Sports Expert: Welcome Winter Olympics, should severely investigate and deal with infringement, resolutely stop hidden marketing

Sports Expert: Welcome Winter Olympics, should severely investigate and deal with infringement, resolutely stop hidden marketing

Original title: Sports Expert: Welcome to the Winter Olympics, should severely investigate and punish the infringement, resolutely stop the recessive marketing, with the completion of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the implicit marketing has caused the corporate, public opinion, academic community more and more Attention, Beijing Winter Olympics Committee Legal Affairs Department of Experts Liu Yan said that infringement should be severely investigated and resolutely stop hidden marketing.

  Liu Yan took more than 30 years to engage in sports policy, sports rule, Olympic legal affairs and sports legal association, and participated in Beijing Application 2000 Olympic Games. In 2008 Olympic Games, Winter Olympics in 2022, participated in the Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games , Operations and other business are Olympic legal affairs experts. He said: "The Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee assisted all levels of administrative law enforcement agencies at all levels of the Olympic logo in accordance with the law (not included in the case of the Administrative law enforcement process without the assistance of the Olympic Organization Committee). The Olympic Committee adheres to the principle, never The compromise, the infringement case is in accordance with the administrative law enforcement authority in accordance with the law. "Liu Yan said that the" Regulations on the Australian Olympic Logo Protection Ordinance in 2018 stipulates that the activities related to the Olympic movement are carried out, " There are sponsorship or other support relationships between rights holders, which constitutes unfair competition, in accordance with the "anti-unfair competition law".

  Olympic movement advocates fair, fair, honesty, and credit.

This is the case, the market competition is also the case.

Sponsoring companies have made great contributions to the Olympics in funds, materials, human, and resources, and non-Olympic sponsorship enterprises, if they share the Olympic market through hidden marketing, they violate business ethics.

  Liu Yan said that at present, the market supervision departments across the country work closely with the Beijing Winter Olympics committee, severely investigate the Olympic intellectual property infringement case, prevent and stop the hidden marketing behavior, and unprecedented, and create a good market environment for Beijing Winter Olympics.

  "Remainable marketing is not only associated with the Olympic market, but also in other sports associations, it has caused obvious harm to event organizations and sponsors.

The game of hidden marketing will be long-term, in order to stop hidden marketing, continue to work hard in the future. "Liu Yan said.

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