Sanjiangyuan’s major ecological protection and repair project

Sanjiangyuan’s major ecological protection and repair project

Original title: Sanjiangyuan’s major ecological protection and repair project in-depth promotion (necessity) Sanjiangyuan is located in the hinterland of the Qinghai-Tibet Plate, is the birthplace of the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, and the "China Water Tower", in the national ecological civilization construction. It has an important role.

General Secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly made important instructions on the ecological protection and construction of Sanjiangyuan, requiring three Jiangyuan to protect the top priority of Qinghai ecological civilization construction, undertake the maintenance of ecological security, protect Sanjiangyuan, protect the "China Water Tower" .

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the major ecological protection and repair projects of Sanjiangyuan have been in depth to maintain and promote my country’s ecological security and the sustainable development of the Chinese nation. Ecological protection is constantly increasing the Sanjiangyuan area, and maintains the original, large-area alpine ecosystem. It is known as the "high-altrative biological germplasm", which is also the sensitive area of ??Asia, the Northern Hemisphere and the global climate change. Ecosystem service Function, natural landscape, biodiversity has the protection value of the country and even global significance.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the ecological protection of Sanjiangyuan continues to increase, ecological system protection and repair and development, ecological environmental protection results gradually appeared.

Sanjiangyuan area is more difficult, ecological protection management is difficult. In the past one, the Sanjiangyuan Ecological Environment Protection has a block segmentation and a problem of multi-door political and multi-door. In response to the problem of cross overlapping and multi-level protection area, multi-head management, Sanjiangyuan area steadily promoted the reform of national park institutional mechanisms, adopting the most stringent ecological protection policies, implement the most stringent ecological protection standards, and implemented the most stringent Ecological protection measures, promoting ecological environmental protection to achieve significant results.

In December 2015, General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over the 19th meeting of the central government to deepen the reform leading group, and the meeting reviewed the "China Sanjiangyuan National Park System Pilot Program".

In January 2018, the National Development and Reform Commission officially announced the "Sanjiangyuan National Park Master Plan".

After unremitting efforts, attribution, clear, law enforcement, regulatory effective ecological protection management new system, longitudinal vertical cooperation integrated law enforcement system continues to strengthen.

At present, the average surface of the grassland in the Sanjiangyuan area has increased by 11%, more than 10 years ago, 30%.

It can be tested by sand-bearing land governance by 45% to 47%. The lake area has expanded, with an average of more than 70 square kilometers per year, and the plateau lake in the source of the Yellow River will reproduce the wave light. Swipeling capacity is stable and improved as an important replenishment of freshwater resources in my country. The average of Sanjiangyuan convetes more than 600 billion cubic meters of the source of 600 billion cubic meters, 25% of the Yangtze River, 49% of the total water volume of the Yellow River and 15% of the total water From Sanjiangyuan.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Sanjiangyuan Water Source Cultural Areas have focused on promoting a series of major ecological protection repair and construction projects, ecosystem quality and stability continue to improve.

In recent years, the ecosystem of Sanjiangyuan is gradually improved, the area of ??lake and wetland is significantly expanded, and forest grass is rapidly increased, and the water source cultural capacity is stable. The amount of water resources continues to increase.

According to the survey data, in 1956-2000, the total amount of water resources in Sanjiangyuan area was about 42.8 billion cubic meters; in 2005-2012, through the implementation of Sanjiangyuan Ecological Protection and Construction Project, Sanjiangyuan area average average water resources The total amount is approximately 51.2 billion cubic meters; after 2013-2020, after the implementation of the second phase of the Sanjiangyuan Ecological Protection and Construction, the total amount of average water resources in Sanjiangyuan area increased to about 52.3 billion cubic meters, average than 1956-2000 years. The amount of water has increased by about 9.5 billion cubic meters. In 2020, Qinghai Province’s internal surface water departure water reached 100 million cubic meters, increasing hundreds of cubic meters in 2016; in the past five years, an average annual increase of more than 9.2 billion cubic meters.

The value realization mechanism of ecological products is gradually improved General Secretary Xi Jinping, pointed out: "Sanjiangyuan, Qilian Mountain, etc. Ecological function, mainly protecting ecology, cultivating water sources, creating more ecological products.

"Create more ecological products, need to establish and improve the value of ecological product value, walking ecological priority, green development new road.

Sanjiangyuan area continues to promote the construction of water ecological products value implementation mechanism, providing powerful guarantees to coordinate ecological protection and economic and social development. In order to further protect the ecological environment while further protecting and improving the people’s livelihood in the three Jiangyuan area, my country increases the policy support for the ecological compensation of the Sanjiangyuan area, fully implementing the ecological public welfare forest compensation, grassland ecological protection subsidies, ecological immigration subsidies and other ecological compensation Policy, further improve the ecological compensation mechanism of Sanjiangyuan area. In major policies and institutional mechanisms, the Sanjiangyuan area tried to try first.

On the one hand, the dynamic changes of the ecosystem status of the three rivers source and the value of the ecosystem service value are investigated, accountable, evaluated, and natural resources such as water resources are converted and evaluated, assessing the national ecological products and services. Lay a solid foundation with the value of service.

On the other hand, there are three Jiangyuan national natural resources asset management system pilots. All natural ecological spaces in the pilot zone of Sanjiangyuan National Park are carried out, clarifying all natural resource assets of the national natural resource assets from laws and regulations, and establishing a clear and right Confirmation, strict protection, smooth flow, and regulate effective natural resource asset property rights system. This series of important initiatives have effectively promoted the ecological protection of Sanjiangyuan and the improvement of people’s livelihood, and constantly build a national ecological barrier.

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