The Party Committee of the Sacred Group conveyed the spirit of learning the 11th Party Congress of Anhui Province

The Party Committee of the Sacred Group conveyed the spirit of learning the 11th Party Congress of Anhui Province

  On the morning of November 3, the Party Committee of the Sacred Group held a party committee to convey the spirit of studying the 11th Party Congress of the province and studying and deploying efforts. Wang Cheng, secretary of the group, chairs, presided over the meeting and speaking, the group party committee members and the relevant departments of the relevant departments attended the meeting.

  The meeting believes that the 11th Party Congress of the Provincial Party Congress is a very important meeting held at the historical intersection of the "two-year hundred years" struggle. The provincial party discipline report adheres to Xi Jinping’s new era of socialist thinking. In order to guide, the blueprint of the development of a new chapter in modern beauty and Anhui construction is depicted.

The group should be deployed in accordance with the superiors, and rapidly set off the promotion and implementation of the whole group. Confidence, strengthen responsibility. The meeting requests, we must close the struggle of the struggle identified by the Provincial Party Candelion, with an important opportunity of the new high-rise, reform and opening up new highland and comprehensive green transitions, and accelerate the implementation of "歼 30" Innovative Development Action Plan, speed up the "9 + 2" innovative research and development system, promote the digitalization, high-end, green development of industries.

To actively practice national enterprises, give full play to funds, technical and scale advantages, doing long-wide industrial chain, vigorously develop new energy and new materials such as new energy, new materials, and further stronger to do strongly .

It is necessary to implement the spirit of the 11th Party Congress in the province to complete the "14th Five-Year Plan". The meeting pointed out that to put strengthening political construction in the first place, the emancipation of the idea, the unified thinking is implemented, and the spirit of the provincial party congress and the promotion of the "14th Five-Year Plan" development of the group company, preparing a good group party, Seeing a deep work, firmly implementing, firmly implementing, resolutely implementing, striving to create a world-class enterprise, contributing to the construction of modern and beautiful Anhui contributes. (Tang Jing) (Editor: Huang Yan, Jin Lexin) Sharing let more people see.