not meet the core area of ??the capital. At the beginning of this year, Xicheng District launched the environmental quality improvement project of the old Gulou Street, including the improvement of facial facade, the public space order reconstruction, and the transportation order improvement, etc. have been first achieved.

  Such an transformation is just a starting point, how to help the old Gulou Street to find a historical charm into a new topic of Shichahai Shujing Street Construction Command. Liang Jian, who is responsible for street planning, said that the old Gulou Street is based on the commercial atmosphere of the groundwide street. In order to better show the diversity of the traditional Chinese people’s architectural style, the wall is placed, the screen is used, and the three effects are reasonably used. It uses the whole brick to the top, the sea-shei pool, Fang Pool, five out five In the case of three sets of five rich walls.

  Architectural details, sea flavor style, ice fan combination, mountain tip style, door tower style, hanging board style, chain railing style, doorman "combination of the door and window, so that the old Gulou Street is far away Connotation. At the same time in the streets and residential buildings, the old Gulou Street closed the green space also opened "embrace" and created a garden. From the garden trails, there is a combination of neighborhoods, commercial interactions, landscape parallel and street view echoes, forming a building in front of the building and the street view of street views that are symbiors shared. The whole street is designed by the North to the south. 6 landscape nodes: Miao Yuanhui, the boory, the flowers, the bamboo shadow, the vines, the heavy building, Jiamu into the painting. Among them, the "heavy building" nodes are located in the north side of the big black tiger Hutong, set the casual square under the status quo, form the best landscape parallel, can be much smashed by the Bell Tower; "Jiamu Painting" node is located in Plum Li The north side of the hotel, combined with the status quo, add a small square, forming the ornamental drum tower and the clock tower under the mask of ancient. With a small amount of light, bring your old street warmth, keep the original ancient capital historical style. As part of the "lighting middle axis" of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the old Gulou Street landscape is not only limited to daytime scenes. During the transformation process, the overall lighting of the night scene uses a low brightness and weak contrast. It mainly uses warm light, static light, highlighting the entrance of the home and the good business building, and the weakening of medium and high-rise modern buildings, two floors do not have lighting .

  During the promotion of the public space in this neighborhood, the green area is more than 1,000 square meters, and the new leisure venue is about 300 square meters, add more than 40 new stools, 3 maintenance status gallery frames, the opening of the spring, the gallery Planting vine plants and flowers. At the same time, the residents are encouraged to accomplish green plants, mobilize the participation of enthusiasm, and achieve co-construction sharing. At present, the green landscape enhancement project of the old Gulou Street is tightening, and it is expected to be unveiled in the spring next spring. At that time, the completely unveiled old drum building street will become a key to the beam and drum tower, the drums, the groundwater, and the Wanning Bridge, Nanluogu Lane, Shichahai, forming a co-ended, gathering, and a piece of Shichahai culture visiting road. , Help the middle axis application. (Editor: Mensus, Bao Congying) Share more people to see.