Russian "Labor News" deputy editor Horiv: China’s change "Turnly"

Russian "Labor News" deputy editor Horiv: China’s change "Turnly"

The Russian "Labor" deputy editing Wasi Horiv People’s Network Beijing September 27 (Xu Xiangli) "China left me the deepest impression, is the friendly in the Chinese people.

"On the occasion of the" 2018 Russian Media Beautiful China "activity, the Russian" Labor News "deputy editor of Vasily Hewev told reporters.

"If you recommend a China’s attractions to Russia, I will recommend Wenzhou’s Yandang Mountain." Huro said.

The Lingyan flying there, the stream, green onion, made his body and mind a rare relaxation. 2018 is China’s national tourist year.

To cooperate with this theme, the Russian people have promoted China’s rich tourism resources, September 16-24, from the Russian "Labor News", Tascur, Russian News News, Bashkir Satellite TV, BRC TV Station 13 reporters, in Hangzhou, Shaoxing, Hengdian, Ningbo, Wenzhou, etc. in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

Smoky and rain, Jiangnan, style. Whether it is a light makeup of the West Lake won, or the Shenxiang intoxicated Shaoxing daughter red; whether it is Hengdian Film and Television City, a magnificent Qin Wang Palace, or a long rainy rain in Ningbo Nantang … Deeply attracting many Russian reporters who came to China for the first time.

"In Moscow and St. Petersburg, I can often see the team of Chinese tourists, and the tour guide holds the flag, and a group of people said very happy to smile.

At that time, I thought that China didn’t have so many beautiful scenery, and tourists like to go abroad.

Now I know that China’s beauty is now appreciated! "Huro said to joke." This is my second time to come to China, last time I was in 1999. "Horiv said that in 20 years, China’s changes can be described in" flooding ".

He recalls that in 1999, he went out from the hotel, he saw the huge bicycle team in Chang’an Street to flock to Tiananmen Square. Now, even the streets of the small city, it is also the most intuitive Variety.

Of course, in many development results, high-speed rails can be most embodied in China. At the Yandang Mountain High-speed Railway Station, the waiting gap, a high-speed rail is open, and it is flying in the rain. The Russian reporter team broke out a shouted voice: "Wow, it’s too shocking!" – "We are amatening its speed, especially in the rain, so beautiful." – "Yes, like bullets. "-" No, like a rocket! "Russian Bashkir satellite TV station president Gu Zhu Li is a lively girl, she can’t help but praise the reporter.

Incation, China’s economic development since the reform and opening up, Hewarov said, very envious of China’s reform and opening up.

For Russia, China’s success mode is not replicated, but it can be drawn.

He said that the relationship between China and Russia has a good foundation for cooperation and winning, will be better and better. Communication between the two countries will also further promote friendly relations and cooperation in two countries. (Editor: Liu Jing (intern), Xu Xiangli) Share let more people see.