Shanghai will implement record management and regulation market development on secret room script

Shanghai will implement record management and regulation market development on secret room script

  This newspaper Shanghai November 17 (Reporter Cao Lingjuan) Recently, Shanghai Culture and Tourism Bureau announced the "Shanghai Municipal Secretary Opera Scriptures" (Draft for Comment) ", will kill" secret room escape " "Implement the record management.

  In recent years, "Secret Room Escape" "Script Kill" has been loved by consumers, especially young consumer groups due to their novel entertainment methods and strong social properties. According to statistics, Shanghai currently has more than 1,100 secret room, and has evolved and integrated with other matters. This type of industry is in meeting the multi-spalgeous needs of the people, and promotes the development of the cultural industry, there is also the lack of original boutique, frequent content, serious infringement, and safety hazards.

Shanghai is introduced to the management regulations for the murder of the secret room, and will further standardize the market and promote the prosperity and orderly development of the industry.

  The draft of the comments, the script record adheres to "bottom line management".

The management regulations clarify the four major cases of the top ten situations that have not occurred in the script and storyline and the four major categories of the employees who have not implemented them, and they can be filed after the script rectification involving the above content and behavior; Shanghai culture and The Tourism Bureau will also establish and issue a negative list of violations to provide guidance for operating main purchases and management scripts. At the same time, the record management is not equal to the hit management.

During the request of the opinion, the secret room of the secret room shall conduct an auto-trial in response to the opera used in the operation, and establish a sound content self-trial system.

Recording management does not affect the normal operation of the company.