Summer summer camp "overlord" signing rights protection

Summer summer camp "overlord" signing rights protection

[] "One with a classroom, the other has a vast natural and society" "Boys of wind and savings" … Summer, various summer camps, research activities, becoming a lot of parents to solve the summer child hosted problem, let children grow Extrieving and exercise important choices. However, the reporter’s investigation learned that behind the hot market, some summer camps have doubt, teachers and students are too small, management has loopholes, and some institutions have "overlord" signing, bringing the right to participate security and consumer rights. Hidden dangers.

  The teacher qualification is worried about the promotion of the publicity, and the words of the Parents of Shijiazhuang, Hebei wanted to report a summer camp to her daughter, and a summer camp company named "a business school" attracted his gaze.

"In the WeChat public number of this institution, I have visited the seven or eight products, I found that it was full, I didn’t expect to be hot." The reporter learned from the online tourism platform "to", my country’s research travel market has recovered this year. In the first half of this year, the platform of research tourism orders has exceeded 70% of the same period in 2019, and the amount of hot projects or even exceeds the same period in 2019. "From platform data, more than 80% of home travel users will search for research-related tourism products.

Before the epidemic, 7 days -10 days of medium and long-term summer day, now 3 days – 5 days of middle and short-term research products are more popular among parents. From the price, the per capita cost of summer research summer camp is 600 yuan per day, which is considerable in the hot summer tourism market.

Song Yawen, Director of Marketing Director of Resort Division. Different from the general trip, parents have selection of summer summer camps, and also value the growth of children in travel, the openness of the horizon, and the management of summer camp activities , Safety and other factors are also very important.

However, the reporter interviewed discovery, compared with the many benefits and advantages of the Summer Camp, the keywords such as participants, and the qualifications such as participants were more than "low-key" in their propaganda.

  Not long ago, Ms. Li, Parents of Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, watched and selected a "English" summer camp. The organization of the camp is from Beijing, claiming that the team is very professional, and at the same time, the price is not fed, so Ms. Li will give her daughter to each other, but then the thing that happens to make her abortion. "Teacher is very lettaking about dormitory management. Some children are small, the life ability is weak, and the teacher does not guide, and even the domain is not coordinated.

"Ms. Li is questioned. It is similar to the boarding summer camp, and the camp teacher has no choice of standard. Whether it must have certain qualifications, do you have a family, whether you are familiar with the students’ psychology, you have to make a question mark.

  The reporter browsing a number of summer camps, the academic public number found, only some institutions will take the initiative to explain the number of students, teachers and students, etc.

According to the summer "sailing camp" as an example, five institutions such as "a certain business school" "a certain bear education research", and found that only two indicates that the group capacity, teachers and students, etc. Key Information. An industry insiders revealed that the summer summer camp, the semester of the research activities, the summer summer, some institutions will have a temporary increase, hiring the camp teacher. "There is no special qualification and review, and college students can also.

A teacher has more than 20 children’s situation.

"She said that because many of the organizations cooperated with foreign training institutions, the identity and source of the camp, the research tutor, the organizers are not very clear." Overlord "signing the rights protection is difficult to leave the hidden danger The reporter visited that the current Summer Casting has taken the "first payment and re-signing contract" registration process, but also makes consumers’ opinions, bringing many hidden dangers to follow-up rights protection.

  A parent of Tianjin told reporters that this year is the first place of the child. She specially chose a mechanism for a long time and a high charge.

The length of the original activity is two weeks, mainly in English training, but one or two days after the opening, the child is not adapted. "The English ability is not reached, I don’t understand the class.

"The parent said that due to accidents, and the contract has stipulated that" the deflation will not be refunded due to personal reasons ", she has led to her later refund process very popular. The reporter consulted a number of summer camp organizers and found each other Parents are required to pay the full amount, then sign the agreement, the individual agencies even refuse to provide an agreement model before parents pay.

One of the people who charge the highest summer camp said that the camp name is tight, and the parents will be prioritized after the full amount, the interview can participate in the interview, and the "supplier market" will behave. Some parents also pointed out that in recent years, the registration has become increasingly common, and some institutions hit the banner of the Summer Camp, but there is no place in the office. Once disputes have occurred, they can’t find someone else, don’t mention the rights.

  In addition to the "Overlord" sign, the reporter found that the summer camp organization also has a layer-level subcontracting, giving hidden dangers for students’ safety and subsequent rights protection. "Some places have no birth, just relying on the package.

"An industry insiders frank," But what is unexpected during the transfer process, and no one can say it.

"A parent of Shanxi Taiyuan said that she registered a Beijing famous school study this year. I didn’t expect the two places to connect" incorrectly ". After the children arrived, no one took the station, no one arranged accommodation, not in life The cooked city is stagnant for more than 10 hours. Strengthening the industry supervision and establishing a public platform reporter learned that there is still a vague of supervision subjects, research and other activities, and the supervision responsibility is not in place. Consumers are easy to face the rights protection. Have children In the process of participating in the summer camp, the organizers were treated by the insurance, requiring parents to take insurance claims procedures, and do not support other regulatory responsibilities.

In recent years, similar effective cases have occurred frequently. In the past few days, the reporter successively dialing 7 provincial and municipal service hotlines and related personnel such as Wenli, Market Supervision and Education Department, asking about where the disputes in the summer camp or research in the study, did not have a clear answer.

  Industry insiders should further clarify the competent authorities and supervision responsibilities of relevant activities to ensure the safety of children and promote the industry.

"The supervisors and regulatory authorities should further clarify which safety protection guarantees that operate can do. They can be permitted by strict approval and filing.

Zhang Jia, director of the Department of Complaints, Shanxi Provincial Consassin, said.

  Zhang Yang, the supervisor, deputy researcher of the Chinese Tourism Research Institute, regulating the order of summer camp, first strengthening industry norms and supervision, especially the introduction of industry standards; secondly strengthen institutional qualification review, see if the organization is compliant, Is there a false information; in the end, it is necessary to establish an industry public platform to enable consumers to conduct an open information query. "For parents, it is necessary to screen from the aspects of brand, price, reputation, product content and commitment. If the unreasonable provisions are discovered in the contract signature process, it should be carefully signed.

"Zhang Yang said. Beijing Zhilin Law Firm Lawyer Zhao’s occupation reminded that the contract is the top priority, the parents must first read the contract carefully, if there is an inequality, format or operative circumference, and lack of corresponding defense It is necessary to increase the terms, or to indicate the relevant provisions. Any number of words, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and e-magazines, the labeling source is "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" Media products, copyrights are economical, and may not be published, played in any form without the written authorization of the Economic Reference News.