The prosecutor found that the false litigation case Yunyan District Court was once again revised

The prosecutor found that the false litigation case Yunyan District Court was once again revised

(Reporter Luohua) Recently, the prosecutor of Yunyan District Procuratorate, Guiyang City, found a dispute in a fault lawsuit, issued a procuratorial proposal in the performance of the procuratorial supervision duties, and immediately revised the Junyan District Court again. According to Shuishui, the prosecutor of the Fifth Procurator of Yunyan District Procuratorate, the false lawsuit is actually a counterfeit lawsuit, and the parties are for illegal motivation and purpose, using the law to give legal rights, take false litigation subjects, facts and evidence methods. Predict civil lawsuits to make the courts make mistakes, ruling, and mediation.

"The case of 3 million yuan is the counterfeit lawsuit." Shuai Dehui said. Recently, Shui Dehui found that Wang Mou, Wang Mou, Zhang, with Li Mou, with Li Mou, and transferred the "Housing Trading Contract" confirmed and transferred with Li Moumou, and put forward the implementation of objection and lifting the Court. Trading Contracts "Returns the purchase and default, the court is examined, the second trial confirmed the contract effective, and the coming is a purchase price.

"Trying to confirm 3 million yuan to flee debts through the court." Shuai Dehui said: "Since the" housing sales contract "is a gun, this is a fake lawsuit.

"After patients and meticulous review cases, after multi-party evidence, Shu Yi Hui confirmed that there was a false lawsuit in the case. He proposed a retrial procuratorate to the Yunyan District Court. It is recommended to start the retrial to correct the wrong judgment." To let the legitimate rights and interests of the parties are maintained, so that the country Judicial authority is from infringement.

"The Yunyan District Court received the retrial procedure after receiving the re-examination and procurathetic, and the re-examination is considered that 3 million yuan is not a purchase price. According to the law, the original review of the civil judgment is made by law: Lifting Li Moumou and Wang Mou, Zhang signed "House Trading Contract", withdrawing Wang Mou, Zhang returned to Li Mou’s purchase of 3 million yuan and 600,000 yuan.

Shuai Dehui said that a false lawsuit is a behavior that harms the legitimate interests of national judicial order, judicial credibility, and the legitimate rights and interests of national interests, social public interests, and other creditors.

Yunyan District Procuratorate will further increase the supervision of false litigation cases, curb false litigation crimes, and earnestly maintain judicial authority and judicial credibility.

(Editor: Lin Yan, Chen Kangqing).