Removing the important start of Shanghai strategic space layout

Removing the important start of Shanghai strategic space layout

Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Gong Zheng yesterday in the Jinshan District in Jinshan District.

Gong Zheng pointed out that the north-south transformation is an important starter of the Shanghai Strategic Space Layer, which is a key initiative to convert new development kinetic energy.

As an important pole of Northern and South transformation, Jinshan should delve into the implementation of General Secretary General Secretary for Popular Secrets to Shanghai’s important instructions. According to the decision-making deployment of the municipal party committee, the municipal government, resolutely implement the new development concept, keeping around the national strategy and its own positioning, accelerating industrial transformation Optimize the space layout, enhance the level of governance, and build a new development pattern for the implementation of the strategic requirements of North and South transformation.

Adjacent to Hangzhou Bay, Jinshan District will build a large carrier for promoting regional transformation.

In the morning, Gong Zheng went to the scene of the Binhai International Cultural Tourism Resort, in detail the overall regional planning, and listened to the future development concept of the resort. According to reports, Jinshan District is actively cooperating with well-known enterprises to create a world-class tourist holiday destination.

Subsequently, the city leader boarded the Dashan Island and found the situation of marine ecological nature reserves. Gong Zheng pointed out that Jinshan wants to re-emphasize the image of green ecological reunion, with the development of cultural industries, with uniqueness to enhance attractive, high standards to create a new resort in the long triangle area.

The Educational Advantage Industry The Hypervisory Industry is related to the high quality development of regional economies. Jinshan District cooperates with Shanghai Petrochemical, Shanghai Electric, Donghua University and other units, and establishes Shanghai Carbon Fiber Composite Innovation Research Institute to develop technology.

City leaders entered the research institute to see the industrial project center, and listen to the transformation and development of Jinshan Second Industrial Zone. Gong Zheng pointed out that it is necessary to focus on enhance the high-end industry leading function, let the chemical industry glow new vitality and create a hundred billion high-end green chemical industry.

When interview with Jinshan District, Gong Zheng pointed out that at present, Shanghai is working hard to build a new pattern of space development, which is a new development of Jinshan transformation, and shaped new images to ushered in new opportunities. We must focus on promoting industrial upgrading, promoting manufacturing to "strategic" upgrades, promoting service industry upgrades to "specialization", accelerating new Jinshan with innovation leads and strong power. To focus on optimizing the space layout, fully integrated into the Yangtze River Delta integrated development, create high-end concentration key transformation vectors, promote the transformation and upgrading of the park, accelerate resource agglomeration, and configure efficient New Jinshan.

We must focus on improving urban governance, perseverance to promote Huimin students, and unswervingly optimize the ecological environment, and push the digital empowerment, accelerate the new Jinshan, which is ignorant, ecological, beautiful.

Wu Qing attended the investigation by the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and deputy mayor. (Editor: Massa Peng, Han Qing) Share let more people see.