Russian Anti-Length: Russian army is monitoring the US warship in the black sea

Russian Anti-Length: Russian army is monitoring the US warship in the black sea

Original title: Russian anti-length: Russian army is monitoring the US warship in the Black Sea Trend, the Russian Ministry of Defense, Sherk Gezi, said on the 7th, the Russian military is closely monitoring the trend of the US warship into the Black Sea, and the Russian party will never allow them. provocative.

In an interview with Russia’s first channel TV, Saui is called that when equipped with a long-range high-precision weapon, the warships of the region have entered the Black Sea. "It is of course not to travel for a walk, we will monitor it all the way, we will clearly provocation It will happen at any time, as soon as the British warship is "," We will not allow such things. " In June this year, the British Navy "Defenseer" destroyer crossed the Russian border, the Russian warship fire warner, and the Russian warboard was thrown into the British ship sailing. The British ship will follow the relevant sea area.

According to Russian media reports, the "Whitney Mountain" commander of the US Navy’s sixth fleet, "Porter" missile destroyer has entered the Black Sea area, plans to hold a joint exercise in Georgia, Ukraine. Saui is pointed out that this is another attempt to try to test the preparation of the Russian side in the Black Sea and even the southern part of the Russian region, and the US military activities on the Russian side have a lot.

The United States and NATO have recently strengthened military activities in the Black Sea.

The United States often dispatches up military machines in the Black Sea to near Russian border reconnaissance.

From June 28th to July 10th this year, the United States and Ukraine were led by the Black Sea in the Black Sea.

Russian media said that this is the largest number once in the year. In this regard, the Russian military patch is relatively strengthened with military drills.

At the beginning of November, the official website of the Russian Defense Department released the news that the Black Sea Fleet Base Surva Missile Artillery Formation held a exercise, and the simulation should enter the black sea waters in the air. In October, the Russian military held military exercises in the Black Sea area, participated in some military units and black sea fleets in the southern part of the Russian military, and the drill project included in the Dihai Fleet, including anti-destruction defense, landing, etc. At the beginning of November, Russian President Putin pointed out when attending the Russian Ministry of National Defense and the National Defense Industry Complex Enterprise Conference, NATO’s flight near the Russian border is getting more and more frequent, in the Baltic Sea, Black Sea has appeared NATO Missile Ship.

The US warship enters the Black Sea, which also has a plan for deploying a mid-range missile in Europe, which also has a great threat to Russia. He stressed that in order to address external threats, Russia will continue to strengthen the construction of aerial defense and the modernization of naval equipment.

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