The neighboring water is fully renovated to the old community to actively build a happy home

The neighboring water is fully renovated to the old community to actively build a happy home

  Recently, the old community of the old community of the family of Tulu, the Dingping Town, the Yanshui Town, Yanshui County, and the worker master is grabbing the weather, renovating the outer wall of the community, and upgrading the sewage pipe network. "The community is built in the 1990s, very old, the residential environment will have great improvement after the upgrade of the upgrade.

"Ms. Gan, who lives in the Pantry Monitor, is very satisfied with the renovation of this old community.

It is understood that many of the communities in the county have been built before 2000. As the number of years of use is increasing, there is a lack of public facilities, the lack of infrastructure, the internal road damage is serious, the pipe network system is messy, the supporting facilities are not uniform, parking Insufficient problems, let the people live in the happiness of the happiness.

  The county launched the first phase of the old community renovation project in August last year, the county has enhanced all-round transformation of water, electricity, road, gas, greening, toilet, lighting, etc. of the old community.

  According to reports, the county adheres to "demolition, change, stay" organic combination, so that all old communities have not only "face", but more "里子", constantly realize the people’s bank, the United States, the people, Huimin students, civilized, comprehensive Enhance the masses to get feelings, happiness, and safe sense. Up to now, 21 cell water supply facilities have been completed, 2076 air supply facilities, 267 sets of smart cell management platforms, face recognition machine, vehicle automatic identification system, and facade transformation completed 14 buildings. The old town pipe network project completed 50%, and the pavement was 50%, which was expected to be fully completed before October 1 this year.

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