The revelation and insufficient insulation of "名 立"

The revelation and insufficient insulation of "名 立"

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If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page Cui Chen "Yang Ming Hundred" This is directed by the newcomers who have not seen the passed, there is no movie of the big actor, and become a black horse in the recent film market, but also inspired a lot. Followings from the industry and outside the industry.

As of December 2nd, "Yang Ming Liwan" has achieved nearly 700 million movie box office, which is a very rare success for a medium-cost film invested 50 million up and down.

The websites also give higher scores, and the Douban scores are higher than most domestic movies.

  Strictly speaking, "Yang Ming" is not a perfect work, the biggest short board is the weakness of audiovisual and the shortage of movie feelings.

If you are divided into 10 points, then its audiovisual language is only about 6 minutes, the performance reaches 7 points, and the play can get 8 points.

And it is definitely implicated in the box office and reputation, it will also reveal us, small and medium-sized film, must work hard in the script; and experience and meet the inner emotional needs of the audience, in order to best determine what type or cross-type movie Will be favored by the audience. Script: Macout Reasoning and "Drama" Pattern Given the strategy used in the previous publicity, many people will mention the concept of "Script Kill" when discussing "Yang Ming". "Script Kill" is an emerging entertainment in the young people. In the young population, the popularity of popularity and even partially replaces the traditional hotel dinner, karaoke and other social methods, becoming a number of young people’s important social entertainment methods. . However, the film is just the same as the "Script Kill" in an external reasoning, that is, in the closed space, complete collective reasoning and truth discovery.

However, from the type of type, "Yang Ming Li Wan" is actually a suspense reasoning film type limiting time and space. This type has existed many years ago, and the film structure and "Script Kill" turntable method are not the same. Limited the time and space suspense tablet as the name suggests, that is, the suspense is dominated, and the defined time and space narrative is used. The main scenes of the film occur in a closed space, such as a secret room, fixed indoor space, island, train carriage, a remote town, an extreme climate, and the like.

Such film narratives are basically in line with the "three laws" of the drama, that is, maintain consistency between time, location and plot. Typical works such as "Twelve Wratra", "Oriental Express Murder", "Dai Tang," "Blade Out]," Shaping "in a clustering manner, and the episode development focuses on the competition and transformation of indoor power relations. Although this type of movie is in a closette drama, it is different from the fixed space of the stage drama, but mainly through montage’s editing, the film requires three aspects to achieve the rhythm. Completion: The inversion of the plot structure (script foundation), the drama tension (performance) of the character performance (performance) and the rhythm of the audiovisual language (director) of the audiovisual language (director) of the audiovisual language (director) three aspects of the elements of the film. The situation of space environment can more schedule the tension of the audience, such as the scene, reach the emotional high resonance. "Guild Hundred" has the highest completion of the plot of the plot structure, and this is just through the outstanding of the script. "Birth of a film" is the beginning of the film, and the main line of the whole film, thereby built a secret room environment that is particularly suitable for this type of story – when the door lock is settled, film investment in the film Hualiang wild has become the manufacturer of the secret room. He made this secret room is to shoot a stunned film "three old case", and the "three old case" mystery also became a movie’s play; the screenwriter Li Jiahui It is the role of the detection; the suspects who came to the scene in the development process of the story, occupying the main position of power reversal, the important two-re-reversal of the story is related to him, and even Qi Le Mountain is a play in the play. True creator – his story makes a group of people deeply, until the truth is progressive after a few years.

  As a movie story in suspense content, the key to success is to tell the way, "Yang name" is structurally two movie types of combination – crime and comedy, using comedy to tell the people to conspiracy to shoot movies The story, implicit the process of solving the case and gradually placed on the table.

How is the outer layer of the story creates a high box office movie in accordance with the real incident of "three old cases". The interaction of this layer of characters is in the heart of the comedy; the inner layer is the core of the case, and the criminal is the core, "名 万 万" is also a criminal story, the victim, the revenge (detection) is also a complex relationship: the victim three old itself is also the implementator of the serious case, "three old cases" Jela Mountain is also a revenge. Performance: The dramatic and scale of the cluster take the time from "Yang Ming" as the type of reasoning suspension, the group is complicated, and the plot is more confusing, the crisis is not only the main relationship, but also become A confrontation between people, the conversion of the stand. The form of the group is shaped in the shape of a classic film "Twelve Wrath Han" and "Oriental Express Murder": "Twelve Wrath Han" adopt multiplayer discussion, analysis, analysis, to promote the plot Progress, criminal events itself becomes unimportant, but highlighting the alarm between members; and "Oriental Express Murder" criminal incident is very important, everyone has a secret in hiding their identity, so filled tension. "Yang name" is not like these two movies, thus reaching a synthesis: while discussing the case, also in the dramatic concession between the group characters; shaping the characters, also noticed different people Transition and development of relations.

  The success of the group-like performance is established in two aspects. One is that the performance of the actors can coordinate with each other: neither a person can be too prominent, nor I ignore anyone. Second, the centralized change of the group relationship chain of non-single, can echo the front volt, such as the director of Entertai plays, is the slap in the crucial moment.

  Due to space limits, the characters are almost shaped by close-up and medium-sight, which makes the audience more meticulous to the actor’s performance, but also the scale of the actor’s performance. Among the eight actors, in the performance style, Yin Zheng is a little exaggeration, but it is not much fierce, highlighting the screenwriter Li Jiahui as a viewing and discovery, often pressing others on the airlands. Zhang Benzhen played Qi Le Mountain as a criminal suspect is another important role. He is basically a very color, not too much rendering and emotion, but it is also standby. Deng Jiajia played Su Mengder, more maintenance, performed some state in the actress of the Republic of China, is unbiased, but not.

Several other characters have been slightly symbolized and configured: the factory land is wild, the director Zheng Qianli, the actor cares for the year, the Kung Fu actor Chen Xiaoda, their performance is highly functional, but the character’s charm and humanity are complex Natural expression is not enough.

  It is especially worth mentioning that there are not many two actors who play.

Qin Xiaoxian came from De Yunshi. In the film, he played a small police officer. He itself had a high feeling in the opening of the movie, but the key moment showed the tragicity of this role fate uncontrolled, and still control the comedy when the tragedy is coming. Rhythm. The other is an old actor, playing the "Black Man", and his performance method and other actors have different, and they have a natural part, he appears, feelings and other actors with exaggerated comedy style, producing some The degree of contrast, and this comparison seems to be a bit exaggerated. This means that the director has a little cut and is full of fire, and in the overall scheduling and interpretation of the actor, "Yang Ming Han" is difficult to compare with "Twelve Vehan". Emotion: The warmth meets the audience emotional demand "Yang name" surface is the type movie of commercial criminal comedy movies, but the intrinsic emotion corresponds to the current social topic: During the epidemic, we have more related spaces. And experience, like the people, also look for exports or wait for return daily in the room; and the last warmth, give the audience emotional soothing and positive emotional needs to meet the "murder" The girl’s protection made a story, this ending shocked the people in the drama, and let the audience have released the emotions of the audience, and experienced the audience of the epidemic times in the past two years, and there is indeed more warm comfort. The play of the movie also has a warmth of the details, such as the end of the end that reached out and retract. The entire film will eventually present both retro and modern adjustment, leaving a mark on the movie screen that is about to end, like the tail, the show in the photo studio, no one claims the photo. (The authors are associate professors of Shanghai Jiaotong University Media and Communication College).