Southern Daily Commentator: "Two Learning One Do" must be unremitted

Southern Daily Commentator: "Two Learning One Do" must be unremitted

Original title: "The two studies have to do" must persist in unremitting "" two learning, "learning education is a strongly grasp of the party, organizes the party, and the system to the party, is the basic engineering of the party, It is necessary to perseverely grasp. "The General Secretary of the Central Committee, the President of the Central Military Commission, and the Chairman of the Central Military Commission made an important instruction before the day, fully affirmed that" the two studies and one "learning education results, deeply claving to promote the" two learning and one "learning education normalification system The significance, target tasks and basic requirements provide an important follower for us. This cure can be branched and the roots can be leaf. The "two learning and one to do" learning education is a major deployment of the party’s ideological and political construction with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core.

In the past year, General Secretary Xi Jinping made many important instructions, personally guiding the promotion of learning education, and the central political bureau is an important demonstration for the whole party.

All units of all regions shall, to respect the party, comply with party regulations as the basic requirements, and use Xi Jinping General Secretary’s Important Speech, the whole party is fundamental task, insisting on the basic study, the key is doing, and focus on solving outstanding problems, promoting the party’s internal education From the "key minority" to the majority of party members, from concentrated education to regular education, it has achieved remarkable results. Comprehensively from the strict governance of the party is always on the road, "two learning and one" learning education should persist in unremitting, formative institutionalization. This is a major discourse to the general speech of the General Secretary of China, ensuring that the whole party is more closely united to work around the party’s central part of Xi Jinping as the core, and constantly create a new situation of socialism with Chinese characteristics, with significant and far-reaching significance. Promoting "two learning and one" learning education normalization institutionalization, to put ideological and political construction in the first place, insist on using party constitution to regulate party members, cadres and words and deeds, use the general secretary of the general secretary to governing the country, the national party, guide the whole party, guide all party members Do qualified party members.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "It is necessary to refine, ‘Jin Gang’s body’, must use the scientific theory to armed the mind and constantly cultivate our spiritual home.

"Solo faith, the firm belief will not be produced in air.

In-depth promotion of "two learning and one" learning education, must use ideological education as the primary task, in the truth, deepen expansion, pay attention to integration into the daily, and arrest, guide the majority of party members to learn the party regulations in depth, learn from General Secretary Xi Xi Ping The new ideological strategy of the series of important speeches and the new ideas of the party Central government, adhere to the sense of learning, knowing the party, adhere to full coverage, normalization, regeneration, seeking effect, continuously strengthening the political awareness of party organizations and party members, The big consciousness, core consciousness, and consciousness, in the political action of the idea, the party’s central party, the party’s party, the party, the core of Xi Jinping, is highly consistent, and the political qualifications, the discipline is qualified, the morality is qualified, and the function is qualified.

Promote "two learning and one" learning education normalization institutionalization, to seize the "key minority", grasp the grassroots branch, adhere to the problem-oriented, and play advanced typical demonstration.

General Secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly emphasized that comprehensive from severely administering the party, focusing on grasping this "key minority" of leading cadres. During learning education, the demonstration of "key minority" must be better played. It is necessary to promote leading cadres in order to use effective institutional mechanisms. When the performance, the character, lead the flag, take the lead in strengthening party spirit, take the lead in strict self-discipline, and doing Loyal is clean and worried. The grassroots level is the source of the party’s ruling, the source of strength. Party organizations at all levels should firmly establish all the party’s efforts to support the branch, and fix the "two schools" as the basic content of the "three sessions", insist on the construction of the grassroots branch, and consolidate the party Organizational basis. At the same time, to highlight the problem-oriented, improve the long-active mechanism to solve the problem, often carry out the party’s physical examination, deepen the problem rectification; choose the advanced model of the tree, guide party members and cadres to see the thirteen, stimulate the endoteconomic power, condense Promote the Stability of Reform and Development.

Promote "two learning and one" learning education normalization institutionalization, to implement the subject responsibility of all levels (Party group), ensure the party’s organizational performance, play the core role, to ensure that the leaders of the leading cadres are clean and determined, and the majority of party members From the way, we will play a model role.

General Secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly pointed out that the responsibility of party style and clean government construction can not be active, the key is to catch up with this "cattle nose".

Party committees (Party group) at all levels must conscientiously implement the subject’s responsibility, put the "two studies and one" learning education normalification institutionalization as a comprehensive sanitation party’s strategic, basic engineering, high attention, carefully organized, and grasp fine Grasp.

It is necessary to carry out the "two studies and one to do" study and education, incorporating the important content of the party’s party construction work assessment at all levels, as the important basis for judging the party’s responsibility of the party, the party’s responsibility, refining the list of responsible, strengthens Classification guidance. It is necessary to play the driving effect of "two students to learn" learning education, strengthen the weak links of grassroots party construction, combing analysis of work short boards, and study certain key tasks, concentrate strength to attack hard.

"Make maturity, must be active.

"Party organizations and majority of party members at all levels of Guangdong must have the important instruction spirit of the general secretary of the general secretary of the study, and the general instructions of Guangdong work, and persevere" Learn to learn "learning education, constantly use General Secretary to governing the country’s strategic ideology and armed brain, guiding practice, promoting work, providing strong organization guarantee for" four persistence, three support, two walk in the forefront " The new achievements greet the 19th National Victory of the Party. (Editor: Cheng Hongyi, Chang Xuemei).