The "small action" of the organizational department of the whole state is shake the "big performance" at the end of the year.

The "small action" of the organizational department of the whole state is shake the "big performance" at the end of the year.

Since this year, the organization department of the Qianzhou County Committee has worked around the county party government center, according to the special assessment requirements of the upper party’s construction, the system construction, the difference assessment and the application of the results are vigorously promoted, and the performance reached the standard upgrade of the year.

"System Construction" strong foundation, compacted performance appraisal responsibility. "No rules, no standards.

"Strengthening the construction of the system is the fundamental of ensuring the normal work of performance management.

Waiting around the work, with internal performance as a starting, combining the trunk and innovation, formulating the "Management Measures for the Management of the All-China Work Performance of the All-China Council Organization", "The Office of the Organization Department of the International Committee" and other methods, clear the chamber More than 10 aspects such as monthly working objectives, work environment security, and operational capacity improvement, combined with the main points of the early development, clearing the leaders of the administration of the department are the first responsible person, the head of the unit is the specific person, the monthly work implementation " "Reminder, prompting cadres and workers to have a number in the hearts of performance, do a good job, and ensure that the annual performance goals can be successfully completed. "Differential Assessment" grasps the ability, and the work is steadily improved. Combined with the main division of labor, the Organization Department of the County Party Committee adheres to the scientific identity of the performance assessment.

Give full play to the target orientation, adopt the contractual leadership of the contract, direct assessment of the leadership, and the establishment of the parcels, the combination of the deposit of the parcels, and build a performance evaluation, build "everyone wants exams, everyone different volumes" Evaluation situation. The person in charge of the parcellaneous office reports to the work of this unit of work and completion in the work of the work, and the unfinished work tasks shall be implemented in accordance with the progress of the integration and do the cumulative end of the year.

Self-division of self-division of self-divisions within the rest of the unit, the heads of the stocks are responsible for the secondary assignment of their own parcels. The monthly members of the unit will report the progress of the business work on hand and the head office of the office. The implementation of the implementation of levels, combines, and continuously improves the scientific nature of performance evaluation, mobilize the enthusiasm of cadres and workers to participate in the enthusiasm of performance assessment. "Results" guide the direction, and incentive cadres are active as. Adhere to the purpose-oriented, continuous improvement, the assessment of the assessment and personal performance, the personal performance and position promotion, the evaluation of the priority, the civil servant annual assessment, performance bonus secondary distribution, promotion and learning recommended objects, etc. Hook, further reflect "Dry don’t do less, dry and dry, don’t do it, dry, slowly don’t have the same", give full play to the performance assessment in capturing the team, promoting work, etc. The role, driving performance assessment is fully implemented, and creates a good atmosphere you catch up.

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