Ten departments: By 2023, 5G users exceed 560 million penetration rates of more than 40% 

Ten departments: By 2023, 5G users exceed 560 million penetration rates of more than 40% 

People’s Network Beijing July 13 (Zhao Chao) Recently, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Central Network Safety and Information Commission Office, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Culture and Tourism Ministry, the National Health and Health Committee, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the State Energy Administration, etc., and issued the "5G application" Sail "action plan (2021-2023)" (hereinafter referred to as "Action Plan").

The "Action Plan" clearly proposed that by 2023, 5G personal users had more than 40%, and the number of users exceeded 100 million.

5G network access traffic accounts for more than 50%, 5G network use efficiency is significantly improved. 5G IoT end users have average annual growth rate of more than 200%.

5G fusion application is an important engine that promotes digital, networked, and intelligent transformation of economic and social. The "Action Plan" pointed out that vigorously promoting 5G comprehensive synergy, and in-depth promotion of 5G empowering thousands of business, promoting the high-level development model, driving production method, lifestyle and governance method upgraded, Cultivate the development of economic and social development, the main economic main battlefield, the domestic digital transformation needs, coordinating development and safety, follow the 5G application development law, focusing on the 5G application innovation chain, industrial chain, supply chain, collaborative promotion technology integration, Industrial integration, data integration, standard fusion, build 5G integration applications new products, new formats, new models, provide solid support for digital transformation, intelligent upgrade, intelligent upgrades, intelligent upgrades in various fields of economy and society.

In the basic principle, the "Action Plan" proposed to "four persists": insist on demand traction. Give full play to the decisive role in the market in resource allocation, strengthen the company’s main status in the development of 5G applications, further release the potential of 5G applications in the consumer market, vertical industry, social people’s livelihood, and inspire 5G application innovation.

Adhere to innovation drivers. Applied individualized needs around the 5G industry, increase technological innovation, strengthen key technologies and product development, and lay the technology and industry foundation for 5G application development. Follow the objective law of 5G technology, standards, industries, networks and applications, tightly the international standard rhythm, and focus on the development of 5G applications.

Adhere to the key breakthrough. Focus on 5G development key links, focus on solving the critical commonality of the agreement of interoperability, application ecological construction, industrial basis, etc..

The focus of supporting the foundation, clear mode, and broad prospects have taken the lead in breakthrough, and the demonstration leads to 5G applications.

Adhere to synergistic linkage. Strengthen communication between all parties, smooth cross-sectoral, cross-industry, and cross-domain. Play the enthusiasm of the industry, local, introduce and implement policies initiatives support 5G application development.

Play the traction of leading corporate enterprises, promote the depth of upstream enterprises, and cooperate to form a "group match" mode. At the overall goal, the "Action Plan" pointed out that by 2023, my country’s 5G application development level was significantly improved, and the comprehensive strength continued to increase. Create IT (Information Technology), CT (Communication Technology), OT (Operation Technology) depth integration new ecology, realize 5G applications in key areas, and build technology industry and standard system dual pillars, network, platform, safety, etc. The ability is further improved, and the 5G application "sail voyage" is gradually formed.

5G application key indicators have greatly improved. The 5G personal user has a penetration rate of more than 40%, and the number of users exceeds 100 million. 5G network access traffic accounts for more than 50%, 5G network use efficiency is significantly improved. 5G IoT end users have average annual growth rate of more than 200%. The 5G application results in the focus are high.

Personal consumption fields, a number of new business, new models, new technologies, and users who have achieved a batch of "5G +" new consumption. Vertical industry, 5G application of large industrial enterprises exceeding 35%, 5G applications in the field of electricity, mining, etc.

Social people’s livelihood, build a batch of 5G + smart education, 5G + smart medical, 5G + cultural tourism model project, 5G + smart city construction level further improved.

Each key industry creates more than 100 5G application benchmarks.

5G application ecological environment continues to improve.

The mechanism of cross-sectoral, cross-industry, cross-field collaborative linkage is preliminarily constructed, forming the guidance of government departments, leading the leading enterprises, and the 5G application fusion innovation model of SMEs. Cultivate a batch of 5G application solution suppliers with extensive influence to form more than 100 5G application solutions. Complete the 5G application standard system framework for basic communities and key industries, and develop more than 30 key industry standards. The key basic support capacity is significantly enhanced. The 5G network coverage is continuously improved, and each 10,000 people have more than 18 of the 5G base stations, and more than 3,000 5G industrial virtual brings are built. Building a batch of 5G integration application innovation centers, the ability to apply innovation public service platform capabilities is further enhanced.

5G application security capacity is further improved, build 10-20 5G application security innovation demonstration centers, establish 3-5 regional demonstration benchmarks, and is basically formed by the safety guarantee system adapted to 5G application development. Breaking through the 5G application key link, the "Action Plan" pointed out that the 5G application standard system was constructed. Accelerate the development of basic common standards such as chip / module, network, platform, security architecture, application needs, terminology definition. 5G determined networks, enhanced uplift, high-precision positioning, anti-electromagnetic interference, etc. Accelerate the development of key industries, promote the development of industry fusion terminals and network construction standards. Promote 5G application standards in key industries, choose key areas such as medical, industrial, and media, and take the lead in driving the 5G application standards. Improve 5G application standard public service capabilities.

Carry out industry 5G application standard test assessment certification, and promote innovative technological achievements to standard transformation. By the end of 2023, the 5G application standard system of the basic community and key industries was formed, and the key criteria for more than 30 key industries were completed.

The "Action Plan" proposed that the 5G application key field and promoted new information consumption upgrade actions. In the field of 5G + converged media, the use of 5G backpacks, ultra HD cameras, 5G converters, etc., using 5G technology to speed up intelligent upgrade such as traditional media production, interview, editing, broadcast.

Promote high-tech video services, promote 5G new vacation (NR) radio and television landing applications, providing radio and television and emergency broadcasting services. Carry out 5G + 8K live broadcast, 5G + panoramic interactive video and audio services, cultivate 360-degree game experience, combined with major activities such as 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics, promote the popularity of 5G in large event activities. The "Action Plan" is clear and promoted 5G industry fusion application deepening action. In 5G + industrial Internet, 5G + car network, 5G + smart logistics, 5G + smart port, 5G + smart mining, 5G + smart electric power, 5G + smart agriculture, etc. to create a series of benchmark projects.

The "Action Plan" proposed to improve the 5G network coverage level for the public. Accelerate 5G independent network construction, expand 5G network urban and rural coverage, continue to build 5G high-quality network, promote "double Gigabit" network synergy development.

New 5G network fully supports IPv6, focusing on 5G network IPv6 traffic.

Strengthen the indoor scene, underground space, key transportation hub and dry line 5G network coverage, promote 5G public online high-speed rail to enhance the quality of typical scene network services.

Promotion and use of medium and low frequency bands to expand rural and remote areas 5G network coverage.

In the 5G product of the industry, it is necessary to enhance the 50G base station industry adaptation capabilities.

For high temperatures, high humidity, explosion-proof and other special scenes, special 5G base stations that are adapted to various industries are developed.

Increase the formation of the big upstream, enriched the industry-oriented terminal product form, truly realize the 5G industry terminal to the scene, to the production line, to the park.

Accelerate the development and iterative evolution of various industrial terminals based on HD camera, industrial-grade router / gateway, car networked equipment, automatic guide (AGV) based on 5G module. Promoting the industry high-end equipment speeds up 5G capabilities and open interfaces in R & D and production.

By the end of 2023, the 5G base station that meets the needs of the industry, the module supply capacity is significantly enhanced, and the 5G industry terminal products, high-end equipment is gradually mature.

"Action Plan" emphasizes to strengthen 5G application security risk assessment. Building 5G application full life cycle security management mechanism, guiding enterprises to include 5G application security assessment mechanism into 5G application R & D promotion workflow, synchronous planning and construction operation safety management and technical measures, and implement synchronization with 5G applications.

Do 5G applications and key information infrastructure supervision and inspection, and improve 5G application safety levels.

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