Ruisi, Zhejiang, Zhejiang: "Developer Alliance" will bring help from the integration of the long triangle?

Ruisi, Zhejiang, Zhejiang: "Developer Alliance" will bring help from the integration of the long triangle?

  Recently, the Yangtze River Triangulation has a "big action" in the process of travel. At the Long Triangle Ecological Green Integrated Development Demonstration Zone Developer Conference, held on August 26, as the developer’s various market mains, Zhiku agencies, etc., the first time to the front desk, triggering attention.

  Xinhua Ruixi system word cloud analysis found that the external focus of the "Long Triangular Integrated Demonstration Zone" is mainly concentrated in the "Alliance, Executive Committee, Water Tree Living Room, Development, Demonstration Zone Construction". Weibo Topic #Gears Triangle Integrated Development Demonstration Zone Developer Conference # attracts 10 million readings. Internet users have given a high-integrated development of the Yangtze River Triangulation, and they have refueling "playing Call", expressing "economic development, ecological should be maintained, I wish the long triangle ecological green integration is getting better and better"; Technical industrial park project implementation planning and related policy dividends.

  An important point of view at this conference is that the Three Gorges Group, Alibaba, Huawei, Xinhua News Agency, Yangtze River Delta, … Herch’s No. 12 expert avatar "Developer Alliance" went to the center of the stage. Counting 12 foundings, it is not difficult to find, "diversified, wide coverage" has become a major feature. From a mechanism type, gather a variety of different types of market subjects, as well as financial institutions, media, research institutions and important wiskins; from geographical distribution, 5 companies, Hudu, Zhejiang, Zhejiang, there are 1, and 2 Home is from the region outside the Yangtze River, and the founding members are also facing the whole country and even the world; from the industry attribute, the founding members are distributed in digital economy, smart cities, scientific and technological innovation, park construction, financial development, etc. Become an important intellectual partner in the demonstration area.

  There is also a view that the establishment of the "Developer Alliance" has become "new power" of the management structure of the Long Triangle Demonstration Zone. Among the Assembly, various types of developers stand in the center of the stage, singing the protagonist, and the government departments are mainly preferred to "store small two". Ma Chunlei, director of the Executive Committee of the Long Triangulation Executive Demonstration Zone, believes that the drama of the market main body in the Yangtze River Triangulation will become more and more heavy, the next reform focus of the demonstration zone will gradually be gradually implemented in the "point-to-point" of the implementation of major projects. "Integration, steering into the three-way joint action program, identify common behavior standards. Another concern of this conference is "green."

At the opening ceremony of the conference, the "Water Tree Living Room" expected to unveil the veil and collected the design plan to the world.

Demonstration Zone Executive Committee Ecology and Planning Construction Group, the first gold says that the long run is a great potential ‘world-class material’, with spring and autumn water, Tang Dynasty town, Ming and Qing’s architecture, modern people.

In the future, in this piece of land in the junction of Shanghai, Zhejiang, it will become the "facade" of the integrated demonstration zone: there are both the most Jiangnan water towns, and there is also a business development that matches it.

Like Switzerland Geneva, not smooth lakeside scenery, and a large number of world 500 companies around the side.

  "Integrated Demonstration Zone is a hot soil that creates a new miracle. It is also the best place to show new miracles. To achieve the construction goals, the key must have a popularity of the grandeur, and have a group of developers who dare to be people." Shanghai Municipal Committee Li Qiang, secretary. Next, the Demonstration Zone Developer Alliance will build a new platform between the market and the government to build a dialogue to the demonstration zone, and share a total of co-growth with the Demonstration Zone. Planning: Liao Xiaohua Monitor: Xu Le Jing Design: Cheng Huan Hang "Ruisi First" (Zhejiang) is jointly produced by Xinhuanet Client, Xinhuanet University Data Center, Xinhuanet Zhejiang Channel, please indicate the source.