Struggling a hundred years of road to set sail new journey · Number of romance characters, Wang Ji, Wang Shihua: The island is the country

Struggling a hundred years of road to set sail new journey · Number of romance characters, Wang Ji, Wang Shihua: The island is the country

  Xinhua News Agency, June 21, June 21: Wang Ji Cai, Wang Shihua Couple: The Islands is the Guo Bingqing reporter Qiu Bingqing recently, the film "The Islander" is released nationwide.

The film is based on the advanced deeds of "the people’s model" Wang Ji Ni, who is in love with Wang Ji, Wang Shihua couple 32 years, such as a day guarding the real story of Kaishan Island, expressing husband and wife, father and son, comrades, three-dimensional presence, "The Island is the country" Home country feelings.

Wang Ji Cai (1960-2018), Wang Shihua Couple (information photo). Xinhua News Agency issued Wang Jiji is a director of the Militian Departure of Jiyun County, Jiyun County, Jiangsu Province. On July 14, 1986, Wang Ji, who had a military complex, took Wang Shihua, took a "bitter thing" who went to Kaishan Island. One to the night, the wind hit the island, and the face was faced.

Before the Island, there were more than 10 militia, and the longest was only for 13 days.

  On August 30th, Wang Shihua took the hill island, search for her "missing" husband. As a result, only a beard pulled, full of "wild people". "Others don’t guard, we don’t keep!" Wang Shihua said to her husband.

  Kaishan Island has 12 oceans from the land and is the sea east gate of the motherland.

There are only two football stadiums in the islands. It is the war family that must fight for the Yellow Sea. The strategy must be rushed.

"To go, I decided to leave!" Wang Ji met his wife. In less than a month, Wang Shi Hua went to the teacher’s work and entrusted her daughter to her mother-in-law, wrapped in the island. Since then, he is holding the island, she keeps him until the last interest in Wang Jiye lives.

32 years, a water cellar, three puppies, four navigation lights, dozens of blewing bitter trees, more than 200 rushed old flags, constitute their criminal island. Wang Jiying’s first thing to do every day is to rise on the island.

  No one let them rise the flag, Wang Ji Cai determined that the flag is more important than what the flag is on this island: "It is to tell the world, this is China’s land, no one wants to bully!" Once, Typhoon hit In order to protect the national flag, Wang Jicai stepped on the horned grade 17 steps, the ribs broke two, but he also held the flag tightly.

He said: "The Island has so many years, Kaishan Island is my home. If you really have an accident, I will bury me on the island, let me accompany the flag!" Kaishan Island is a stone mountain, there is no water, no water, no water Electric, no food, only a few bursts.

The locals say that it is difficult to live in the top, let alone.

The couple did not retreat. No water, they drink rainwater in the water; no electricity, they have a candle at night; they don’t have food, they are in the island, fishing, let the big daughter are "replenish the captain" on the shore, buy some Dongxi fishermen from time to time.捎 捎 … The home on the island is reluctant, and the home on the shore is also supporting. Couples of Wang Jiyu on the island, three children can only stay on the shore.

A summer night, mosquito fractions are mosquito nets, and three children are almost burned. Knowing the news, Wang Ji talent is like a knife, but he bite his teeth, still do not go to the island. For them: The Island is the country, the island is also a homes.

  No one ordered the couple two people to keep it, but they did not leave.

In the past 30 years, there have been many temptations and opportunities. The smugglers have to be divided with Wang Jicai, the snake head is forced by him, and the punch is kicked. He didn’t shake it; The island, from "Time-limited tasks" become "life mission".

  On July 27, 2018, the old militia who concentrated on the disease, fell in the steps of the open island. Wang Ji was awarded the title of "National Excellent Communist Party", and 2019 was awarded the national honorary title of "People’s Model". Wang Ji Ci, Wang Shihua couple won the title of "the most beautiful struggle" "Times model" "National Patriotic Military Model".

  Where he falls, his wife Wang Shihua and the new militia are still sticking.

  42-year-old Yan Bing is one of the third batch of the militia militia. "Wang Jiji island Wei Guo’s touching things in our local influence, so that I am deeply touched, so I enrolled the Island.

Yan Bing said that in the island, I realized the loneliness and loneliness of Wang Jiyai’s life on the island. It is their inner responsibility, insisted that it has completed it for more than 30 years. Since November 2nd, 2020, everywhere rises Yan Bing deeply feeling that "the island is the" Guide "The meaning:" To take the footprints of Wang Ji Talent, learn that he loves the party patriotism, willing to dedication, and keep the Island.