Shenzhen released the biggest "doctor order" this year will recruit 7734 medical staff this year.

Shenzhen released the biggest "doctor order" this year will recruit 7734 medical staff this year.

  China News Service November 15 (Reporter Zheng Xiaohong) The latest "2021 Shenzhen Health Health System Talent Recruitment Announcement", showing Shenzhen’s "hunger" in Shenzhen, is known as the public For the largest "doctor order" in the history of Shenzhen, the total number of various medical staff recruiting in Shenzhen will reach 7,734 people in Shenzhen.

  The reporter learned from the Shenzhen Municipal Health and Health Committee (referred to: Shenzhen Health Jian Committee), this year, the number of medical staff recruiting this year has reached a record high: 75 medical and health institutions scored 7,734 people, of which 23 medical health agencies 23 Home, proposing 2,896 people, 47 medical and health institutions, 4,510 people, 5 social medical institutions, and 328 people. Recruitment objects have both doctors, public health, medical skills, nurses, and financial, IT, executive … and even music therapists. In 2020, China’s seventh national population census data showed that Shenzhen’s resident population reached 10,000 people (plus the floating population actually had about 23 million people), compared with 2010, an increase of approximately 7.14 million people, growth%, ten years The new population ranked nationwide first, so, Shenzhen’s people’s livelihood guaranteed a "small horse big car", housing, education, medical treatment of huge pressure.

  It is understood that as of July 31 this year, Shenzhen has 59,147 doctors. In addition, 314 foreign doctors in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, including 242 physicians in Hong Kong and Macao, 9 people, foreign doctors 63 people.

  During "13th Five" period, Shenzhen has invested more than 150 billion yuan to medical and health. At the same time in the big hospital and expanded the platform, "medical" is a "medical" is also a year. In 2017, 1691; 2018, 3,934; 2019, 5,873; 2020, 7,125

Even so, the total amount of medical staff and the big city of Shenzhen still do not match.