The Global Times Dalai is the "International Wang Lin" Tibet, the "International Wang Lin", who is went.

The Global Times Dalai is the "International Wang Lin" Tibet, the "International Wang Lin", who is went.

  This year is the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Tibet Autonomous Region, and the people of all ethnic groups are rejoicing, celebrating Daqing, with Tibet’s topics are also hot in the world, and many don’t know much about Tibet, will add a few mouthfuls at this time. There have been two Tibets in these years, one is Tibet that is real, and one is the imagination of the outside world, and the Tibet jointly brought by the Daries Group and Western public opinion. The latter Tibet consists of two screens. One is what should Tibet it look like, one is what Tibet is "toss" by the Communist Party.

  Although Tibet in the imagination does not exist, it has been created by the Western media through the year of the year, and there is Dalai’s spokesperson, which is a false influence in the international public opinion court. This is probably the long time in the modern world, and the power of public opinion is involved in the most lie.

  This lie even formed morality and politics in the Western world, such "correctness" pressed Westerners to understand the courage and enthusiasm of truthful Tibet.

Many people believe that stamping the lie around Tibet is no means to understand the problem, only the changes in the Chinese and Western power patterns and political relations may push it.

  Today, in the great matter of Tibet, the West is indeed "called the sleepers". The fourteen Darelands is held by Western public opinion as "saints", and his public image is always built, full of wisdom.

But just lick his past, he ruled that the records of Niji will definitely let Western public causing. The Dalai Lama is never mentioning the past. The political exile is later pushed into the Western power jointly to harvest the Nobel Peace Award, and several times have become the guest of the Western leaders, which can be described as unlimited.

However, once the Western public opinion stands out to reveal him, he is an oversized "Wang Lin" in the world. What should Tibet should be? Western public opinion has fully mobilized the romantic imagination around this issue.

It is not only naturally an original ecology, but the society should also be in the original, and the original taste of the time stopped.

Under this almost perverted psychological action, Tibet is just their consumption objects that are tired of modern civilization, any progress and modernization, are "destroyed". This is an inequality, and unreasonable attitude. Evaluating the coordinates of Tibet Social achievements must first be determined by Tibet, all the Chinese people. We know what we need in Tibet. We are more realistic about Tibet. The concern is more real than any external force. We do what we do for this reason. The outside world is impossible.

  Tibet has achieved the political progress across the times and also achieves unprecedented modern infrastructure construction. And all of this is in the case of maintaining the basic form of Tibetan cultural, also fully protects the Tibet ecological environment. Compare the American Indians "more like Indians", or Tibetan Tibetans "more like Tibetan people", we will be at a glance. Sitting on a Qinghai-Tibet Railway, everyone will protect vertical thumb along the ecosystem along the way.

  Western booth lies and spread, and ultimately the cloud smoke.

Real Tibet stands on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. With the continuous movement of China to the World Center, people will meet with Tibet’s real information.

The false screens pushed by Western public opinion will face challenges, Tibet will become more and more flash points of China, not a negative value.

The Dalai Group, which has been helping external forces to develop messages to Tibet, is destined to be the LOSER of this era.