The 13th "West Lake · Sun Moon Lake" two lakes forum successfully held

The 13th "West Lake · Sun Moon Lake" two lakes forum successfully held

  Xinhua News Agency, September 24 (Reporter Liu Huan, Duan Jingjing) The 13th "West Lake · Sun Moon Lake" two lake forums on the top theme of "Shanshui Phase I’ve been in the Two Lakes" The 12th Video Connection Method in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China Synchronize. Forum surrounding rural environmental governance, moving towards high-quality professional early childhood education, trade digital cross-border new blue sea, etc. In the speech, the mayor of Hangzhou said in the speech. Since 2009, on the basis of adhering to the "Nine-two Consensus" politics, Hangzhou and Nantou will hold a forum every year, carry out multi-field, deep, normalized exchanges and cooperation , Create a model of cross-strait city exchange.

At present, Hangzhou is striving to become a city example of the common prosperity of Zhejiang high-quality development. We will use this forum as an opportunity to interact together, and the people call me, strive to make the people of the two places more rich through exchanges. The spirit is more self-confidence, the environment is more responsive, and the society is more harmonious and harmonious, and then "two lakes" win-win new bureau.

Next year, Hangzhou will hold the nineteenth Asian Games, invites Nantou new and old friends to Hang Guan Mo to event, share the event.

  In the speech, Nantou County County, said in the speech. Since the first two lake forums in 2009, we have been adhering to the foundation of "Jiuyi Concentures". In principle, in principle, the mutual benefit, mutual benefit, has achieved fruitful results. It is hoped that Nanbanian County and Hangzhou exchanges have been deepened by the continued host of the two lakes.

The two lakes forums are the model of cross-strait cities. I hope that in the existing basis, everyone will continue to work hard, further enhance the friendship, create more niki, realize the "two sides of the strait, Nanban Hangzhou pro."

I wish the Hangzhou Asian Games a complete success. This session is held in a wire-offline combination method.

After the opening ceremony of the forum, held the "Country Environmental Governance" main forum, as well as the "cross-border e-commerce" forum for "childhood education".

Experts, community workers, educators, farmer fishermen, e-commerce companies, representatives, Taiwan younger representatives, and Taiwan’s list of 150 participants.

The Forum also organized the most beautiful villages in Hangzhou Nantou, "Moonco two lakes, Fu Man Mid-Autumn Festival" concert, Hangzhou Nantou Youth "New Times Fuchun Mountain Residence Map" Theme Painting Surveillance Equivalent. Editor in charge: Liu Zhiyuan.