Taian City, Shandong Province, based on the list of duties of the town street, to create a "four most" town street performance system

Taian City, Shandong Province, based on the list of duties of the town street, to create a "four most" town street performance system

  In order to further clarify the task of township (street) duties, reducing the grassroots burden, enhance the level of grassroots governance and service, Shandong Tai’an City announced the list of 176 townships (street) duties, surrounding the implementation of responsibilities Listing, fully build "the best service, the most simple process, the shortest time, the highest efficiency", and performs the fine management system system. I. Establish a list of issues to achieve "optimal service".

Implementing the requirements of party history learning education activities, the requirements of the people, surrounding the problems of educational, health, pension, and rescue in the field of education, health, pension, rescue, etc., giving 14 issues that can be issued by the village-level agent, and announced various village-level In the telephone, we will continue to have access to the village. For example, 37 village-level agencies announced in the Xincheng Street in Feicheng City, all of which were members of the village two counters, and actively carry out the service of the agent and other services, and the original "massive errand" is "home service", which is convenient for the masses. Further improve the service awareness and prestige of the Village, which enhance the combat power of the team, the cohesiveness of members and the people’s mind. Second, refine the internal work division of labor and implement the "simpler process".

For the list item, research decomposition, determine the contractual institution, responsible person, contact telephone, etc., refine work measures, optimize the workflow, layers, and implement people, further enhance the practicality and operability of "list".

Determining the contractor, based on township (street) administrative system reform programs, fully considering the differences between the county-level departments and counties (cities, districts), in principle, a specific thing is organized by an institution, for each office, center Single duties provide a basis to avoid pushing.

The 88 townships (streets) of the city clearly clarified 15488 times, 37244 responsible people, 18568 times, ensuring that there are people, and the parts are implemented. Third, the pressure reduction is handling the time limit, and "the shortest time" is achieved.

Focusing on the problem of time limit to the mass life, ensuring the list of money. In addition to the long-term adherence and laws and regulations clearly handling the time limit, the event can do, the time limit can be short, and the time limit is minimized.

The list of items that completely handled the top 15 issues and 9 items completed. For example, on the basis of serious investigation, listening to the town street opinion, consider the workload, optimization process and other factors, and apply the "Village Autonomous Regulations, Village Regulations, the Residents’ Convention", compressed by the original 10 working days To 5 working days.

  Fourth, strengthen the integration of working systems, and achieve "maximum efficiency".

Adhere to the interaction and efficient principles, strengthen cooperation with the standard "Territory management", "12345" convenience service hotline, gridized service management, etc. The list of service management list "three single linkage", enabling various work organically integrated, "chemical response", and transforming the system advantage into grassroots governance effectiveness.

Improve "Grid discovery, community call, grading response, collaborative" work mechanism, promote the problem of echoing linkage mechanism, grid investigation discovery, and work by the community (village), megadownload party organization; The community (village) can’t solve the problem, timely reporting the platform, flowing toward township (street), county (city, district) step by step, trust, strive to resolve contradictions in the grassroots level, disputes in the grassroots level, the appeal is solved in the grassroots level, do it "Small things do not leave villages, do not come out".