The ecological carbon exchange capacity of Hebei Province continues to improve

The ecological carbon exchange capacity of Hebei Province continues to improve

  Effectively play the forest, grassland, wetland, marine solid carbon action, the province’s ecological carbon discharge capacity continued to increase the "Tangshan Huahai" at the junction of the main city and Kaiping District, Tangshan City, and the green grass is like a flowery, showing the beauty of ecology. .

In the past, due to the unordered mine in the open-air mine and the illegal operation of "scattered" enterprises, this is once a full "city scar".

  The ecological giant change like "Tangshan Huahai" has happened in many places in our province.

From the Provincial Natural Resources Office, the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the solid mine in our province decreased by 37%, and 75 mines were included in the National Green Mining Directory.

In the country, the minimal repair was first carried out, and 3705 were completed, and the 10,000-acres of responsible subjects were resolved to repair the mine. Excess 66% was completed "135" target tasks. Actively promote the Bohai Comprehensive Treatment to attack, as of the end of 2020, a total of 1243 hectares of coastlines and coastal wetlands have promoted the improvement of marine ecological environment and marine carbon discharge capacity.

  Forest is an important economic asset and environmental asset. As a forestry product can produce economic value, carbon dioxide can be fixed as a biological.

The development of forest carbon removal is important for achieving "carbon peaks, carbon neutral" goals. During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the province has completed the construction of 39.54 million mu, the forest coverage increased from 31% to 35%, and the amount of forest accumulation was increased from 100 million cubic meters.

Completion of grassland ecology repairs 2.72 million mu, the province’s grassland comprehensive vegetation cover reached 73%, and the province’s wetland was 14.13 million mu.

Forest, grassland, and wetland carbon exchange capacity are improved. Introduced, "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the provincial natural resource office, the province will focus on improving the carbon discharge capacity of ecosystems, do a good job in land spatial planning, afforestation, ecological repair, etc. Actively promote carbon peak, carbon neutralization.

  Constructing the New Pattern of Landspace Development Protection of High Quality Development. The ecological protection red line, the permanent basic farmland and the urban development border are used as the adjustment of economic structure, planning industrial development, and promote urbanization cannot be more insurmountable. Implement the main functional area strategy, clarify the development requirements of urbanization areas, the main production area of ??agricultural products and the ecological functional district, and optimize the natural resource utilization structure of the province.

Support green low-carbon industry development and clean energy replacement, scientific layout hydrogen energy, solar energy, wind energy and other cleaning energy bases.

Strengthening the management of land spatial planning and use control, focusing on natural protection and ecological protection red lines, strictly protecting all kinds of important ecosystems, effectively extinguing the carbon library of existing forests, grassland, wetlands, cultivated land, oceans and other carbon depots.

  Vigorously enhance the forest carbon discharge capacity.

With the "two mountains" "two wings" "three rings" as the main attack direction, vigorously implement the Taihang Mountain Yanshan Green, Baoyuan Zhuyuan, Beijing-Tianjin Shanyuan Governance, Sanbei Protective Forest, Xiongan New District Millennium Xiulin and Baiyangdian The key projects such as the upper reaches of forest farm, expand the forest ecological space, effectively increase the forest carbon discharge capacity.

Improve the comprehensive protection of natural forests, strictly restrict natural forest harvesting, the secondary forest, degradation forests in the natural forest, optimize the structure of tree species, strengthen forest fire prevention and harmful biological prevention, and increasing forest accumulation.

By 2025, the province has completed 15 million mu of afforestation, and the forest was rampted by 15 million mu. The forest coverage reached%, and the forest accumulation reached 100 million cubic meters, which completed the forest of 6 million mu of building forest this year.

  Coordinate the Return of Domestic Space Ecological Protection.

Continuously promote rational development of mineral resources, carry out mining comprehensive management, implement mine closure, integrate restructuring, regulating management "four a batch", strictly control increment, decrease the number, all 625 remaining this year, 10,000 mu Responsible subjects to repair the governance task.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the degraded grassland will be completed 800,000 mu, consolidate the ecological recovery results of degraded grasslands, and the grassland integrated vegetation cover is stable in more than 73%.

Strengthen marine ecological restoration, continue to promote "Blue Bay" rectification action and coastal protection, strengthen the remediation of river mouth remediation, implement damaged shoreline repair and ecological construction, and continuously excavate marine carbon fills.

(Reporter Hao Dongwei Correspondent Jiang Huiyu).