Shanxi Youth Talent Station nesting

Shanxi Youth Talent Station nesting

  Original title: Young talent station nesting phoenix provides 12 kinds of intimate services, including entrepreneurship, life and integration, etc. At the end of May, in the beginning of May, the Changfeng Business Circle Station of Shanxi Youth Talents Station, and the Tongchuang Station will unveiled. Come to Jinqi Youth Talents can receive 12 intimate services including entrepreneurship, life integration and other 5. With this as a sign, our provincial group organizes the arrangement of "four excellent" projects in accordance with the provincial party committee to implement the arrangement of "four excellent" projects in the province, and promote the introduction of young talents who are characterized by "flexible talents". Fall point. The joint relevant institutions launched an important part of the establishment of a young person, which is an important part of the introduction of young talents of the group provincial party committee. The way to provide a full range of services to Jin Jin Youth Talents through the online platform and the line entity, helping youth talents in the transition, the project first try, the reform is first, and the innovation is first.

  Entering the station, entrepreneurial manual, community map, functional department office process, reduction and exemption policy … Provided intimate service is warm.

Service content includes living security, employment help, entrepreneurship, urban integration, tracking and training, etc. The full-time doctor under the age of 40, the master’s degree, 35 years old, in line with Shanxi transition funding, the various types of undergraduate graduates and the party committees of the party committee, the party committee of the municipal party committee, can receive multi-dimensional security support . "The establishment of the station will effectively solve the worries of the field of the field to promote the entrepreneurship in the field of Jin Qingnian." Ren Yuri is a graduate student at the Zhejiang University School of Economics, and the Taiyuan Municipal Party Committee Zhejiang University Student Workstation Station, he has been in contact with some intentions Outstanding foreign affordable young people, these youths or less concerns are there.

"The policy has not been in the process of incubation and guidance of project incubation and guidance? If the project will have agencies?" Ren Yurui said, "There is a series of service measures provided by the station, their concerns have Solution. I am confident that they say that there is a problem, I can find organizations, find a station.

"Casting the way of implementing the land is an important part of the effective talent.

Li Wei, the staff of the Administrative Approval Service Administration Bureau of Taiyuan City, and the young people talented, fully realized the meaning of the station: "The service of the station is very refined, each initiative can make younger talent to dock the specific window and Institutions, timely enjoy the corresponding policy. "The Youth Talents Station established the day, the group provincial party committee, Tongji University Youth League Committee and the responsible comrades of 10 university group committees in the province jointly issued" gathering youth Yingji, success " "Invitation, and talk to the youth talent representatives to the station, understand their ideas and needs to better targeting services.

  "Organization mobilized to serve youth talents to the main battlefield, which is an important entry point for the provincial government to work around the provincial party committee and serve the province’s working overall situation.

"The person in charge of the Group Committee said that it will follow up the operation of the youth talent station, targeted the content of the services, interacting this youth talent interactive, innovative entrepreneurship, growth development, help more young people know Shanxi In Shanxi, Shanxi, the consciousness of the organization, in the development of a new road, in the development of the company.

(Reporter Li Refining).