Sichuan opens new crown vaccine to strengthen the whole process for 3 months after immunization

Sichuan opens new crown vaccine to strengthen the whole process for 3 months after immunization

Original title: Sichuan opened new crown vaccine to strengthen the needle on October 14, Sichuan Province officially launched new crown vaccine to strengthen the inoculation of inoculation.

What is the reinforcement needle for the public, who is going to fight, how to hit the problem, yesterday, the Provincial Health Jianjian Committee conducted an authority answer.

  ■ What is new crown vaccine reinforced needle? Strengthening the needle, also known to enhance the immunity, the immune prevention effects produced after various vaccines have a certain period of time, after completing the basic immunity, have gradually weakened, in order to continue the body to continue to maintain a strong immunity It is necessary to perform in time according to the immunization characteristics of different vaccines, which is to enhance immunity.

  ■ Enhance the implementation principles for needle vaccination? According to the prevention and control needs of the epidemic, inocation of the Chinese medicine born Beijing company (including Chengdu, Lanzhou), Beijing Kangxing Company, Chinese medicine born Wuhan company’s inactivated vaccine and the adenoprotoxic vectivity of the Tianjin Kangshio company The 18-year-old population was enhanced immunization. ■ Who can inoculate? At this stage, the strengthening of immunization is prioritized in a key position personnel infected with high risk groups and ensuring the basic operation of society.

It mainly includes port, customs, immigration, international transportation, medical and health, regulators and regulators, regulators, and high-risk people, public security, fire, emergency, transportation, logistics, postal express, communication, pension, Mental health welfare, sanitation, funeral, rescue management, market supervision, education, news media, community workers and institutions, directly provide service providers, etc., water, water, electricity, warm, coal, gas, etc. Basic living materials Supply guarantees key positions, service industry and labor-intensive industrial practitioners and other diseases are relatively risky.

  ■ What kind of seedlings are enhanced? At this stage, it is recommended to use the vaccination of vaccinated immunity. Among them, the use of the same production enterprise inactivated vaccine, in principle, in principle, 1 dose of immunization of the inactivated vaccine of the original production enterprise; the use of different production enterprises to complete the two doses of vaccination In principle, it is preferable to use the same vaccine of the second agent inactivated vaccine to produce 1 dose to enhance the immunity. If the same vaccine in which the second agent cannot continue to supply, the same vaccine as the first agent inactivated vaccine can be used. 1 dose to enhance immunity; the population of vaccination using adenoviral carrier vaccination is used to enhance immunity. ■ Can the enhancement needle? New crown virus vaccine enhances immunization to vaccinate free vaccination, and individuals do not assume inoculation.

  ■ How to play the needle, where is it? In principle, the key positions of key positions and the basic operation of social basic operations are enhanced by all relevant units unified; others can make an appointment in the inoculation unit designated by the jurisdiction. List of inochemical units each place is published by local uniform parsing, specifically see the official information released by the local health health department or the CDC.

  ■ When does the needle start playing? Sichuan Province will start the new crown vaccine from October 14 to strengthen the inoculation.

After the public is immunized, the enhanced needle can be inoculated at least 6 months.

That is, after completing the national medicine born Beijing company (including Chengdu, Lanzhou), Beijing Kangxing Company, the second agent of Wuhan Company in Wuhan, inoculation, or completed the adenotoxic vessel vaccination of Tianjin Kangshino. At least 6 months can be required to enhance immunity. (Reporter Wang Jingyu) (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Luo Wei) Sharing let more people see.